November 26, 2014


Commissioner receives olive branch after being passed over for presidency

Tom Williams

Tom Williams

ELYRIA — A little more than a week after refusing to nominate Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams as president of the Board of Commissioners, Lori Kokoski extended an olive branch on Wednesday.

Kokoski suggested that Williams serve as Commissioner Ted Kalo’s alternate at meetings of the county’s Data Processing Board, meetings Kalo rarely attends in his role as president of the board.

She said after the meeting that having Williams on the Data Processing Board allows him to utilize his interest in technology as well as serving as something of a peace offering.

During the annual organizational meeting Jan. 13, Kokoski nominated Kalo to serve for a second year as president of the board, a position the commissioners traditionally rotated until Kalo and Kokoski skipped Williams last year.

Kokoski said last week that she thought Kalo was doing a good job as president and that Williams routinely made the board appear divided. Williams, the lone Republican on the board, shot back that Kalo and Kokoski were taking marching orders from Lorain County Democratic Party Chairman Anthony Giardini, an accusation the Democrats on the board denied.

Kokoksi also had complained that Williams often didn’t communicate well with his fellow commissioners, and she pointed out that he had dropped her as a Facebook friend. Williams called that comment “childish.”

But since part of the reason Williams wanted to be president was to serve on the Data Processing Board, Kokoski said she saw no harm in letting him have it as a way to end the feud.

“I just wanted it to end. It’s unnecessary,” she said.

Williams said he appreciated the gesture, which Kalo supported after Kokoski proposed it.

“I think they’re reaching out to me to try to mend it, and I’m very appreciative,” Williams said.

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  • onesears

    A meeting he rarely attends? Isnt that what he gets over paid to do?? He should be at every damn one!

  • HankKwah

    But he’s still not President.

  • Razorback Twou

    If Kalo can’t do his job, get him out of there. Whats he paid for? Sounds like theft to me. Taking county funds for work he was suppose to do and didn’t. No wonder these idiots can’t get anything done.

  • Americaschild

    SO WRONG! It’s time REPUBLICANS RISE UP against these two nit wit Democrats–they’ve had plenty of time to bring jobs and reduce taxes- AND KOKOSKI AND KALO HAVE DONE NOTHING–when are the Lorain County Democrat voters going to learn–stupid?

  • Denise Caruloff

    perhaps someone didn’t like the back lash…too late….last time I vote for for ted…never voted for him. but how many more years…ugh….

  • ZX3

    Obviously this changes everything.
    Ah….unless it doesn’t.

  • Bluesky

    Olive branch? Sounds like a insult, here is something that isn’t worth kalo’s time!! Can you do it in his name?

  • stillsleepyeyes

    Sounds like lori wants to get back on tom’s friends list………….lmao

  • bigmacky

    that’s too funny – after realizing she was acting like a 5 yr old who didn’t get that bike at Christmas – she now has to “save face” in a lame attempt to seem like she is a team player – elections are not far off (its never too early) – NO NO NO – new faces at the county level – you are supposed to work for us – you (commissoners) need to understand – you are doing more harm than good with your petty whining and grandstanding