November 26, 2014


American Eagle store at Midway Mall closed

ELYRIA – The American Eagle Outfitters store at Midway Mall has closed.

Mall officials confirmed the store located near Victoria’s Secret closed its doors Sunday, Jan. 26.

Mall Manager Mark Bressler could provide no other details and referred all other questions to the store’s corporate office. A phone call and email to company’s communications office has not been returned.

Two weeks before the closure, Forbes Magazine analyzed the financial outlook of the company. While it stood behind the apparel retailer as being able to stay competitive despite a rocky 2013, the magazine said the store has had less than stellar results compared to similar stores like Gap and Forever 21.

American Eagle’s stock has fallen by almost 30 percent since March 2013, said the article dated Jan. 10.

More recently, the company has fired its CEO Robert Hanson.

The store’s name has been removed from the Midway Mall directory and a sign posted on the glass door encourages shoppers to go online to to find other locations.


  • Tom

    RIP Midway Mall…

  • Joe Smith

    I know that the mall is losing business because of their no guns signs they have

    They were on a do not patronize list on an Ohio gun website that
    I know has a lot of traffic and probably read by thousands in the area.

    The only money I have spent there since they put up the signs
    has been at Macys who has a separate deed from the mall and is not restricted.

    Hypocritical of them considering they rent to a store that sells guns. They don’t mind making money off guns.

    Take down the signs, every little bit helps.

    Too bad, I have going there since I was a kid.

    • Jess Riffle

      This is so dumb. I worked at Beachwood Place, Crocker Park, and Southpark and none of the stores there are having issues because people can’t have guns on the premises. This mall has been going downhill since about 2003 and especially after Dillard’s closed.

      • Joe Smith

        I didn’t say it was the main reason they were closing, it was just an extra nail in the coffin hence the term “every LITTLE bit helps ”

    • Zen Grouch

      If they “take down the signs” they’ll lose the patronage of those who want to shop and not have to worry about the goobers packing semi-automatics accidentally shooting someone shopping for adult diapers.

      I’d bet that number is higher than those who feel the need to play cowboys and Indians…

      …I mean, unless there’s a pistol range in the mall I don’t know about.

      • Roy Batty

        Oh yeah! Internet Funny Guy! Say something else ironic, funny and sarcastically biting to get your views out there, Internet Funny Guy! We’re eating it up!

        • Zen Grouch


          Is that you my little stalking, right wingnut nemesis?

        • Zen Grouch

          Want something funny?

          Why not revisit your other post about guns in the wild west where you claim to be a cop, however the press doesn’t cover it when the cops show up and kill the bad guys, or the bad guys are shot by good people with guns…

          You were called out on that one, but you ducked back into your hole like a coward.

          What kind of a cop are you, running away like that?

      • Joe Smith

        I never heard of someone not shopping at a store because of the lack of a no guns sign but know plenty of people who won’t shop at a store because of the signs.

        If so, you would not be shopping in very many places due to the fact few stores have the no gun signs.

        Data bases even exist that list stores to not shop at because of the signs.

        It’s also a moral issue with me, my family is very pro military and my father was a WWII 101st Airborne vet. He and others like him were willing to die to protect people’s freedom and their rights and he put his life on the line in such battles as the Battle of the Bulge etc like other vets who also swore to protect the laws of the Constitution and if a store is willing to put up a sign that stops people like my father from fully exercising their rights, I can’t in good conscience support them by shopping at these places or at as little as possible anyway.

        You can understand that I hope.

        Also, if I remember correctly you were a police officer in the past like I was and you know its not the people who go out of their way to get a CCW license, go through a background check and would respect a no gun sign that you have to worry about, its the people who are the thugs who would not bother with a CCW license and would ignore the signs and carry anyway that are the problem, not the honest citizen

        Enjoy your weekend Zen

        • Zen Grouch

          You got me…

          If databases and WWII vets are involved, I guess you know what you’re talking about.

          **alas MidWay Mall, I knew ye’ well…

          …pity to choose death as a whimper, over life with a BANG!**

          • Joe Smith

            Are you old enough to remember the fountain type display thingy that had all those strings that came from near the roof to the floor that had that oil stuff dripping down it? That was a long time ago.

            Also if I am not crazy do I remember right that I think it was a shoe store that had a pet monkey behind some glass somewhere in the mall?

            Don’t know why that popped in my mind

          • Zen Grouch

            I’ve got plenty of good and bad memories of the Mall…

            I did find the fountain you’re talking about quite relaxing. It was in front of the main entrance to Penny’s. Oil slowly dripping down harp-like nylon strings.

            If you’re looking at the fountain into Penny’s and do a 180 walk 30 feet take a left and enter what at the time was a better than average toy store/hobby shop.

            When the Mall first opened a friend’s dad took a bunch of us to the theater which was playing “Fantastic Voyage.” Probably the first movie the theater ever showed.

            I also remember watching downtown Lorain and the O’Neils shopping center start the downward spiral into oblivion just after the Mall opened.

            Once upon a time downtown Lorain was a decent place for a kid to spend an afternoon. Sears was still there, several movie theaters, Canes Army Surplus (HEY KID! YOU LOOKIN’ OR SHOPPIN’?) and you didn’t have to worry too much about violent attacks. Not to mention that Lake Erie was right friggin’ THERE!

          • Toad

            the oil was by higbee not penneys toad was only a tadpole then ha ha

            the monkey store was called jacuzzis or something like that we would feed it popcorn he would eat everything

            mall stoled business from elyria lorain downtown so now it is there turn paybacks for them too bad

          • Joe Smith

            Januzzis shoes, thanks for the brain boost

          • Joe Smith

            Wow, you ARE an old bastage!

            Yep, better times back then.

          • Zen Grouch

            Lorain was a fantastic place to grow up in the 60′s.

            But speaking of old…

            Bought a bottle of scotch two days ago and the kid in front of me got carded for his beer. When he gave his year of birth as 1991, I felt a hundred years old, thinking 1991 was only about 3 weeks ago…

          • Joe Smith

            Yep, I know the feeling, I grew up in the Grafton/Elyria area and wouldn’t change my childhood for anything, we didn’t have much but had a blast anyway.

          • Zen Grouch

            It was a more difficult, but honest time.

            If you were poor, you lived on the s*** side of town.

            If you were stupid, the teachers wouldn’t hide this fact from you by building up your esteem instead of your brain.

            So, where ever you were, there was always good motivation to do better.

            I get it… I fully understand what drives the Republican mindset. It’s the fear that comes with change that seems to be for the worse.

            I can’t argue, things suck and people are greedy beyond belief, lookin’ out for #1.

            Those in power on the right have taken manipulation through fear to an art form, without really offering any lasting solutions. Kind a like painkillers that only mask the problem.

            The poor are here and aren’t going anywhere, unless we eat ‘em. However, the way things are going, it’s more likely things will be the other way around if we keep ignoring the problem.

            Then there are the illegals, sapping our social resources like they’re some god given right to all citizens of the world.

            If the right can’t get behind a solution to THIS problem, there is no hope.

            Those in power fear the repercussions of doing anything that might interfere with their 24/7, 365 life of politicking. Best to let that problem simmer until someone else takes office and wants to risk losing the Mexican vote.

            At least the Democrats are trying to even the balance before the pendulum swings out of control causing the whole mechanism to crash.

            Then there are the real crazies on the right who are stocking up on ammo, fully expecting and looking forward to the system to collapsing under it’s own weight, so they can shoot some poor folk and pig out on venison.

            …well, I guess that’s one solution, just not the one I hope to see in my lifetime.

      • John Boy

        I agree, because everyone knows that criminals obey every law. I have a great idea to minimize or get rid of the entire police department. Post More Signs!

        • Zen Grouch

          If you’re so afraid of criminals around every corner, why don’t you just carry your gun concealed?

          If the thugs and criminals all carry, wouldn’t the cops be busy putting them up against the wall searching for concealed weapons before getting around to a fine upstanding citizen such as yourself?

          Or is it a thing where you don’t want to conceal your gun… Maybe it’s all about everyone knowing you’re a bad mother cuz you got a gun on your side?

          Life is a gamble when every lowlife criminal out there is armed, so why not roll the dice and carry that piece concealed and illegally? If the law is so ineffective, what are you afraid of?

          Maybe that gangster feeling might make up for the loss of that wild west gun slinging law man rooting out evil in the food court feel.

          • John Boy

            I’m agreeing with you. I think we could maybe start a sign business “Zen Signs”. We could make a bundle selling signs to banks. I will leave it up to your genius, but try this one on for size “Please leave your guns outside or you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law”. It might be a little wordy. I know your more pithy than I could ever be, but what do you think?
            Imagine if we could get just 1% of the bank market we could be set for life. I’m surprised no one thought of this sign thing earlier, maybe we could patent this idea.

          • Zen Grouch

            Interesting business plan there FormerLor… er’ I mean John Boy, or whatever it is you’re calling yourself these days.

            I’d like to offer a suggestion or two regarding the mission statement of your proposed endeavor, however.

            First, I’d like to point out that there’s a huge difference
            in being “pithy” and to ramble on for the sake of hearing one’s own inner voice. In other words, the sign you initially recommended, doesn’t quite fit the audience or customers we would like to reach.

            Those making the purchases and displaying the signs don’t require a long winded, spoon fed explanation of the signs… A simple “No Guns A** Hole!” will suffice in delivering the intended message.

            As fantastic a money making opportunity as you’ve laid out, you’re missing the big picture, and a way to increase all profits exponentially!

            Strap this on…

            After selling a “No Guns A** Hole!” sign to the targeted
            (this word has two meanings as you’ll see) business, we can contact other businesses in the same local… Thriving businesses whose owners have a more realistic outlook on life in the big city. You know, true patriots who would never think of laying down their arms because of some stinking little sign in a Jewish shopkeeper’s window!

            To these AMERICAN business owners, we can introduce an entire line of copyrighted signs, meant to demean those who are too ignorant to be frightened by the harsh realities of life that can only be dealt with in the most violent of confrontations… specifically, gun fights in heavily populated public areas!

            If the ignorant chickens aren’t full of a healthy dose of
            Christian shame and fear of the unknown, then by GOD it’s up to our signs to instill that which is lacking in their commie lives!

            OK, we sell, or even give away the “No Guns A** Hole!” signs, then approach our actual intended target, being customers who have a healthy fear of God and armed hooligans and are near, or preferably, next door
            to the businesses displaying the offensive decoy signs, intended to bring into the fold, the sissified, blasphemous traitors of God, flag and country! PRAISE JESUS! I FEEL THE SPIRI… OK, gotta save that one for later… Praise Jesus!

            Umm… yeah, signs…

            So, after the right minded patriots have a day or two to
            digest the treasonous signs posted in the neighboring business, we can offer them our line of *Wussy Taunters!* meant to induce the shame their parents should have blessed them with during their formative years, like any good Christian should do to their off spring… AMEN! and THANK YOU JESUS!

            The signs we’ll sell at a markup of, say, 10,000% over the decoy signs, would offer a unique, and shame inducing service to those who would like to patronize the Communist establishments but are strapped and don’t wish to offend, or perhaps even break a law, but don’t have any handy place to secure their weapon(s).

            Now, this is just a first draft, but I think it’s insulting
            in a way that all true patriots would be proud to display!

            “Gun and Testicle Checking Services Available Within!”

            So, we sell ‘em the sign right off the bat, no problem. Then we offer them the deluxe package which
            includes the window sign, a shoebox containing a Mason Jar (extra jars available at a ridiculous fee, & shipping and handling), a three foot length of twine or heavy duty fishing line, a “Castration in Process” sign to hang on the storage room door, paper towels, an adult diaper and lastly, some sort of cutting instrument.

            Once again, we live to give the customer what he wants, and offer a varied line of cutting devices from an inexpensive razor blade, up to and including a custom chain saw, with an optional testicle catcher.

            The women’s version of the package would include a shoebox, a baby food jar, an instruction manual (copy of ‘African Female Genital Mutilation Fetishist Monthly’ AFGMAM), a broken beer bottle and a box of Band-Aids.

            THAT WILL SHOW ‘EM!!!

            THAT WILL SHOW ‘EM ALL!!!


            PRAISE JESUS!

          • John Boy

            Why all the anger bro. I mean your idea is almost like owning a money tree. Lets do this thing. I see success for “Zen Signs”. I’ll put into terms that might get you excited, I’m talking “Beverly Hillbillies” rich, the whole cement pond and everything else.
            What do you say we even open up a retail outlet at the Midway Mall? The possibilities are endless……

          • Zen Grouch

            “Anger?” You silly goose stepper!

            …I have nothing but the pure love of the Baby Jesus in my heart for you!

            But you’re talking my language when you’re talking Rush Limbaugh kind of riches!

            First thing I wanna get is a whole fleet of BMWs then drive around like Justin Bieber on meth!


          • John Boy

            Justin Bieber, Rush Limbaugh they all will wish they had a piece of the action of “Zen Signs”.I went to see one of those tarot card readers (just looking for a little business advice from an expert) and she said we would be dirty, rotten, filthy, stinking rich. How can you argue with a tarot card reader.

          • Toad

            toad want some of this action to. i can be the spoke person. maybe i can be a busines man. no republikans can apply.

            will this pay more then my welfare

          • John Boy

            You are in my friend, you will fit in perfectly with what we want to accomplish at “Zen Signs”, but don’t give up on that welfare action either why not do both?

          • John Boy

            I know you have spending a lot of time with that over-sized noggin of yours trying to get “Zen Signs” “Keeping it fresh since 2014″ off the ground, but I’m not sure what an SDT is? Self Determination Theory? But “Keeping it fresh since 2014″ is such a good slogan that I will let you slide with the SDT’s. Go rest that super-sized brain of yours and save it for something we can make money at.
            We should probably trademark those sayings, don’t want nobody to steal them and make some serious coin off your brain.

          • Zen Grouch

            It’s pretty evident that you use to get the snot kicked out of you by your fellow classmates on a regular basis when you were a young punk…

            But now I’m thinking someone with the serious mental problems you’re suffering from was probably abused by a wicked uncle or two, too.

            You’re barking up the wrong tree… **I’M STRAIGHT!**
            Posting under another name won’t make it any different FormerLorainResident.

          • John Boy

            “Zen Signs” “Keeping it Fresh since 2014″. I’ve spoken to a Patent attorney and shockingly they are both still available.
            I know I’m not the out of the box thinker you are, but try this one on for size. We hire the most interesting man in the world AKA the Dos Equis man, to do a commercial and it would go something like “I don’t always buy signs, but when I do I buy from Zen Signs, they have been keeping it fresh since 2014″
            I ran it by my weird uncles and the kids who kicked the snot out of me in school and they thought it was a winner, of course no one has the super-sized brain that you do.

          • Zen Grouch

            It’s one thing to crawl back under the rock where your persona FormerLorainResident got owned, then pop your head back up as John Boy…

            But interacting with your new Toad character is really sad and scary at the same time.

            You really are disturbed… but all those beatings and sexual abuse you suffered through makes “disturbed” a good thing in your mind. Something to be shared!

            Now, you keep it fresh FormerBoyToad!

            You’re a credit to your right wingnut political affiliation!

          • John Boy

            “Zen Signs” “Keeping it Fresh since 2014″. If you don’t like the Most Interesting Man in the world angle. How about trying this one. We get Will Smith to reenact his “Fresh Prince” character and we have him do our “Keeping it Fresh since 2014″ ad campaign. I do like that fresh angle. I don’t know if I can say this enough, but you are brilliant. Keep these ideas coming.

          • Toad

            thanks for the job. we can b a minority busness now and get govt dollars to start

            see i already helped the company wit my thinking. zen can do the work n i will be the thinker.

          • John Boy

            I’m sure you realize that working with Zen is working with brilliance. Just stand back and let that super-sized brain run it’s course and we will be wealthy people soon. Watch out for that SDT though, I’m not sure exactly what that is but the way Zen was talking about SDT it must be bad. How I wish I had his super-sized brain, I’m getting a headache just thinking about how smart he is!

          • Zen Grouch


            If you’re gonna milk it, keep it fresh, m’K?

            You’re boring…

          • John Boy

            “Zen Signs” We keep it fresh! I like it. I kind of feel like I’m just along for the ride with you, but I’m not going to lie to you, I’m just here for the money. Keep that over-sized brain of yours in high gear, we are on the way to easy street. We already have Toad on-board. Watch out world “Zen Signs” don’t take no prisoners.

      • Bluesky

        Midway is one of the most unsafe malls. Only a fool would feel more comfortable knowing the thugs and wanabees are the only ones packing.

        • Zen Grouch

          Can’t argue with ‘that’ logic.

          BTW… When was the last time there was a shootout in the Mall, good guys vs. thugs?

          …and who won?

  • Jess Riffle

    The store didn’t close because it’s not doing well as a company, it’s just that no one is going to come to that mall just for one store when they need other things from stores like Dillard’s or Nordstrom.

  • Matt Archer

    There’s a used game store in the mall that just opened.

  • Scott Poledna

    I am sure when the city and the state of ohio spend millions of dollars to remove the 49th street bridge… will save the mall. NOT!

  • Jeff

    Another one bites the dust…POOF !

  • Brian Miles

    Here’s my idea take the few stores that r doin well in the mall n move them to one of the vacant spots around the mall n just demolish the whole mall n save some of the city’s dignity

  • GRN030301

    There is an interesting article in the NY Times covering this very subject today. Kids’ status symbols are no longer clothes, but phones, sneakers, gaming systems, etc. Also, I have two teens and they never hang out at the mall like I did as a teen, nor do their friends. I used to spend hours there with my friends. I won’t set foot in American Eagle Outfitters because when I worked there, they hired young men in at more than the women were making. So when my kids got older, we avoided that place out of principle.

  • Bob Owens

    Life will go on. remember Westgate Mall? They reinvented the area and it’s thriving. AND it wasn’t in an “urban” area.

  • GreatRedeemer

    I think they just don’t have a market here. T shirts $15-
    $20 , jeans $40- $ 60 that on par with name brand. The brand has lost its staying power in my opinion. and the demographic it serves is not prevalent at Midway mall. They all flock to South park or Crocker.

    This is a regional problem to be sure. Consider this is lost revenue from not just Elyria but the county as a whole. Expanding in Avon or even North Ridgeville with a shopping area like they have in Brunswick would do well. Midway malls challenges are similar to Parmatown, however there is a perception that area is not as safe as it should be.

    • Toad

      an old man was sucker punched in the head a while back in the bathroom and lots of robberies even toad will not go to that place

  • Pablo Jones

    Was it American Eagle (might have been ambercrombie) that doesn’t stock larger size clothes because they didn’t want fat people seen wearing their clothes? I guess this means that they don’t think there are any skinny people left in Elyria.

    • mdr12372

      That was Abercrombie. I was in the one at Crocker Park the Saturday before Xmas (with a friend) and we were the only customers in the store. It was eerie and bizarre. I would have thought it would be packed.

  • Joe Sandor

    A store closes at Midway Mall.
    Is this supposed to be news or newsworthy?
    Seems like same-oh, same-oh to me.
    What IS newsworthy is a new store at Midway that isn’t second-hand or consignment.

    • mdr12372

      I was just there today; it was a ghost town for a rainy Saturday.

  • LAB1660

    American Eagle’s demographic no longer shops at Elyria Midway Mall. I don’t feel comfortable walking around there, either. Half of the food court is gone. If McDonald’s cannot sustain itself within that mall, who realistically can? This mall needs a real overhaul, and the ownership and management need to stabilize. Want to change who shops there? Get rid of the junky stores. Rehab the whole area so it is cleaner and not so shabby worn-down. I don’t realistically think what happened for Westgate is going to work for Elyria, but something about a mall’s appearance has everything to do with a change in demographic and when the “middle-class” stores start moving out, the junky ones move in, and the more vacant storefronts there are, the sign’s on the wall. Westgate’s mix of stores works for western Lakewood, Fairview Park, Rocky River and eastern North Olmsted. It’s too upper-class for who shops at Elyria Midway Mall, yet a mall full of junk peddlers is doomed to fail.

    • Guest

      You are so correct.

    • Peggy Schaffer

      LAB1660 you are so correct.

    • Cassie

      So true. Midway Mall currently resembles what the old Randall Park Mall looked like before they finally shut it down.

      • LAB1660

        I agree with you on that one, Cassie. I am an East Side transplant to the West side with a fully stamped passport and I only went to Randall Park ONCE after it opened in 1976–and I didn’t drive my own car there because of the record number of 300 cars stolen from the lot on the very first day it opened. That mall used to be very attractive with its selection of stores, but the demographic that shopped there was what made it finally close. Elyria Midway Mall is on that threshold. It’s a shame, because Elyria needs nice shopping; the area needs real paying jobs and they’ve all left, so that’s what happens to an area. Look at the mall that was trashed in the Blues Brothers. That mall was CLOSED when that movie was made. The mall was in Harvey, IL, an area that has a demographic similar to Randall Park. Through all of the zoning and EPA and other political haggling, that mall was finally demolished.

  • Dairy Queen

    Bye Bye Midway Mall…..maybe Elyria could use a big parking lot!!!

  • Toad

    was at mall on saterday i like the bungie ride

    it is a good addition to the mall

    how can a store sell guns but you cant carry 1

    how do you get it to your car

  • Toad

    if i buy a gun an bullets will i be arrested going back to my car

    looks like a police trap