October 22, 2014

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Driver arrested after pursuit through Sheffield, Lorain, Elyria



SHEFFIELD – A man who led police on a car chase early Tuesday drove through two cities and one town before bailing out of the car in a residential area of Lorain.

Ziaire Duffy was charged with reckless driving, fleeing, speed, and reckless operation around 7 a.m. near the intersection of Marshall Avenue and Meister Road in Lorain. He was also charged with an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license in Westlake.

The chase began around 6:45 a.m. when Sheffield police officers saw Duffy driving 65 mph westbound on East 31st Street – a 35 mph zone. Officers turned their car around and Duffy “took off,” according to Sheffield Police Chief Larry Bliss.

Officers chased Duffy down State Route 57, through Elyria and then through north and south Lorain before he bailed out of the car around the intersection of Marshall Avenue and Meister Road and ran a short distance before he was caught by police, Bliss said.

Sheffield was aided by Elyria and Lorain police departments and by the Ohio State Patrol in the pursuit. They arrested Duffy around 7 a.m., only feet from his car, police said.

Bliss said he’s not sure yet why Duffy tried to evade police but that it could have something to do with his outstanding warrants in Avon and Westlake.

After the arrest, Westlake police came to take Duffy into custody at Westlake City Jail, where he remained on Tuesday afternoon.

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  • Toad

    man if police are looking 4 you any way why speed

    go the speed limits and they will not be finding you

    dumb criminal

  • solonggone

    Hmmmmm,Eric Echols brother,smh

    • Toad

      Eric is a bad dude

      nothing but trouble

      it must run in his family why can’t they make their mama proud instead of causing trouble

      • Zsanaza

        No there not bad People actually there my Brothers before yall talk about thwm how about get to know them ! THANKS

        • John Davidson

          Not bad People, compared to what. Good people don’t have long criminal records nor do they run from the police. You and all your brothers should be in jail someplace.

          • Zsanaza

            Yall only know about there records you dont know what they do

          • JeremEy Kimbrough

            We need to stop with the finger pointing and the negative comments. No one is perfect, and everyone including myself has done wrong one time or another. It doesn’t matter if you were arrest for your wrong doings, or you got away with it. WRONG IS WRONG.

            Instead of talking bad about him and his family. How about we invite them to church, help him fine a job, and/or just sit down and talk to him. Let him know that your there for him, and its never to late to turn his life around.

        • beety

          It’s so hard to get to know people when they’re in jail and I’m not…

          • JeremEy Kimbrough

            I understand! But we cant judge him based on what we read in the paper, and its not our job to judge them. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone does stupid things. It could have been a lot worse. He did something stupid, and he’s in jail. ( Where he should be, because of his actions.)

            We don’t know what it was like for him growing up or his personal struggle. Lets try to be open minded, while helping him get on the right track when he gets out. If you aren’t one of the people trying to help, then keep your negative comments to yourself. And your mouth shut.

          • beety

            I’m just saying… So you are getting ( gonna “fine”)him a job when he gets out? Where do you work? I can write a very good resume.

          • beety

            p.s. everyone has a past and a personal struggle… I know I do… depends on how you deal with it. Everyone gets a chance to right their wrongs, however not all take it.

          • Toad

            and not all wrongs are equal

          • beety

            True, but repeated wrongs are harder to look past…

          • Toad

            i agree. his wrongs were very bad and many

          • beety

            I typed up the resume . I listed you as the #1 reference. Where do I send it? Did I miss the reply where you said your place of employment?

      • My1stLove

        Yes Eric,I nothing but trouble.I know his BM.I’ve never really heard anythng about this Ziaire guy.I thought he was the good one but I guess not.He’s very handsome so he gets kudos for tht :)

        • beety

          That doesn’t sound ignorant at all… seems like you like all these sorry excuses for men in these stories.

          • My1stLove

            I have bn calld tht befr..thanx

    • Zsanaza

      Yup thats Erics brother and its mine to so Whats up ?

      • Toad

        dude i know you and yo brothers

        you are all an embarrasment to your family

        you make us all look bad no wonder people are afraid of the black man

        they might know Eric and Ziaire police record but they have all done a lot more than they have been arrested for

        be real n honest wit yourself you know this is true it all has to stop

        • Zsanaza

          Who are you ? And embarrassment ! Na cause no matter what our family stands behind us ! Fym ? Think about the things you say before you say them !

          • Bob Sweatt

            Stands behind you?? Soon they will be standing next to your coffin, if you don’t change your way of thinking. You douche bag. Grow up and become a man. Not some dumbass criminal.

          • My1stLove

            Zsanaza is a girl,their sister…lol

          • beety

            or to the left in the lineup!

          • Toad

            zsanaza i am glad u left the city when you did. it was a good thing so you would not get into trouble like ur older and younger brothers

            they have disgraced your family many times and your momma. i know she loves them but they need to behave to show her respect. if they cared bout her, they would stop now. this must be hard on ur heart condition too. they are being selfish only caring bout themselfs

            i am thinking bout what i say. sometimes the truth hurts.

            you should be angry at them not people who are tired of theire crimes and say so. they make this a dangerous place to live for evryone. people have had enough of this stuff

            i hope they can find a better life. maybe find god or something and turn around

            our city is best without them. that is a fact. if they can not follow the laws they need to pay a price that is how it works

            u are loyal to them but this does not help them. they need to accept responsability for their wrongs

            i can tell you they have hurt lots of people including their family friends and city. what shuold we do just let them go out and do it again. they have a lot of chances but keep doing it again

            some times good people do bad things but bad people keep doing them that is the problem

            get them help defending them over and over is not helping them. u should know because you have done this many times and it does not work very well for them

            ur anger should be at them and not people who say things about them. they keep hurting ur family specially ur momma

            get them to stop

          • My1stLove

            Toad…..You are sooooooo not right!I don’t believe you said that about her heart condition.She has nothing to do with the ignorant stupid things her brothers get themselves into.Everybody is gonna defend their family & loves ones(right or wrong).I’m sure she is aware of the things they do bc she is not a stupid girl but thats on them,she cant make them do anything.

          • Toad

            when she defends her familyy she allows them to continue their behavior. like a drunk whose family denys they have a problem and they keep drinking

            she tells everyone bout her heart condition so it is no secret. she says it on the internet al the time too, so she must be ok wit others knowing. she makes it public not me

            you can support ur family but there comes a time when you must stop defending them. once they lose their family then maybe they will change. she is not helping them

            you know this is true

          • My1stLove

            Her heart condition cannot be compared to this situation with her brother though.Like i said before everyone will defend their loved ones(wrong or right).You said you know her & her family just like i do so without her posting it,you would still know.

          • Toad

            i know of her problems. but she tells strangers on line so it is not a private matter

            my point was her brothers don’t care about her condition. if they did they would not ad to her stress and make it worse. this is selfish of them and she suffers cause of it.

            her brothers behavior don’t help her heart. plus they broke thier mommas to boot

            they are selfish fools for all they have done and the family will be better off once they are gone

          • My1stLove

            I still disagree! You don’t know what’s the cause for her condition.Its not about her telling strangers!the 2 situations cannot be compared.Nothing comparable among the 2.

          • Toad

            i do know her brothers do not help her condition or any bodys. they keep comin to their momma for bond money and lawyers and are not their to help her when they are in jail. and u think this is helpful to the family. this is selfish

            she can love them and support them but not defend thier actions. the things these bros do can not be defended even by family and u know this

            people here do not have to pass judge ment on them. they have done that themselves. her heart keeps getting more broken by them than it is all ready

            forget about her heart then. maybe when thier own family stops making excuses for them and blaming the police and other people they will change.

            they are no good for this city and need to be taken from the streets. they embarrass r whole community our race and their family. this is fact

          • My1stLove

            You bought up the heart condition,i didnt but YES lets not even mention that anymore.They arent the only ones that isnt any good for the city that needs to be taken away from the streets.Its way alot more than them & the little crimes they did is nothing compared to bigger things done by other guys in the city.I think you just really dislike these brothers.You know them way more than i do bc you’re speaking on bond/attorney $.I dont know anything about that but im done with this bc youre going on & on & before long you’ll be telling all their family business :)

          • Toad

            last thing i will say. zsanaza friend Peanut was killed in a car running from police. he killed an innocent mother walking on the street when this happen.

            ziaire was doing the same thing. running from police in a car. thank to god nobody was killed in this chase like the other one.

            how can zsanaza defend her brother who did the same thing as her friend Peanut when he killed himself and an innocent lady.

            some people never learn. sorry for the truth

          • My1stLove

            Good riddens Toad,u r a mess!You just wont leave it alone.

          • Toad

            just educating the people on these scums. also being a member of the blood gang is no small crime and on the most wanted list.

            i 2 am done wit this discussion. just glad they are gone for now

          • Toad

            ur brothers have broken ur mommas heart. do they not understand this. if they cared bout her and u they would stop a long time ago

            this is selfish and dis respectfull. they hurt so many persons and can only blame them selfs. i would ask them to look into a mirror and be honest wit them selfs and tell u what they see. they can’t be proud of the pain they have caused

            how can you expect other people to have respect for them when they don’t have any for thieir own blood or them selfs?

  • Gun toting cracker


    Mr. Duffy is a repeated drug offender and poor driver. Judge Mark Mihok seems to have had him twice for coke possession. How can this guy still be driving?

  • ibethepappy

    dumb a** of the week so far

  • levtrotsky

    Would have been good ‘ apprehension ‘practice for the K-9.

  • michael

    how old is Ziaire Duffy? i thought chronicle usually gives out the age of the arrested.

    • Toad

      ziaire is 20-21yo

  • Don Grantzki

    That photo depicts a “rocket scientist” if ever there was one.

    • tomfeher

      Rock scientist, as in crack rock