November 28, 2014

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Lorain County under level 2 snow emergency; Lorain issues parking ban

Crews plow Route 2 on Saturday. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

Crews plow Route 2 on Saturday. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office has issued a level 2  snow emergency. A level 2 snow emergency means driving on county roads should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The current snow level emergency is posted on the sheriff’s office website.

The document below, issued by the sheriff’s office at the beginning of the year, describes what each emergency level means for drivers.

The City of Lorain has issued a citywide emergency snow parking ban. Effective immediately on Saturday, there is no parking on all designated snow streets. The ban is in effect until further notice. A full list of designated streets can be found at


  • flyboySR20

    Haven’t seen hide nor hair of the county plowing any of the roads, either. Is this the new MO? We pay taxes to have our roads cleaned. Right now, they’re not particularly well passable and emergency vehicles may have problems of their own, let alone the tax-paying public. I’d hate to be the person in an ambulance on the way to a hospital where that ambulance has to travel on unplowed roads that are supposed to be maintained and that ambulance goes into a ditch.

    • Alan Pugh

      If it were the new modus operandi, it would need to be a trend, and the plowing so far this winter has been pretty consistent. Having the trucks out in full force today would be a bit wasteful with the wind blowing up large snowdrifts so quickly. Highways only, in my opinion.

    • Michael

      it seems that, since traffic is “light” on weekends, they don’t want to spend on the overtime to bring the guys in to plow.
      If Lorain Co is Level II, then Medina to Akron should be a III. I have done many miles in them the last 24 hours, as my daughter was giving birth, and I expect backroads to be bad, but the interstates were just as horrible if not worse! (backroads have trees to block snow, interstates are a magnet for it).

  • Phil Blank

    Just go to NOAA dot Gov and enter your zip code in the upper left of the screen and hit Go. or use the Enter key.
    For Downtown Lorain:
    Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until January 25, 10:00 PM EST
    Hazardous Weather Outlook
    Short Term Forecast is in effect until further notice