November 24, 2014


Man leads police on chase after saying his son was sick

Joel Garcia

Joel Garcia

LORAIN — A Lorain driver accused of leading police on a chase after he said his son was sick faces charges.

Joel R. Garcia was stopped for speeding around 11:40 a.m. Thursday after crossing the Henderson Bridge, according to a police report, and that Garcia was argumentative and said he was speeding because he needed to get to his young son who was sick.

Garcia drove off at a speed of about 50 mph in a 25 mph zone before he could be issued a citation and nearly struck a vehicle at Kansas Avenue and Crehore Street, the report said. Garcia stopped at the Longfellow Middle School parking lot and ran from his car.

When police caught Garcia, Garcia resisted being handcuffed and had to be slammed to the ground. Hargreaves said he later found out that Garcia’s son had a headache and was still in a classroom.

Garcia, 34, of the 1600 block of East 30th Street, was charged with resisting arrest, reckless driving on public property, disorderly conduct, speeding and a stop-sign violation. Garcia has convictions for speeding and a red light violation in 2013.

  • MrRespect

    What is his son doing in Longfellow if he lives in South Lorain in the 1600 block of East 30th? Can someone please explain!

    • B4CE

      Yes, I can explain. There are no neighborhood schools. They phased them out about the same time as rotary telephones.

      • Brian_Reinhardt

        Wrong answer…Lorain DOES and does enforce neighborhood schools as was widely publicized in the Morning Journal.

        There are some circumstances where a child can attend a school outside their assigned area. That request must be approved by the principal.

        • B4CE

          I will take your word for that as I don’t read that rag of a regional paper very often.

          • MrRespect

            Maybe you should do some research before you look stupid again trying to “crack” on someones comment or question. For your information, there are still individuals who have Rotary phones!

          • B4CE

            Not a very respectful reply “Mr Respect” . Perhaps you could research your question before posting for the world to reply to. There are many circumstances that would lead to a child going to school in an area that their father doesn’t live in. I trust the system to keep it straight, no need for you or me to interject into the family’s buisines.
            But obviously that doesn’t stop a respectful person such as yourself from posting

          • MrRespect

            My first post was a respectful question until your reply. I am only responding to your disrespectful assumption directed at my original post. Simple as all that!

          • B4CE

            Not sure how you felt “disrespected” by me offering an answer to your question. Was it because I said ratory phones are outdated? Do you use one and felt slighted?

            On top of that. I technically was not wrong. Due to NCLB, which was enacted about the same time as flip phones went out of style, a parent can move their child to a different school , if their home school is failing. Hence, no more neighborhood schools in the city of lorain.

            As far as research, I’m sure a man with your sense of respect could have quickly researched the answer to your own question prior to even posting it, thereby saving a several peoples time responding to you.
            In closing, I Didn’t know such a harmless post would upset your delicate sense of respect.

    • B4CE

      Yes I can explain! Neighborhood schools and the rotary phone were phased out about the same time.

    • Bill

      It’s also possible the mother and father do not live together and the mother has custodial rights and lives in the district the kid goes to school.

  • Phil Blank

    Looks like he has a dress on.

    • Zen Grouch

      Yeah, that is a very revealing number, considering it’s winter, and ya’ gotta shave your chest if you want to pull that look off…

  • Publius Cuyahoga

    So was his son sick or not? How do they run this story without finding out? Is this journalism today?!

    • hate pc!!

      the story said the son had a headache and was still in the classroom

    • Marcy Novak

      The son had a headache but was still in the classroom. Says in the story.

    • Corinne Jaenke

      they state in the article his son had a headache but was still in the classroom.. I’d say not sick

    • It has to stop

      ^^^^Reading skills^^^^

      • Publius Cuyahoga

        It doesn’t answer the question. He had a headache. ok. So was it serious? Was there reason to believe it was serious? Is this a cop out or a valid excuse? Does the newspaper care? Do the cops?

        • It has to stop

          Try taking a moment and read “into” the story.

          “Hargreaves said he later found out that Garcia’s son had a headache and was still in a classroom.”

          From that quote I would say it’s a safe bet that if he was still in the classroom and not at the nurse’s station that it wasn’t serious.

          • Barb Shuman

            When it comes to kids and some teachers, they will make the kids stay in their seats regardless of how bad a shape the kid is in. While I don’t agree with that, that is the way some teachers are. I know of one time a teacher refused to let a child go to the bathroom and made the child pee their pants in class. So who is to say? I think more should have been investigated before the story was published.

          • Bill

            Newspapers aren’t in the business of waiting while a investigation is ongoing. That is why they routinely provide updates to stories. Unless your the Morning Journal who waits for several days to publish a story and still succeeds in getting most of it wrong.

  • Jiovany Rivera

    ‘m familiar defendant for anyone who has a doubt the son is studying there because they decided the education department and is one of the schools that have bilingual program and went in search of the child responding to the call of the Principal for it was to pick up his son who was with fever and headache and was in the office