November 24, 2014


Ohio EPA looking into dust complaints at Lorain dig site

A layer of dust darkens the snow Wednesday at the Black River Wharf boat launch in Lorain. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

A layer of dust darkens the snow Wednesday at the Black River Wharf boat launch in Lorain. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

LORAIN — Complaints of dust and dirt around a construction site on East 14th Street are being looked into by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, according to agency spokesman Mike Settles.

In early December, Bob Fowler, owner of Grumpy’s Bait and Tackle at East 14th and Broadway, made a complaint to the Ohio EPA regarding a construction project in the area that he said was leaving dust and debris in the snow.

“We are concerned with what we’ve seen,” Settles said, regarding dust left in the snow by the construction company Arcadis.

Settles said the Ohio EPA is reviewing Arcadis’ work at the site to see if it can prevent more pollution in the area.

The $65 million project will see the installation of a large tunnel underground that would keep untreated sewer water from flowing into Lake Erie. Since the project requires disturbing more than an acre of ground, Settles said Arcadis would need to have a storm water compliance permit and that the Ohio EPA is in the process of reviewing the permit to see whether the company is following its regulations.

Additionally, Settles said dust could be coming off of a conveyor belt at the site. He said representatives from the air pollution control division are talking with the company about ways they can follow regulations regarding air pollution more closely.

Settles said the EPA has also reminded Arcadis that part of its funding is through loans from the city, which depend on their ability to follow regulations.

However, he added, the company has been eager to comply with the regulations and permits and to cut back on pollution as they complete the project.

“I think they want to do what’s right,” he said.

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  • Phil Blank

    They are grinding through shale, sand, dirt, mud and who knows what, its is a construction site, so what to they expect?
    No dust and dirt?
    Do they complain about the soot from semi trucks and the great lakes freighters the come into the black River?
    They just want something to complain about.

  • Simon Jester

    As if Downtown Lorain was otherwise shiny-clean…

    Nothing more organic than dirt. Get over it.

  • Toad

    if it was white dirt no one complains

    no one like black dirt here

    • WTFnext

      Get off of the stupid white/black comments already! Geeez.

    • WTFnext

      If it was white dirt you wouldn’t be able to see it on top of the snow anyway. DUHHHH