October 30, 2014


Prominent Wellington brothers face charges in car chase incident

WELLINGTON — When a Wellington man tried to help two men in distress on Wednesday, he didn’t know that they would chase him, assault him and steal his car — or that the two men are well-known members of the Wellington community.

Thomas Denes Jr., 34, and Todd Denes, 31, were charged with felonious assault Friday evening. Todd Denes also was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The men are brothers and incorporators of Denes Concrete at 47599 State Route 18 in Wellington.

The charges came after an incident about 5:45 p.m. Wednesday when Wellington resident Larry Sugaski, 44, drove by Thomas and Todd Denes fighting in a front yard near state Route 58 and Findley State Park, according to Ohio Highway Patrol troopers and Sugaski’s wife, Jeanne.

Larry Sugaski said he was worried after he saw the two men, one with his arms around the other’s throat, and pulled over to ask if they needed help. The men told him to mind his own business and Sugaski continued driving, he said.

As he left the scene, Thomas and Todd Denes started running after him and throwing rocks at his truck, Sugaski said. The brothers then got into their own car and followed Sugaski as he tried to drive to a public place.

“I thought ‘Man, these guys are drunk and crazy, and they’re going to try to hurt me,’ ” Sugaski said.

The brothers followed Sugaski to Findley State Park, where he stopped his car. Leaving it running, Sugaski got out to talk with the men.

As soon as he left the car, one of the men punched Sugaski in the head, sending him to the ground, where both men began to kick him. When they stopped, Sugaski said he looked up and saw one of the two men — later identified as Todd Denes — get into his car and drive it onto a grassy part of the park where he left it, got out and Sugaski said they asked him, “Did you learn your lesson?”

The brothers then fled the scene in their own car, leaving Sugaski on the ground, he said.

Following the incident, Sugaski was treated at Mercy Allen Hospital for a concussion.

Jeanne Sugaski said that since Larry Sugaski was released from the hospital, he has been disoriented and more introverted than usual.

“He can’t be around a lot of people. That’s not Larry,” she said.

The Denes brothers turned themselves in to North Ridgeville post of the patrol on Friday night, said Trooper Tim Hoffman.

The brothers are active in the Wellington community. Their late father, Tom Denes, served on the Board of Directors for the Lorain County Fair for 13 years and owned a concrete business in Wellington. When he died in August 2010, the business was passed on to Thomas Denes Jr., with his brother Todd Denes as an incorporator.

In the time they have operated the business, Denes Concrete has worked on a September 11 Memorial near the Lorain County Vocational School and poured the concrete for a sidewalk in Kipton.

The business now is hauling dirt for a project to build an underpass near Route 58 in Wellington, said Mayor Barbara O’Keefe.

The men were arraigned at Oberlin Municipal Court on Monday, an experience that Jeanne Sugaski calls “very intimidating.”

Jeanne Sugaski said she is concerned for her family’s safety and, on Monday, she signed a temporary protection order against the brothers.

The brothers were held at Lorain County Jail until they posted bond Monday.

  • Neley

    Y the hell stop the car in get out if being chased? I believe we need to hear the brothers side of this

    • derp

      Drunk hillbilly’s are mad at the world

    • Bob Sweatt

      So are you blaming the victim?? Because that has become a common trend on these threads in the last few weeks.

    • Alichiahope

      Well I am Larry’s daughter, and I can assure you They hit his truck with theirs to make him turn into Findley and then he got out to solve the problem. . He seen two police cars sitting at Findley and figured that someone would be there to help him, but unfortunately there was not. when he got out to talk to them, and without hesitation, they started punching him an he fell on the ground and he got kicked and punched on the ground. My father is not violent, he was concerned and thought someone was killing another person and then it ended up , them assaulting my father. They had no right to lay a hand on him, he was a concerned citizen who stopped to see if they were okay.. AND GET THIS; the brothers were on their way home from a benefit for a man who had been assaulted. Ironic, huh?

      • Zen Grouch

        OK, two maniacs are chasing a person down a rural road two miles from the police department, then ram his car forcing him into an isolated area against his will, THEN he decides it’s a good idea to exit his running car to -talk- with these folks rather than continue on to the police station?

        If the cops charged the brothers with “unauthorized use of a motor vehicle” why would then not charge them with ‘hit and run’ if what you say is true?

        …maybe they did and this detail wasn’t reported in the above story.

        • Jennifer Williams

          Being from the area as the article states they are known through out the community. I am sure more charges will come. This goes to show it does not pay to be a good guy any longer.

  • Rae Ingram

    Sugaski Concrete

  • Simon Jester

    Apple don’t fall from the tree. Belligerent drunks.

  • formerlorainresident

    Makes the case for CCW. I can assure you if Mr. Sugaski pointed a gun in these punks faces, as he was being kicked by the two “tough” brothers, they would have taken off running like the cowards they are.

    • currentlorainresident

      Hmmm…or maybe they just would have taken the gun from him & shot him.

      • formerlorainresident

        Not if he knows how to use it.

        • currentlorainresident

          Oh, ok. As long as you know how to use a gun, then it’s safe to point them at people. Good point.

  • Dawn Smith Dixon

    Guess he should have either called police, or let the two idiots just kill each other.

    • Don Grantzki

      If your advise were followed, it likely would solve at least one of the problems.

    • It has to stop

      You are going on the assumption that everyone carries or even owns a cell phone which is not the case. Could have even had one with him and did not have a charge on it. Ever happen to you?

      • Dawn Smith Dixon

        Realize the couple may not have had a phone, and know they were trying to do the right thing, just saying find the police station, don’t get out of the car. I feel bad for the couple, easy for us to speculate, we weren’t there, just going by what I was always taught.

  • oldschool

    Sounds like 80 proof may not be for them!!

    • stilitz

      Bottom line….would you hire them to do work for you? We are surrounded by “crap” like these butt holes! So to these pieces of “crap”…….get out of here, go to another city/state/country where no one knows you.n You’ve shown your “true” colors here. What else do we not know?…..what else are you all about?……what all do we not know is going on in your head…..when someone “cracks” like this they have other serious issues going on in their heads that is/could be a “threat” to all they are around. These two for sure would see no harm in harming others again. If there’s more to their side….I don’t care…….if they were mistreated, yelled at, the guy said something other than “can I help” …and it got them mad….so that’s the reason to beat him up? Are these two just rotten crap kids living off their parents business and think they are above all? Bottom line: I wouldn’t hire them! I would fear for my health and for sure my families. Once they know where you live and your family resides….can you rest? You don’t know what they will do to you if you get them going. There’s more to these two, there’s more we don’t know, who else did they beat up, kick, punch without worry/concern but the victims had no clue who it was….bet there are more – this would be a good wager with the odds in my favor. Again, don’t hire them!

      • oldschool

        There are plenty of great concrete guys around town.The boys might feel it in there wallets!!!

  • stop ur whining

    …and just like that two spoiled morons that have never had to work in their lives will finally have a nice red carpet of karma laid at their feet. Wellington is too small of a two for their business not to suffer from the negative press.

    • David Sumpter

      Never worked a day in their lives? Really?

      • stop ur whining

        Daddy built it and handed it over. Look what they have done, it’s only declined. 50% of family owned businesses die when handed down a generation. Usually, because they spent their lives partying and riding daddy’s coat tails.

        • Jennifer Williams

          TJ worked for his father from the time he was a kid in the summer. It really cannot be that bad if they are working on the new contract in Wellington? I have known the family for years. Not saying what they did was right because it was very wrong but never assume they never worked. They worked hard for their father on the business on their farm and at the fairgrounds.

          • stop ur whining

            Big difference between working and working smart. Even larger difference between working hard and working smart. I know plenty of people that have “worked” since they were nine. But that does not mean it is, or has been productive. Just saying.

  • datfigga

    Funniest thing people ever say is are you blaming the victim? Yeah, if the victim is wrong. They were handling a family situation and he stuck his nose in and got it bit. Stay out of peoples family business.

    • It has to stop

      People like you who hide their heads in the sand and ignore everything going on around them. More then likely you are one of those people who seeing a women getting assaulted would just look the other way.

    • formerlorainresident

      Driving down the street, see two men fighting. How could he know that it was a family dispute? That it was taking place on the men’s own property?

      Could have been a robbery in progress? An assault? What should he do, simply turn a blind eye?

      So much for trying to be a good samaritan, and intervening when he may have thought someone was in danger? I would hope someone would do it for me.

      So, he gets back in his vehicle when he is told his help is not welcome, leaves the scene, only to be chased down and beaten.

      So where is the “victim” wrong in all this? He did what any well-intentioned person should do. He did the right and responsible thing.

      Oh, I see, in the split second he drove by he should have known it was two grown brothers, probably drinking, who were having a family argument on their open property. Grown men don’t generally act this way. Maybe they should have conducted their slugfest in the backyard, or better yet indoors.

      When he realized this, he left, was followed and beaten. But in some way this was all his fault?

      • Jeanne Sugaski

        They wasn’t on there own propery when this happened

    • big buford

      REALLY….You are that ignorant? Maybe family business should be handled in a family residence not a public road. There daddy would be so proud…following in his footsteps..DRUNK

  • Jason Sword

    Well I hope wellington residents don’t hire these bungwholes for nothing and I would like to see the town of wellington hire somebody else to help with the bypass project. I really hope the judge gives them the max.

    • Time they pay the piper

      Wait and see. They will get away with it. Judge will do nothing. Mommy is on Wellington Village Council. Thats why they get all the work for the village. Don’t be shocked when they walk with nothing being done to them. Mommy will flex her council clout.

      • Summer Smart

        do I smell nepotism? sounds like the ethics commission needs to get involved in this one

  • Ralph Davis

    He should have let them keep fighting and let natural selection do its job…

  • big buford

    I hope the Village and everyone else that uses their business stops and looks at this situation. Why would you give people like this business? What makes them better then anyone else? Why would anyone think its ok to bully other people? They have a long history of behavior like this. Numerous stupid and drunk situations that money has gotten them out of for years. Wake Up! Your adults. And one of you has a wife and children. Do you think of how your behavior effects them? How embarrassing….

  • Zen Grouch

    Doesn’t make sense to me.

    If Sugaski was looking for a public place to drive to, why did he pull into the park? I would think the area would be secluded and dark that time of night.

    Then why, after two crazies were supposedly throwing rocks at his car, would he decide to stop his car in that secluded area to “talk” with his tormentors rather than actually drive to a public area as the story said he “tried” to do?

    Then if two guys were to beat a person in a drunken rage (or any kind of rage that would cause you to go off on a stranger for no good reason) I would think he’d be treated for more than a concussion at the local hospital. Shouldn’t he at least have cuts and scrapes to the head that would need to be closed up?

    Then with the stuff about being “disoriented” and “MORE introverted than usual” sounds like someone talked with an attorney more so than with a doctor.

    • Jeanne Sugaski

      Get your facts before u run your mouth, you don’t know what’s all wrong with my husband

      • Zen Grouch

        No, I don’t know what’s wrong with your husband, if anything…

        Just saying that his account of events, according to the Chronicle, doesn’t make sense.

        Something else that doesn’t make sense is the timing of the reporting by the Chronicle on this incident that happened almost a week ago…

        I’m guessing that there would be no story at all if you, at the “suggestion” of your attorney, hadn’t contacted the Chronicle.

        Am I right, or am I runnin’ my mouth?

        • Jeanne Sugaski

          No one can print a story until they have been charged, with that being said they weren’t charged till Friday of last week, held with no bond till yesterday, like I said you need the facts, paper clearly said they was charged and arrested Friday

          • Zen Grouch

            **No one can print a story until they have been charged…**

            If anyone needs to get their facts straight it’s you.

            I also noticed you totally avoided the issue of whether it was you who contacted the Chronicle, or the other way around.

            BTW… if your husband was trying to get away from the brothers, why would he choose to confront them in an isolated area, rather than find a public area as he said he “tried” to do?

            Sounds fishy…

            And by “fishy” I mean it sounds like a consensual fight rather than a battery.

          • Jeanne Sugaski

            Dude it was not an isolated area, they was in front of someone’s house, I don’t to have to tell u who called who or whatever, they did, so go drill them about what happened, Findley park is not isolated?? Rangers office is on 58 state route is not something I would consider isolated, if you must know they struck our truck to before my husband got out of vehicle,

          • Zen Grouch

            ***Well I am Larry’s daughter, and I can assure you They hit his truck with theirs to make him turn into Findley…***

            So, your husband pulled into Findley park on his own, rather than being rammed with another vehicle, forcing him to make that turn, as his daughter stated in a below post?

    • sickofstupidity

      Maybe when this family files a lawsuit which you know they will , somebody should check just how many they have been involved in. I mean really sorry the guy that got “attacked” doesn’t have the sense to drive to the Wellington police department when these guys were chasing him. Sounds to me like there is a lot more to this story.

      • Jeanne Sugaski

        Won’t you be surprised soon

        • Time they pay the piper

          It is time the law cought up with them. Daddy and mommy always got them out of everything. Daddy wasn’t any better. They had a good teacher. But mommy will be pulling strings and using her seat on village council to get them cleared again. As always. Sounds to me like the guy was driving south on 58 and pulled into where the rangers office was in the old house right off 58. So would have been hard to have drove to Wellington police dept. when driving south.

          • Jeanne Sugaski

            Funny thing is it’s being bound over to grand jury in common pleas so I don’t think she has any pull in that court system,

          • Time they pay the piper

            Well can only hope she don’t have any clout with anyone on grand jury or none of her friend have any clout with anyone on grand jury. Prosecutor and judge can say well we did what we could. But it was grand jury that let them go not us. That’s how they get monkey off their backs. Seen it happen before.

          • sickofstupidity

            “sounds to me like the guy was driving south on 58″
            How do you figure? Sounds to me like it could have been either direction. Regardless it would have been easy to turn around and head north if it were the case. My point is you still don’t stop and try to talk to somebody who is supposedly attacking or chasing you for absolutely no reason. I don’t really care either way just that it sure sounds like the settings up of a lawsuit, and that just disgusts me when that’s all people turn to looking for a payday.

  • Thomas G. Malloy

    Sometimes I am unable to control my temper. I need to obey the Golden Rule~You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Grateful to have customers like Denes Concrete when I worked for Westview, Osborne, & Medina Supply. Over 25 years of ready Ready Mix business.

    • currentlorainresident

      Best post I’ve read, and last one I will read. The Denes brothers, no matter what they may or may not have done in this situation, are both hard working men who I have known since they were boys. Too speak ill of their deceased father is cruel. And to accuse their mother of using her position in the community in such a dishonest manner…you clearly don’t know their mother. I’m not going to stop “loving my neighbor” when they may need it most. I sincerely hope that justice is served for everyone involved in this incident.

  • oldschool

    The two drove to and from the scene drunk, shouldn’t someone be charged with DUI?

    • Zen Grouch

      **”“I thought ‘Man, these guys are drunk and crazy, and they’re going to try to hurt me,’ ” Sugaski said.”**

      Maybe the “victim” was mistaken or lied when he said he thought the brothers were “drunk and crazy.”

      If he really believed this, along with thinking they meant him great physical harm why would he try and reason with them rather than drive to the police station and let the cops sort it out?

  • David Sumpter

    No matter what the situation is your comments mean absolutely nothing if you don’t put your name, your real name next to them.

    • Simon Jester

      So a couple of local jackasses can get their retribution on, at some point down the road? Pass.

      It’s probably for the best, the next random person they try to assault may be armed. And I’m not convinced that wouldn’t be a Good Thing.

    • big buford

      Put your real name so you can be their next victim….Hello they make it real clear not to cross them in this town. They do take vengeance, whether it is walking up to someone in the local bar and punching them or chasing them down and harassing them…..sorry dude I have seen it before!

      • David Sumpter


        • Simon Jester

          What’s the matter, Denes Brothers break yer jaw?

    • Kelvin Gray


    • Cristy Plas

      I am with you on that David, reading these comment sickens me. I am not making excuses for anyones behavior, it is my personal belief that there is more to this story, because flatly it does not make sense! I grew up with the Denes family, my dad was good friends with Tom & Jim. I graduated with Chris. To say such terrible things about Tom on this forum are disgusting, who talks that way about a dead man? No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. The Denes family has had more than its fair share of tragedy and my heart goes out to them. To those who say they have never worked, that is an outright lie and to those who say they don’t work “smart” that is ridiculous too. It’s so easy to judge others when you are not in their shoes. Its easy to comment on how you would run a business when chances are you don’t run a business, and even if you do in fact run a business you still are not privy to the unique details of how their particular business is run. We have done business with them in the past and will continue to do so in the future. My father is a hard man to impress and in the past few years he has commented again and again how well Todd is handling his farming business and how TJ has been doing well increasing his local business & taking on more township contracts. i have read comments from former employee’s about being yelled at and ridiculed on job sites by TJ. Here’s the thing and I am not making excuses or saying it is ok. It is not ok to yell at someone and ridicule them however it is the nature of the beast. By that I mean construction in general is a difficult place to work and not for the faint of heart and concrete is known to be the place where you will find the most yelling, the most insults thrown around. So I don’t doubt for a second that you may have been yelled at or ridiculed if you did something wrong or were even perceived to have done something wrong, but that is a very different situation than what we are hearing happened here. I really don’t think it is a strong example of character, that some are touting on this page. Again I am not condoning what happened, I am in no way, “blaming” the victim or even justifying what happened. I am saying quit hiding behind cute little screen names and own your opinion. Or better yet if you don’t know the situation keep your mouth shut and don’t make this situation worse for either family. I stumbled across this story again looking for something else, so I know I am late to the “party” with my comments, but I hate to see anyone kicked while they are down & I will always stand up for people that despite any other issues do have a good kind heart. People make split second choices that change their lives forever, whatever happened they can not change it, or take it back. But I hope & believe that they will learn from this one way or another and become better men. Just remember when judging others on actions you were not a party to. There are 3 or more sides to every story. In this case there are 4, there is Mr.Sugaski’s side, TJ’s side, Todds side & the truth. Somewhere in the mix of what these 3 men believe happened that night, there is a truth, and honestly as time goes on they will all look at what happened differently and their memory of the event will warp and change, as it did before they even recounted their story for the first time. Human memories are terrible things to rely on it has been shown over and over again, that memory itself is often not accurate, our minds are prone to filling in details and changing things that we can not make sense of. Love and Prayers to everyone involved and I hope the future hold’s great things for all involved in this incident.

  • formerlorainresident

    Interesting that the story points to “pouring the concrete for a sidewalk in Kipton” like it is a major business achievement.


    Stop bringing up their dad, he’s gone so leave it alone, you people are mean and need to all shut up.JUST SAYING!

  • Kelvin Gray

    What race were they? Hmm…white South Africans? I don’t see anything written about their race here in this article. Maybe the two tough guys should take their traveling road show to Elyria. Northside, Eastside, Westside or Southside. It doesn’t matter. It just might be more news worthy to me then. Not taking away from the alleged crime here, just saying that “race” should have it’s fair play such as in other stories.

    • formerlorainresident


      May be a question to ask the Chronicle Telegram directly.

      • Kelvin Gray

        Oh I’m sorry but that was actually meant for all the wonder people whom comment on here on a regular. Not the reporters who wrote the story. But I’m about sure that you knew that already. :) You seem to know everything else.

        • formerlorainresident

          “The men are white and in their late teens or early 20s”, from the original article regarding the bank robbers in Sheffield Lake. Written by a “white” reporter!

          So, what is your point?

          Above you state “I don’t see anything written about their race here in this article.” So what do you want me to do about it? I don’t write the articles, the reporters do. If you take issue with how they are written, take it up with them. Your complaint was about an article containing a reference to race. That is exactly what you said.

          Normally, race is only mentioned when a suspect is still at large and they want the public to help find them. Yes, their race is very helpful in describing their physical appearance. Once caught, as these two Wellington brothers were, it becomes irrelevant. Why mention it at that point, IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!

          Why do you get so offended when you learn a suspect is black? What is you preoccupation with the color of one’s skin? If you think others here as racists, why do you behave in the same way? You only give them ammunition for further attacks.

          If you want to keep score as to the number of black vs. white vs. purple people in Lorain County who are charged with crimes, feel free to do so. If it really is that important to you, than do so. I really could care less.

          When the story was posted about the “white” guy who killed the 5 year old in Cleveland, I think the consensus was the same among both whites and blacks. We all want him to be punished in the most severe manner permitted by law.

          If a criminal is white, or black, that are not a disgrace too their race, they are a disgrace to all go mankind.

          • formerlorainresident

            Typo……”they are not a disgrace to a particular race, are a disgrace to all mankind”

          • Kelvin Gray

            Hold up a minute. Now as you so eloquently told Zen, you are responding directly to me and not the article. So why are you following me and no one else again? You see something you like? I hope not. I’m straight the last I checked. But oh yeah, you know me though right? Buzz Gray right? How about we stick to the article and not me. Because if I am correct I posted a comment on it’s own. Not in direct response to anything that you had previously stated. Because I don’t care what you state. Just try not to direct at me.

          • formerlorainresident

            Whatever……. my comments were neither offensive, nor derogatory, until now.

            Here is what I think.

            I think you are about as dumb as a box of rocks. The way you write demonstrates this. You ramble, can’t hold a coherent thought and make absolutely no sense.

            I think you are the racist, since nearly all your posts bring race into the discussion. You are forever bringing up comparisons between whites and blacks. A “man of God,” as you state you are would also be color blind.

            You stated the longest you have ever been in jail was for a mere 54 days? Like this is some type of life accomplishment? Then you blame your father because he would not bail you out for $100. Maybe he was trying to teach you a lesson.

            Let me give you a bit of advice. If you want to keep score on the race of those involved in crimes in Elyria/Lorain, feel free to do so. However, statistics show you will be on the losing end of that one. That is simply fact! What do you want the Chronicle to do, PhotoShop the photos to make them look white, or race neutral?

            My position has always been consistent, I am an equal opportunity criminal hater. Your writings seem to take pleasure when it is a white person, and you never miss an opportunity to point that out. I do not play this game.

            I hate all criminals. If more of them are black, then I guess I hate more black criminals than white, simply because in Elyria/Lorain, more of them are black. It is a simple math.

            Sorry if I write at a level you cannot understand. I will try to bring it down to about a second grade level in the future.

          • Kelvin Gray

            Hmm…should I join in a completely off target banter with you? Well I think it would truly be pointless. Because all you’ll try to do is bully your way into trying to garner support on you opinion. Which is fine because your opinions falls on death ears this way currentloraincountyresident formerly of Lorain, living in Avon Lake is it? I don’t even live in the state. You humor me also. Gives me something to laugh at during the late night thru the early morning hours as I drive. But your personal attacks on individuals who don’t necessarily see things in the same light as yourself is or has gotten old real fast.

            But in closing my good buddy, if you only knew exactly what that meant, I hope you can speed it up then slow it back down, flip it and turn it around. Then try your best to bring it up to my second grade level. I love the beautiful & compliments that you offer up on the regular. Let’s me know that I’m being thought about.

            And oh by the the way why did you say that you were following me on here again? I forgot. Plus could you please explain in great detail, like you always do, why you see it VERY IMPORTANT to always mention that you are white, and the you have PLENTY of friends who are black. I would assume that if you grew up in Lorain that you probably would have lots of America friends that are not necessarily white. At last check when I was over there I seem to remember Blacks, Native Americans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and different variations of whites. So yeah we get the point. Get the point…got the point. Did you get the point? Geez really???

            So now let’s all try to stay ON POINT.

          • formerlorainresident

            Whatever, you bore me.

          • Kelvin Gray

            I’m laughing to myself. See there I knew you couldn’t resist. It’s in your DNA apparently. You just HAVE TO HAVE THE LAST WORD. Which is cool. I wonder what does that truly say about you as a person? Well really I don’t, that’s sorta a rhetorical question because you already know what it says. :) Have a good 1. 10-4 Good Buddy!!!

  • Hugh Janus

    sounds like complete assholes to me