November 26, 2014


Two charged with trafficking heroin after month-long investigation


Luis Robledo

Jose Jimenez

Jose Jimenez

Elyria police, Lorain police and the Lorain SWAT team arrested two men whom they say are major suppliers of heroin and cocaine around Lorain County, according to Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino.

Around 8 a.m. Thursday, Luis Robledo, 33, of 320 Woodside Drive, Vermilion, and Jose Jimenez, 41, of 1900 East 28th St., Lorain, were charged with trafficking heroin at their homes.

The arrests came after a month-long investigation into the two men who are associated through dealing drugs, Costantino said.

On Thursday, Lorain and Elyria police executed three search warrants simultaneously for Robledo’s home, Jimenez’s home and a third home on the 800 block of Colorado Avenue though the person at the Colorado Avenue home was not charged, Costantino said.

At Robledo’s home, police found a Glock-23 handgun. Throughout the searches of the two homes, police also found one-fourth of a kilogram of heroin and cocaine and a “large amount of US currency,” according to the press release.

Costantino called Robledo and Jimenez – whose nicknames are “Buddha” and “Kako” – high level cocaine and heroin dealers.

He said the arrests were a result of a close collaboration between the two departments.

Robledo and Jimenez were being held at Lorain City Jail without bond until their court date today at Lorain Municipal Court.

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  • Zen Grouch

    Words you never want to hear from Robledo: “I’m your new cellmate b****.”

  • grp61

    Wanna bet they are illegals ! I win !

    • Toad

      they should let all illegals be citizens then they would not be illegals no more

  • Erin Triplett

    They both sound like real winners in my book…not. Get areal job and stop contributing to thisdsgusting drug epidemic. People make me sick.

  • oldschool

    I think the pieces of sh** should be overdosed with their own dope!!!!

  • Toad

    why are bad guys always ugly they should arrest all ugly people because they are all probly criminals

    if you are ugly you should get 10 years

    these dudes are ugly

    • Razorback Twou

      Well your comments make you “ugly”. Take ten years and think about it.

      • Toad

        dude i am not talking bout saying ugly things i am talking about looking ugly

        These guys are ugly looking

  • Jeff-sheri Wolfgang

    One down and how many more to go Vermilion so worried about weed while all these young one are getting ahold of herion.Its a shame and while I am commenting here someone in Vermilion just overdose again.Damn

  • Joy Doinherthang

    You cant just blame the dealers. Blame society
    If its not them, it will be someone else. If people chose to stay clean, dealers would have no job. Lets stop being ignorant calling names and all these retarded comments and get down to the real issue. Lorain County is going downhill..

  • onethought56

    There will just be two more to take their place, until we either remove the profit or the customers America will continue to have dealers. Besides, Lorain county is such a bustling place of employment, I am sure at least in that county drug dealing will be eradicated……No?