November 27, 2014


Elyria man arrested on drug charges



ELYRIA – After a monthlong investigation, police searched the home of a suspected cocaine trafficker and found crack cocaine, a handgun and four children inside.

Darell Smallwood, 28, was charged with possession of cocaine, trafficking cocaine and having weapons under disability at his home on 115 Beverly Court around 7:15 a.m. Monday.

The arrest came after a month long investigation by Elyria narcotics police and the North Ridgeville Police Department into Smallwood’s drug activity around Elyria and North Ridgeville, according to Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino.

Officers from both police departments executed a search warrant on Monday and found Smallwood in his home with four young children and the children’s mother. Police are not sure if Smallwood is the father of all of the children, Costantino said.

After searching the house police found 50 grams of crack cocaine, an undisclosed amount of money and a handgun.

Smallwood was taken into custody and brought to Lorain County Jail where he is being held without bond until his court date on Jan. 22 at Elyria Municipal Court.

Children Services was contacted to handle the welfare of the children.

“It was a good collaborative effort between the two (police) departments,” Costantino said of Smallwood’s arrest.

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  • Mickey Mouse

    I would go up or down Beverly at least once a day and see the traffic. How can it take a month with two departments to figure out that drug dealing was taking place. It doesn’t take a genius to know drugs were being dealt. Smallwood has not lived in that house for to long.

    • tomfeher

      MM, I called the narc unit 3 months ago about a house close to that one that had people pulling into the drive, walking to the side door, buying drugs and leaving. 10 to 15 cars a day. And still nothing. Maybe Smallwood was behind on his payments!

    • Bob Haas

      Because they absolutely have to make sure it is a real threat (lots of cars going to a house is not illegal. you claim to go down that street twice a day and I’m sure you are not part of it.) and is actual illegal activities. It takes time so they don’t blow the surveillance.

    • Bill

      Other than building a case against him they were probably branching out the investigation into others involved.

  • Emily Gregory

    It’s kind of weird reading about this. I mean, I lived there for ten years, I move out (along with the rest of the neighbor hood) and the next thing you know a family of drug dealers move in. It’s just a ‘wow’ sort of thing.

    • Emily Gregory

      I agree Emily. I had hoped a nice family would have moved in. We had alot of memories there. GREAT Job EPD on catching these fools

      • Guest

        Sooo off subject… But why are you replying to yourself???

        • Emily Gregory


  • Mike wowk

    Police aren’t sure if all the kids are Smallwoods? I bet even the kids mother doesn’t know who all the fathers are

  • infinitefancies

    Don’t judge the mother or the children. You know nothing about them. Are you perfect?

    • Pebody

      Police are not sure if Smallwood is the father of all of the children, Costantino said. what does it matter if he fathered the kids or not?

      • luvmytoaster

        My thought exactly – it has no relevance to the story at all.

    • Nick Noneya

      You judge the mother by the scum she allows around her kids!! She probably couldn’t tell you what any of them even looked like!!

      • brenda

        Who are you to judge that woman. I’m sure that your life is perfect. You’ve never made any mistakes neither have your children . Everything is perfect in nicks tiny little world. You are so wrong. You are not God to be able to judge anyone! Take a good look at you and your family.

        • Nick Noneya

          You must be her mother!! My family is perfect! I have a daughter that is a pediatrician, and two sons in the US Marine Corps. Sorry yours is so crappy!!

    • Abbie

      You have no concerns that 4 children were found in a drug house? That the mother thought this is a good upbringing? That police found: “50 grams of crack cocaine, an undisclosed amount of money and a handgun” during a DRUG BUST while the children were present? Did the mother not know of his activity and his prior convictions?

      • brenda

        I’m sure she did, in fact i can bet that she absolutely did and no it’s not a good ideal to have children around, but again who are we to speak about what that woman does and who she does it with. Are any of you going to take care of her children .

        • Abbie

          I am not concerned about “what that woman does and who she does it with” but I am VERY concerned that 4 young children were found in a house with “50 grams of crack cocaine, an undisclosed amount of money and a handgun” during a DRUG BUST / ARREST. Are you saying that I can either condone the mother’s illegal and dangerous activities or take the children off her hands? Life isn’t that easy and it’s all about sacrifices. She chose to bear 4 children and now she needs to put her children’s well-being above her need to be in such an environment as described. Agreed – “no it’s not a good ideal to have children around” except there ARE NO “but agains” in this situation. Ever.

  • stop ur whining

    Scum is creeping into the Northside. It used to be that all the criminal element was concentrated on the south and west side. Now, unfortunately it is everywhere. Elyria is done, stick a fork in her and rename her Lorain part deux

  • stargazer2012

    115 Beverly Ct. is now rental property bought by someone in Oberlin in 2012. This is what you get when you have rental property!! Rental property ruins neighborhoods and lowers property values and can be a danger to all who live around them … just precisely what happened here. This property is right near Ely School … with in steps … you got this POS selling crack! People be very aware of who lives around you and don’t hesitate to call police it’s the only way to rid your neighborhoods of the vermin.

    • willlam

      There are drug dealers in EVERY subdivision in the USA! NOT just in rental housing. ….”beware of who lives around you….”? How do you know your neighbor (present and future) isn’t ‘Al Capone’?

  • willlam

    All that fire-power to take down a small-time hood? He is small potatoes! No wonder there are 2/3 million clogging up the prisons. Give him probation and go get the drug lords in S.America! Because, I will bet all my kingdom,that he did NOT grow and process the ‘coke’!….and furthermore,if he is a convicted felon he can get,NO job,No food stamps,NO sec.8,NO public assistance at all! He has to exist somehow. I mean he has to eat like me and you. Tell you what. Teach your kids,relatives,etc.,etc. to quit buying drugs. A problem solved!!?

    • formerlorainresident

      From above:

      “if he is a convicted felon he can get,NO job,No food stamps,NO sec.8,NO public assistance at all! He has to exist somehow.”

      He is already a convicted felon, several times over!

      Maybe he should have gotten a job, instead of feeding at the public trough. So the incentive is not to get a felony conviction so others will continue to pay for your existence?

      I mean how could we have expected him to be able to “exist,” and support the girl and all those kids found in the house when he was arrested?

      So now it is It our faults, society, that has sentenced to a life of crime, since we did not excuse his behavior the first time, or the second, …or the….

      As for the fire power you reference, he had a gun!! DUH, Really? Police want to go home to their families at night, not lose their lives to this creep, and others like him.

      Your logic is so messed up!

      • willlam

        ..300 million 15-24 yr. olds are unemployed in the world today! So you think a humanbeing is going to starve in the cold or do what they have to do to ‘exist’? The homeless are not ‘existing’,drug dealers and con artist will ‘exist’….and yes its your fault and societies fault for having such a craving for his(the drug dealers) products! Like I said,quit buying drugs and the problem solved! PS: If you get conned by a con artist….it’s because society and you are NOT content with what God has given to you! It’s called greed. Something for nothing! As far as that little gun,he had. I’m sure it was for protection,not to kill cops! Your myopic logic “is so messed up!”.

        • formerlorainresident

          First, yo state “and yes its your fault and societies fault for having such a craving for his(the drug dealers) products!” Not my fault, I don’t use drugs. Wrong there, William.

          Secondly, he is a convicted felon, with a gun. Do you really not think this is a problem?

          What exactly is a “little gun?” I shoot every week, have been for years, and I can tell you there is no such thing as a “little gun.” A .22 cal or a .45 cal, they all can and do kill.

          This is the problem with far too many in society, they refuse to accept responsibility and accountability for THEIR actions.

          So he has no responsibility is any of this? I think he is the “greedy” one, trying to make a fast buck through illegal means. I am sure in your mind he was simply providing a public service.

          I may be “myopic,” but you are totally blind!

          So, how do you suggest this man be punished? Simple question.

          Repeat felon, crack cocaine, guns and little kids in the house. What if someone came over to rob him of his money/drugs, and a child was killed by a stray bullet? Maybe an innocent neighbor. . Would that also be my fault? Remember, I was not the one buying his garbage!

          I wonder, did he claim this revenue on his income tax returns to give anything back to what he took from society while living off the pubic?

          So, what should the punishment be? You are now the judge, pass sentence on this “small time hood.” Last sentence did not work, he violated probation.

          So again, what should his punishment be?

          • willlam

            Yep,”simply providing a (much needed) public service”! The remainder of your comment doesnt deserve a retort! Because,It’s all speculation and ‘what if’s', which means….nothing. Punishment,let me see….. 30 days in the county,with 27 days suspended.Then cops can bust him,again. Got to keep the cops working…PS: you’re are not myopic(hehe) but your thinking is.

          • formerlorainresident


            It really does’t matter what either of us think, he will be going to prison very soon.

            You can defend him, and others like him, that is your choice. But in my opinion, which I am entitled to, he is a despicable human being.

            This should be the realization of a dream for him,. Shelter, three meals a day, new clothes (hope he likes orange), all on the backs of the taxpayers.

            If I am going to have to support him, I would rather do so with him behind bars.

            Funny thing is, soon this story, like all others like it, will fade from our memories, but he will have to live with it for the rest of his life.

            Just another piece of dirt swept off the floor.

            Have a nice evening.

          • willlam

            Again you are NOT thinking real life issues. The bad guys DO NOT care about going to jail!! It’s part of “the game”,It’s expected. Jail is NOT a deterent,it’s a social thing. Now cutting ones hand off or other parts of the body……now that might work. What do you think?

          • formerlorainresident

            Hey we agree on something. Just take a limb at at time. I am all for this.

            You should run four Judge.

          • willlam

            Is that an idea to stop the drugs,or what? That is how Arab countries deal with the drug problem.