November 21, 2014


Man arrested in connection with Sheffield Lake bank robbery

Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry

A Lakewood man has been arrested in connection with a bank robbery in Sheffield Lake.

North Olmsted police arrested Andrew Perry, 21, of Lakewood, without incident at 3:30 p.m. Monday in a vehicle near Great Northern Mall, according to Sheffield Lake Police Chief Tony Campo.

Perry was charged with one count of robbery in connection with the Jan. 11 robbery of Chase Bank, 4100 Lake Road in Sheffield Lake, Campo said.

Campo said the arrest was the result of a weeklong investigation by the FBI and Sheffield Lake police.

“We received information from numerous different persons who assisted in the investigation,” Campo said.

A second suspect in the robbery has been identified as a 17-year-old Sheffield Lake resident, whose case will be handled in Lorain County Juvenile Court.

Perry is being held at Sheffield Lake City Jail, and will be arraigned today in Lorain County Municipal Court.


  • charla65

    He looks like a sneeze. Hardly anything to him…

  • formerlorainresident

    From just this summer:


    Cleveland FBI officers announced that the Perry brothers, Andrew Perry and Lewis Perry, suspects in yesterday’s bank robbery, have been arrested.

    The men are accused of robbing the Charter One Bank located at 12222 Madison Avenue in Lakewood.


    Who would have ever thought that he would immediately turn around and do it again?

    Seriously, an armed robbery and he walks away with community control?

    But again, I am sure he is simply misunderstood. A great kid, loving family man and always had a smile on his face.

    • Don Grantzki

      I guess this move was a flop.
      “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”.

      • formerlorainresident

        I agree. Problem is when he robbed a bank this past summer, there was no time!

    • stilitz

      I can only say “WTF” m

      • formerlorainresident

        Sad, but true. At least his brother got 4 years, but that was only because of his past felony convictions. Seems he had a long criminal history.

        I would also suggest as a punishment that he be forced to wear the mask he use during the robbery for the remainder of his life. Glue it on his face!

        • Samantha

          Why are you so worried about Lewis and his history? Clearly you’re doing some research on this.

          • formerlorainresident

            Just like to educate myself on a topic before I respond. I am not worried about “Lewis,” as he will soon be sent away and not heard from for a very long time.

            What next, are you the one who is going to tell us what a wonderful person he really is? How he was a nothing more than the victim of a society that gave up on him?

            Fact is, I read the papers and I remember his name from last summer. I was shocked to learn today that he was out of jail, or in his case, never sent to jail.

            He was given a break, chose not to take advantage of it and will now pay the price.

            So do tell us all, what type of person was “Lewis?”

          • nikki

            Lewis.was sent to.prison for 4years. Andrew is the one that was arrested yesterday so ur research is a tad bit off. None of us feel the need to tell strangers what type of.person.Lewis is because he has nothing with this case.

          • formerlorainresident

            My bad, I get so confused when brothers are both bank robbers. It happens to me all the time.

            Must be a genetic thing? Does bank robbery run in the family?

            We can only hope these two never reproduce so we can prevent it from spreading to the next generation.

            But then again, I am sure they would make wonderful family men. Loving fathers and great role models for their kids.

            Bottom line is we are fed up with this crap!! While I do try not to be judgmental, I have to tell you I was not able to in this case.

            Did I mention we are fed up with this crap?

            Did I mention… get the point!

            Better get some sleep, I think you are in for a long ride on this one.

          • nikki

            Oh I apologize I didn’t realize they had done something to u.

          • formerlorainresident

            What they did to me, and others, was steal our tax dollars to pay for their legal fees and incarceration.

            Why don’t you pony up the cash to pay for this? Why doesn’t he at least save us a little $ and plead guilty and take his punishment.

          • Vision

            Why is it when someone calls you on your bs you always get your underoo’s in a bunch dude ? Just man up and take it. Why you gotta always try an get the last word in. Geesh.

          • Vision

            “…I read the papers and I remember his name…” lol sure ya did. lol

      • White Man

        He’s white

        • formerlorainresident

          Yes he is. Your point being?

          I don’t care if they are white, black or purple, they should all be treated the same.

          • White Man

            Sorry! But it doesn’t work that way..
            White kids get breaks. Prisons are made
            for black kids..

            Sorry this is the United States it was built that way..

          • formerlorainresident


          • Pablo Jones

            Well that is just your opinion. There have been other cases where a white person and a black person have done the same crime and the white person is punished more severely than the black. One case does not make a fact.

          • formerlorainresident

            Your words…..”Prisons are made for black kids.”

            Looks like the White House is as well.

            So is the office of the U.S. Attorney General, the number one law enforcement position in this country, currently occupied by Eric Holder.

            So what is your point?

    • Gun toting cracker

      Week long investigation…. I wonder if that was more expensive than a set of ‘trap’ doors for the front of the building.

      I like your idea of armed / trained tellers. Just I like the idea of armed / trained school teachers.

      You didn’t say where you are now, but you must be in Colorado to think blowing someone up on a regular basis would get anywhere. Maybe one or two to strengthen the deterrent factor.

      You didn’t say who the wise Judge was who thought the community was protected, I couldn’t find it. Mr. Perry needs some serious time.

      • formerlorainresident

        Really don’t know who the judge was. It was Cuyahoga County.

        My comments regarding “blowing” someone up were a little extreme. I take it back; maybe just an M-80 to take off a few fingers and destroy the money on the way out the door. Would hate to impose any punishment on these creeps that might be interpreted as “cruel.”

        Also, a tattoo across their forehead which says, “I lost my fingers in a bank robbery, I was the robber” would be appropriate.

        Forgot, the State of Ohio does not allow CCW in banks, so much for that idea.

        • Gun toting cracker

          No apology needed, I knew you were kidding.

          There is no State Law prohibiting concealed or openly carried sidearms in any bank. It’s up to the individual Corporation. PNC is one example. Firearms friendly.

          Your Second Amendment rights should never be stripped at any one’s door.

          I have openly carried one of my sidearms several times with little more than a stray glance.

          State law states that you need to see a “No Guns” sign in a conspicuous place, you don’t have to look for it, other than that, you’re good to go.

          • Zen Grouch

            **I have openly carried one of my sidearms several times with little more than a stray glance.**

            It’s called common sense.

            –Never make eye contact with someone if you think they might be crazy.–

          • Simon Jester

            So, don’t ever look a cop in the eye? They all openly carry arms, IIRC. Are Cops a special sort of citizen?

          • Zen Grouch

            **Are Cops a special sort of citizen?**

            No, but I’m guessin’ you are…

            …”special,” that is.

          • Simon Jester

            Ad hominem insult doesn’t become you, and does insult to the “wit” you seem to be going for.

          • Zen Grouch

            True enough… but when reason has left the building, such as, when comparing a cop to someone who wakes up one fine day and decides to strap on a gun and take a stroll, ad homimem attacks are quick & dirty little time savers.

          • Simon Jester

            You’re welcome to them, if that’s what passes for reason in your world.

          • Zen Grouch

            Don’t recall claiming that I was taking the “reasonable” route in response to your post.

          • formerlorainresident

            You are correct, I suppose I am just used to seeing the signs at banks, so I leave it in the car whenever I enter. My bank is posted.

            Maybe I should start banking at PNC.

          • formerlorainresident

            I suppose that is why I carry concealed, nobody knows it is there. If I would ever need to use a weapon to protect myself,or my family, I’ll deal with the consequences of carrying in a prohibited area later.

            As they say….”Better to be judged by 12 persons, than carried by six.”

        • Pablo Jones

          Or a T-Shirt that says, “I robbed a bank and all I got was a stupid t-shirt and a missing finger.”

    • White Man

      He is white

      • Simon Jester

        Obviously that matters…

    • Zen Grouch

      Two robberies… two arrests…

      But anyway, if the judge isn’t going to put him away, perhaps I should rethink your idea of having the tellers blow up bank robbers…

      …blow ‘em up GOOD!

      But seriously, maybe the brother who received ‘community control’ played a minor part in the robbery and ratted out his brother and got a good deal, who might be serving a more appropriate sentence.

  • Tommy Peel

    Don’t drop the soap!

  • datfigga

    I see alot of names on here that when it’s a black have some very pointed comments.(formerlorainresident) no racial barbs about how screwed up white people are? He got off the first time because he was white plain an simple.

    • formerlorainresident

      It seems far too many people get off, regardless of race.

      If you are looking for a racial debate, look elsewhere, as I do not look at people based on their color. I am fortunate to have friends from many races and ethic backgrounds.

      Truth is, far too many of these scumbags get lenient sentences, regardless of color. There are plenty of blacks, hispanics and Mexicans who do as well.

      If you feel he got off simply because of his race, I have no basis to debate that point. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Only the judge knows for sure.

      If anything I have ever said on this site in any way was interpreted as a racial comment, my apologies. My position has always been consistent, these people all need to be punished.

      Your comments seem a little racial to me, but as a white man, I am not offended. We all have reasons for our prejudices.

      • It has to stop

        Well said.

      • Edward Nonamaker

        I am white and I think he looks like a piece of white trash , I am an equal ethnic offender.

        • Samantha

          He looks like a piece of trash? Wow could you be anymore judgmental

          • formerlorainresident

            You are correct, it is not fair to say he “looks” like a piece of trash; since he is trash not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

            Pulls a gun on people who are simply trying to make a living, terrorizing them, wondering if they are going to be killed and never go home to their families again.

            But you are correct, he is not trash. When I put my trash out on Monday mornings, it is buried forever. This guy just keeps coming back.

            He is more like the materials I set out for recycling, since that never seems to disappear, but reappears again and again.

            So, what do you have to say to those he pointed the gun at?

          • formerlorainresident

            Sorry for the mix up on the names. In the future I’ll refer to them by their inmate numbers.

            Bottom line is this. People are fed up with this crap and the people who commit these acts, including these two.

            The definition of “trash” is unwanted or undesired material. That is exactly what they are. They steal from us, and in turn we now have to play for their legal fees and incarceration. They are neither wanted, nor desired by society.

            Speaking of “assholes,” I am sure his will be meeting some new friends very, very soon.

          • nikki

            Now ur affecting my daughter with these ridiculous comments. We don’t like what Andrew did but u could have a little respect.for our family. Please stop with these disgusting remarks.

          • WTFnext

            Your family had no respect for themselves or the lives of others when they decided to rob banks for a living. Maybe you received some of the proceeds and that’s why you are so defensive of these guys. I agree with beety.: Get a better class of associates.

          • formerlorainresident

            Have a great idea, don’t read these comments and your daughter will not be affected.

          • beety

            Well since my mother was one of them …I guess I can rightfully say … um I’m sorry I mean if its okay with you and Andrew that I hope it was all ” worth” it. Do yourself a favor and invest in a better class of associates!

          • nikki

            U have every right to say what u want. I am deeply sorry ur family.was affected. The point I was trying to.make to former Lorain.resident is that he was being judgmental and his comments about what will be in Andrews pass were ridiculous. I apologize to ur family. My daughter Samantha and I do not condone Andrews actions but he is our family and this guy is being ignorant.

          • WTFnext

            Get off of it already. He is a criminal. Please use proper spelling and punctuation before you get on here spouting off about the virtues of this guy AND his brother.
            “His comments about what will be in Andrew’s pass”—I think you mean past.
            However right now it is his “present” and we all have just as much right to comment as you. He should never have been allowed off so easily in the “pass” robbery and he wouldn’t be committing this one.

          • formerlorainresident

            It is not my “judgement” which created this, it was the poor judgement on the part of these men. Repeatedly poor judgement.

            You first statement was correct, I have every right to say what I want.

            Did I mention…we are tired of this crap!

  • WTFnext

    If he had been locked up the first time he committed bank robbery he wouldn’t have been able to corrupt a minor and get them involved this time.

  • me101

    Without the FBI, this never would have been solved. Good work!!