November 27, 2014


LCCC tuition to increase this summer

By the numbers

Average cost for full-time student at state-assisted two-year colleges in Ohio: $4,053.

Current cost for full-time LCCC student: $2,977.

Cost for full-time LCCC student beginning summer 2014: $3,077

Current per credit hour cost: $114.50.

Per credit hour cost beginning summer 2014: $118.34.


ELYRIA – For the fifth time in six years, Lorain County Community College will raise tuition to take effective summer semester.

The increase of $3.84 per credit hour is roughly 3.3 percent over the current tuition rate. It comes out to an additional $99 an academic year for a full-time student. With a blanket tuition policy, full-time students can take anywhere between 13 to 18 credit hours for the cost of the first 13.

The college’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted to approve the increase Thursday afternoon. It will affect roughly 15,000 students – 12,000 at the associate degree level and 3,000 enrolled in the University Partnership.

The increase comes on the heels of a successful, yet narrowly won, levy in November, where voters approved a measure to generate $12 million annually to expand faculty, technology and programming at the college’s University Partnership.

College President Roy Church said the increase falls in line with the financial funding strategy that started the college with students, community and state stakeholders all paying a share. However, LCCC now receives 20 percent less per student in state share of instruction than in 2000.

“While we are not happy to seek this increase, no matter how modest it may be, it is necessary in order to maintain quality of educational programs and services to help students gain the skills and education they need to succeed in careers,” he said.

The hike also falls in line with a pattern established several years ago. Similar 3.5 percent tuition increases were approved in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The 2009 increase had marked the first in three years.

Tracy Green, the college’s vice president for strategic and institutional development, said even with the increase the college’s tuition is still the second lowest in the state of all the other 23 community colleges.

“We are very proud of our community that has stepped forward in support of Lorain County Community College, but we also have to call upon our students to do their part to maintain the quality education they receive,” she said. “This is a slight increase, but our students still pay less for their education but are earning more upon graduation than other community college graduates and that is because of the high quality of education received at LCCC in their chosen field.”

Green said the college has made roughly $8 million in cuts over two years and will continue to do more by not filling positions and increasing work schedules for staff.

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  • SniperFire

    That should help them improve their 9-11% graduation rate. I’m sure of it.

    • ClemsonGuy

      Most people who attend LC either transfer to the UP (where graduation rates are linked to the university the student attends) or, like me, transfers without earning an associates because it’s not necessary if all or most of the credits are taken. I transferred to Hiram College in 2008 and nearly all of my credits were accepted. I took two additional summer courses in 09 and graduated Hiram on time with very little debt. Yet, I am not included in LC’s graduation rates.

      There are others like me.

      • SniperFire


        ‘With 11 million students, community colleges are home to 45 percent of the collegiate population in the United States. The report found 81.4 percent of students who enter community colleges for the first time planned to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the future, but just 11.6 percent achieved that goal.’

        • ClemsonGuy

          Firstly, I’m glad to see you’re using sources. Second, you can’t take the national figure and stamp onto LC without gathering the local facts about drop out rates and transfers.

          I’m not trying to uphold LC as a banister of exceptionalism, but you’re going to need harder, more localized information on the movement, successes, and failures of students to proffer some kind of condemnation.

  • Bob Haas

    I guess the property tax increase that barely passed wasn’t enough.

  • Michael A. Figueroa

    Nice to see that after getting their levy passed, they’re further fleecing the taxpayers and students by raising tuition. I guess $200 textbooks and making you take useless/needless classes (College Experience) just don’t quite cut paying for the over abundance of administrators and their inflated salaries. Remember this when they come grovelling for more of your money.

    • SniperFire

      Unfortunately, the 18 year old kids they are ripping off are just too young and mislead to know any better. Shame on the rest of us for permitting such child abuse.

  • oldruss

    How many of LCCC’s students have to take remedial (high school level) classes before they can start taking college credits?

  • Mark B

    Got to love it , the only thing disapointing is that i didnt get to vote with someone else money to raise the tuition.

  • alreadyfedup1

    Where’s Obama and his Obamatrons?

  • PLaf

    I would rather pay LCCC prices and not $400 credit hour plus books for classes of the same caliber at the larger colleges.

  • SniperFire

    ‘Green said the college has made roughly $8 million in cuts over two years ‘

    Does anyone actually believe this?

  • Razorback Twou

    ELYRIA – For the fifth time in six years, Lorain County Community College will raise tuition The increase comes on the heels of a successful, yet narrowly won, levy in November, Anybody else see what is wrong with these two sentences?

  • Reeeally309

    The success and drop out rate cannot rest solely on LCCC, I’m sure a good percentage of people are the unmotivated ones that don’t want to “waste their time on classes they don’t need” and decide it would be easier to get a certificate from one of the places that actually are ripping off their students, such as Stanford Brown and Remmington. Those classes that people think are a waste of time are preparing you for not only the professional and adult world, but for other classes that you do need take for your degree. They test you to see where to place you and if you aren’t the sharpest in Math or whatever, they would be setting you up for failure to place you in a college course..they want you to succeed! Then there are the people that just don’t do well and instead of getting the help that they need, they quit.

    The tuition increase is so minimal and the tax increase is very minimal as well… it does bring revenue to the city and having a community college here is a good thing that residents should be supportive of. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people complaining don’t have degrees, don’t pay property taxes, nor does the situation effect them whatsoever.

    LCCC student who doesn’t mind this tuition increase.

  • Toad

    elyria has lots of smart persons we need a college maybe i will go and than i be dr. toad