November 22, 2014


Lorain Schools closed because of weather

LORAIN — Lorain Schools are closed today.

Superintendent Tom Tucker cited the frigid weather Wednesday night for the decision. The overnight temperature was predicted to be zero, according to the National Weather Service with a high today of 12.

A high of 14 is expected Thursday, and Tucker said he’ll decide tonight whether schools will open Thursday.

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  • Sarah Boesger

    And we wonder why we have such poorly performing schools. It’s called bundling up in the Ohio winter. Come on.

    • Elijah Haslage

      Schools like Avon Lake also close because of the same bad weather. Bad teachers, bad students, and bad administration is why we have poorly performing schools.

    • Tiffany Del Rae Swearman

      Um! DUH! This city is already extremely poor. I can only imagine the children who don’t come from money. Alot of these children don’t have the appropriate clothing to stay warm in these fridget temps. Plus alot of them have to walk…I went to a outstanding school in Trumbull County and we never got snow days.. BUT ONLY B/C WE DID NOT HAVE TO WALK..WE HAD BUSING..Poor performing schools has NOTHING at all to do with snow days..DUHHHHHHH

      • Sarah Boesger

        Obviously Trumbull gave you a great education. Your writing skills are top notch. I made my comment not to say that snow days are the only reason that schools are doing poorly. It is a general disregard of the importance of school that is causing school failure. I see this as a symptom of that disease, not a disease in and of itself.

  • Linda Groves

    If I had a child in the Elyria schools, and they had to WALK to school, they would NOT be walking in this weather!!! The Elyria schools are always B—ing about not having enough money!! Always wanting more money, Always wanting to raise property taxes to support the schools, BUT they don’t bus ALOT of kids to their schools!! BUT they DO bus the band to practice !, and not at the football field!! Screw this, HOME SCHOOL YOUR KIDS!!!