November 28, 2014


North Ridgeville teens reported missing

Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee



NORTH RIDGEVILLE — Almost 10 days after a teenage boy went missing from his house, his older teenage sister failed to show up at school Tuesday.

Jamie Lee Boggs, 15, and his sister, 17-year-old Krista Boggs, are both missing from their great-grandparents’ home in North Ridgeville.

Their great-grandmother, Ethel Cantley, said Jamie Lee Boggs went missing Jan. 10. She said he left for school in the morning and didn’t return home. She hasn’t seen or talked to her great-grandson since but believes he is staying with a friend of his, who she says is a bad influence on him.

On Tuesday morning, Krista Boggs left Cantley’s house for school about 7 a.m. A few hours later the school called Cantley to tell her Krista had not showed up. Cantley said she has neither seen nor heard from Krista since she left for school. She believes the 17-year-old is also with Jamie Lee Boggs and his friend.

Anyone who has information on their whereabouts should call North Ridgeville police at (440) 327-2191.

  • Pablo Jones

    Living with the Great-grandparents? How come the Grandparents or parents aren’t in the picture.

    • Julie

      Maybe they died in a horrific car accident together and the only people left were the great-grandparents. Maybe the parents and grandparents are not good people. Lots and lots of reasons people aren’t raised by their parents. Not sure what that really has to do with the story anyways.

      • Pablo Jones

        See now, you are saying “maybe” because you don’t know. I don’t know either which is why I asked why aren’t the parents or grandparents in the picture. For whatever reason the parents or grandparents aren’t in the picture, it is commendable that the great-grandparents have stepped up to raise the kids. However there is a reason the elderly can’t have kids, they aren’t physically capable of raising them. At a minimum the great-grandmother is in her 60′s most likely she is in her 70′s or 80′s hardly the age where someone can keep teenagers in line.

        • Matthew Hawley

          there is no reason why they are being brought up

          • Pablo Jones

            The reason for bringing it up is that if both parents are involved in raising the kids the odds that they run away or get into trouble go down.

            To the kids, your parents maybe horrible parents and worthless, but it is your life. You make the decisions in your life. Don’t make bad choices and blame it on the fact that your childhood wasn’t the best. If you don’t want to be like your parents you make the choice to improve your lives. Here is some advice, if you want to struggle your whole life and have people look down on you drop out of school. If you don’t want to be worthless bums and be a better than your parents then stay in school and in whatever you do, do it the best you can. That is the biggest difference between people that are successful and not successful.

  • Razorback Twou

    monkey see, monkey do.

  • dego

    give me the name of the friend and I will bring the kids home…..

  • shhhhhquiet

    Worry about where they r not who they stay with

    • Matthew Hawley

      Thank you

  • shhhhhquiet

    Go back to grannies u two don’t keep your self out in these streets and your mom is worried

  • CherMoe

    What happened to the article? It’s all “redacted” and blanked out?

  • Matthew Hawley

    I know him we are somewhat close im trying to contact him now
    Please no bad comments you have no clue what they been through
    Or if they are really at their friends house
    So I would like it if you people would back off
    They have been through a lot

    • Matthew Hawley

      This is not a positive they will answer but I hoping they do

  • Jenn

    The mother is supposed to be living with the great-grandmother and taking care of the kids; however, the mother is a total loser. Children Services has stepped in once to take custody of the kids and they should have never gave them back. Krista did not run away one time when she was in foster care because she was loved and well taken care of. Jamie unfortunately has not stopped running away ever and has went to DH several times over disobedience. I am so happy my step son did not have to ever go back with his Mother, he turned 18 and had the choice to stay at his foster home where he has all his needs met. All of those kids deserve better than what they are getting from their mother and it is tragic that she will not learn how to change her ways. This breaks my heart I love those kids and I stepped in and called children services once and it took 1 year for them to take the kids, hopefully it doesn’t take that long this time. I am no longer in the circle of people to know enough information to talk to Child Serv. and make sure they follow up with the kids, so it is up to other fellow citizens this time. SPEAK UP FOR THESE KIDS, they don’t even realize their life doesn’t have to be like this and they have a voice. Despite the hell they were raised in they all turned out to be good kids when the mother and other bad influences are not around. Unfortunately Jamie is the exception to this, but I believe he can be saved as well. Get those kids away from their mother, she will be the death of them if not.

  • Suzanne Wickham Seidenwand

    It was posted the boy is back home right?

  • Dawn Betz

    I’m not judging but if you know they are with a friend, why not go to that “friends” house and get the kids??