November 23, 2014


Man indicted in ‘sucker punch’ death

Nicholas Masley

Nicholas Masley

ELYRIA — A Wellington man has who allegedly “sucker punched” his cousin’s boyfriend, who died two days after the beating, has been indicted on murder and felonious assault charges.

Elyria police reported that Nick Masley, 23, was upset with 25-year-old Jeffrey Brooks because he believed Brooks was responsible for getting his cousin, Kayla Ellis, hooked on heroin. Ellis and Brooks were dating, according to police.

Brooks told police before his death that he was leaving a Delaware Court home about 5 p.m. Dec. 12, when he was attacked by Masley, who punched him several times in the face. Officers reported Brooks told them he was knocked out by the blows.

Brooks had a swollen eye and bloody nose and was complaining of pain in his head when police were called and told officers he had last used heroin about two hours before the attack. He also told officers it had been a mutual decision by him and Ellis to use heroin, according to the police report.

Brooks was taken to EMH Elyria Medical Center, but was transferred to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland the next day, a family member has said. He died Dec. 14.

A spokesman for the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office said Thursday that a report on the cause and manner of Brooks’ death has not yet been completed.

Masley was arrested on a felonious assault charge but hadn’t faced the murder charge until his indictment this week.

  • sami

    so a junky dies days after being beat up and this kid is getting charged? somethings a bit wrong here…

    • Jennifer Williams

      Maybe you should know the full story before running your mouth.
      The guy was trying to get him and his girlfriend into rehabs. He was trying to get clean. Even still does that give another man a right to take the matters of lives into his own hands? Most definitely not.

      • Zen Grouch

        More of a duty than a right…

      • Rae Ingram

        Jeff was always telling people he was going into rehab when you cornered him about it. I am sure the cousin was frustrated, and I understand lost his brother to heroin in May. Jeff would not heed.
        Its sad all the way around. Jeff had a lot of potential. Dont know Mr Masley but, he had a life ahead of him. People dont get all the ways heroin will kill you.

      • free Nicholas

        He didn’t shoot or stab him he punched the junky in the face….the dude died 2 days later and I DON’T belive it had anything to do with a punch to the face! He was a heroine junky not a good individual

        • Jennifer Williams

          I am glad you DON’T think the blows to his face killed him but apparently the jury does since he was indicted. You do not die of an OD 2 days later.

      • Summer Smart

        No, it doesn’t give a man the right to take someones life, and I would bet that most people who get into fights like this don’t intend to kill anyone. “Trying to get his girlfriend into rehab” – was doing heroine two hours before the fight his way of getting her there??

        • Jennifer Williams

          The reason I know they were trying to get help is because they both visited my brother who runs a sobriety house. They were trying to get clean. Addicts use when they can. It is not easy to get a bed in rehab right now and there is not a quick turn around to get into these places either.

  • free Nicholas

    How can they indict him when the junky died 2 days later. ..he’s not at fault for dudes death…thats plain stupid! One less junky in the world!

    • Rae Ingram

      I dont know how they can indict him w/o cause and manner of death report from Cuyahoga Cty.

  • Cathy O’Connor Dupler

    No one has the right to die at the hands of another. There are laws against assault, just like there are laws against murder. Nick asked Jeff and his cousin to come over and hang out. There wasn’t any argument. When Jeff and his g/f were leaving, Nick “snuck” punched Jeff. Jeff fell down the steps and was knocked out. This coward Nick continued to punch Jeff as he laid there unconscious. Jeff WOULD NOT have died if it wasn’t for Nick the coward who snuck up behind him to punch him. It doesn’t matter what drugs Jeff did…the drugs is not what killed him…coward Nick did! He is charged with murder because that is exactly what he did…he is a murderer!

  • jeremy lauren

    To all you ppl that thought my brother died 2 days later. actually he died in the helicopter after he had respiratory failure at EMH and was life flighted to Metro. whic h it took emt’s over 15 minutes to bring back his heart . which when he arrived at Metro. he was medically declared BRAIN DIED!!! i was the first person to arrive at metro. the girlfriend didnt have balls to even contact are family. SO keep your comments about my BROTHER to yourself.