November 28, 2014


Avon Council receives glimpse of pool plan

This conceptual drawing shows plans for a community pool in Avon. A PDF copy of the plan can be viewed below. PROVIDED PHOTO

This conceptual drawing shows plans for a community pool in Avon. A PDF copy of the plan can be viewed below. PROVIDED PHOTO

AVON — Providing a unique, exciting facility is the goal in the design for a community pool and surrounding area, which was presented Tuesday to Avon City Council.

Mike Bramhall of Bramhall Engineering and Pat Thornton of Sixmo Architects began working on a design for the pool in May. The pool would be established south of the intersection of Detroit Road and state Route 83 in Avon. Tuesday’s meeting was a chance for the companies to present their design. It has yet to be decided on.

“I want to show where we are in the process,” Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen said.

With water slides, a competitive pool and space around the water for an amphitheater, tennis courts and a walking trail, Bramhall and Thornton explained that the facility would be a place for all ages to convene, exercise and swim.

“We’re attempting to provide Avon with a state-of-the-art aquatic facility,” Thornton said.

The pool section — planned for the eastern end of the facility — is designed to hold four bodies of water. A competitive pool would be in the south end of the section with eight 50-meter lanes for swimming laps. Just north of that, architects have designed a recreational pool with water slides, a small splash pool for young children and a “lazy river” for people who prefer to float.

While the pool section is the primary aspect in the design, Bramhall stressed how the surrounding areas are integral to the overall facility

Specifically, the pools’ proximity to the Fire Station, Police Station and a future City Hall site influenced the decision to design the facility south of Detroit Road, Bramhall said.

As for keeping the noise at the site from bothering the neighbors, Bramhall said he has plans to create a buffer with trees.

But it’s the planned walking trail south of the pool section that Bramhall likes the most.

“I consider this to be the gem,” he said.

The trail, which would be almost ⅓ of a mile in length,, would start near the competitive pool and loop around 7.5 acres of woods at the south part of the facility.

With a lot of open space at the proposed site, Thornton said one of their goals is to allow the complex room to grow.

“We have a piece of land and we want to effectively and responsibly utilize it …We’ve tried to position this and design this so it does not block from future expansion,” he said.

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  • mdr12372

    Is this for Avon residents only?

    • Pete

      I certainly hope so.

    • formerlorainresident

      Avon Lake’s new pool is open to all, but non-residents pay a higher fee to belong or use the facilities.

      I imagine this would be the case in Avon as well. But I am just speculating.

      I am sure this has already been decided, or is a decision which will be made during the planning process.

      • mdr12372

        You have to be accompanied by an Avon Lake resident, however. You can’t just go to their pool.

        • formerlorainresident

          Thanks for the clarification. I have never gone to the pool, but my kids love it!

  • Paul Facinelli

    This is the type of project that qualifies as a solid investment. Property values in Avon will increase significantly because of this initiative. Along with good schools (Avon’s are that and more) and a good library (could use an upgrade there), recreational facilities have a direct bearing on real estate values and as a resident of Avon, I urge swift approval and completion of this worthwhile project.