October 20, 2014


Demolition begins for former Kush building

The demolition of the building that the Kush Store occupied began on Friday. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

The demolition of the building that the Kush Store occupied began on Friday. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — A boarded-up building on Broad Street is on its way to being no more.

On Friday afternoon, an excavator ripped through 306 Broad St., formerly the home of Kush, the establishment known to sell the illegal synthetic drug known as “bath salts” before the Elyria Police Department shut it down in 2013.

Kush has been boarded up since last February when an inspection on the day of the raid found unsanitary conditions in the store and the apartments above. The city’s Building Department condemned the building.

While in recent years it was home to Kush, the building was once known to Elyrians as Eddie’s Cigar Store. It has been almost a decade since that landmark store closed, but the memories remain of the Broad Street establishment.

The building was originally going to come down in late December, but asbestos abatement lasted longer than expected, said Kevin Brubaker, a senior official in the Building Department.

Lorain County Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds are paying for the demolition in collaboration with the city of Elyria. Dennis Concrete won the bid through the county and began ripping through the building shortly after 2:30 p.m. Friday.

It will be cleared and seeded with grass similar to what was done to the old Elyria City Hall property. However, the Lorain County Land Bank will place a lien on the property to recover the cost of the demolition.

So far, there are no plans for the land. Mayor Holly Brinda has said the city would like to see its attractive, downtown real estate incorporate a mixed-use redevelopment strategy.

Creating such a plan is being handled with a grant through the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency. The study will look at the city’s business district to determine the best way to coordinate transportation infrastructure projects to drive economic development to key areas, including downtown, Midway Mall and Cleveland Street business districts.

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  • Greg White

    Midway mall is dying a slow death. Better come up with something better.

    • Matt Archer

      They need to demolish it and open up a crocker park/westgate mall area type place. The mall management is terrible and does nothing to promote the mall. They just sit there and do nothing. Stores are leaving and they wonder why.

      • Greg White

        Retail builds where the money is. Crocker park will not happen in elyria or lorain due to the economy and disposable income.

  • Nick Noneya

    Won’t be long before the whole downtown area will be parking lots and “seeded”,, and of course Bars!

  • Toad

    mr obama plese come save our city you helped detroit now it is our turn elyria voted for you 2 times

    • Phil Blank

      Helped Detroit?
      Detroit filed for bankruptcy and the end of 2013!

      • Toad

        mr obama said he would not let detroit go under

        • Joe Sandor

          Show us EXACTLY what Obama has done to help save Detroit. We only need one example, not the whole litany. Just another Obama lie (one of many, many, many lies).

          • Toad

            auto workers still have jobs

          • Joe Sandor

            They would have jobs anyway. Due to the bailout, auto companies didn’t have to secure other bankruptcy financing like other companies. Saying Obamer saved auto is a nice campaign slogan, but not true in reality as they would have survived by gettig other financing.

    • John Davidson

      If you voted for him twice you need a lot more help than anyone can give you.

    • Matt Archer

      You voted for him twice. This is what you guys deserve. Quit voting for people who discourage success and hurting progress. So backwards. I’m not republican either, but Obama hasn’t helped anything. I don’t see how people follow him blindly.

      • Toad

        the lady comes around every vote tells us who to vote for and will take us 2 vote if we need a ride if we do as she feel us we are taken care of free everything thgis is what we deserve

      • SniperFire

        It’s all about the handouts Matt. Gettin’ free gubmit stuff. It isn’t hard to understand. Why work when you can vote Democrat?

        • Toad

          agree wit sniper

          why work when it all free

  • Mark B

    There is nothing attractive about down town Elyria and soon all the historic buildings will be torn down and all of the history will be lost . If I had a nickel for every time there has been a study on the down town area I could retire today. The companies that do these studies sure know how to manipulate city government into handing over thousands of dollars for a report that will NEVER be acted on. How stupid is the government of this city .

    • HankKwah

      Wait a second. Are you sure you’re talking about Elyria? Sounds like you’re talking about Lorain.

      • Amy Legg

        Ns Actually Lorain probably still retains more of its historical buildings than Elyria. They started demolishing chunks of Elyria’s history in the 70s for paring lots and keep going.

        • HankKwah

          But there’s not a lot attractive about downtown Lorain. There are a LOT of buildings that need fixed up. There’s a ton of potential, but many buildings have been allowed to sit idle/vacant for far too long. There’s still a pulse, but it’s thready and weak.

          Sorry about Elyria, though. There are some really nice looking buildings and some beautiful churches there.

  • GreatRedeemer

    Two things.

    One need a reason an attraction a draw to bring people to

    Two need to ensure a police presence so that people feel
    safe downtown.

    • gerald morris

      Elyria ill never be anything again, ever, no mater what happens there, it’s to far out of hand to change

    • John Davidson

      Two reasons to go to Elyria. BARS and DRUGS.

      • beety

        aren’t you part of the task force?

  • It has to stop

    So how did Jabba the Hut afford Kenneth Lieux? Convicted felon who always seems to slide out of trouble again and again…..could it be he is always innocent or………

    • ElyriaCrookedCops

      and or what?lol,,gotta love a keyboard gangster,,bet you wouldn’t say that to daves face..YOUR A COWARD!!!!

      • It has to stop

        One of his happy customers are ya. Must be to defend a convicted felon.

        • ElyriaCrookedCops

          im defending a man..if your not to scared take a walk in downtown Elyria and ask the homeless how many times he fed them,or bought winter hats and gloves and passed them out.or better yet,,go to southpark and ask the kids about the easter bunny and santa coming to the projects and passing out candy and gifts.you have no idea,,,,and are you mad he has a good lawyer,,or mad he has a lawyer period??? you know what??nevermind,,im done with you!!!

          • It has to stop

            How about asking all the people he was selling poison to. Allegedly.

      • beety

        Who cares about this criminal? Get a better group of friends! If he was truly a good guy… he probably wouldn’t be in trouble AGAIN!

  • Dairy Queen

    Good thing somebody is working on getting new businesses in Elyria. Maybe Elyria could turn into one big metro park if we tear down all the deplorable buildings and turn it all over to the Metro Parks.

  • AFITgrad86

    Many fond memories of Eddie’s Cigar Store. English Ovals, pipe tobacco, sneaking in back to check out the adult books … Another rite of passage goes to the dust bin of our collective memories … So long … I’ll miss ya!