October 21, 2014


Man claims he was robbed of $750

ELYRIA — A North Ridgeville man said he was beaten and robbed about 12:45 a.m. Saturday.

Kevin Goers said he left Eddie’s Club, 1433 Lowell St., with two men he didn’t know, according to a police report. Goers said a friend told him the men would drive Goers home. The friend wanted to stay at the bar longer.

The men stopped at the Sunoco station, 645 Cleveland St., on the way to Goers’ house. He said the men began chasing him on foot toward railroad tracks and one pointed a pistol at him.

Goers, who police described as drunk, said he has karate training, and disarmed the gunman using a sweep kick to knock him down. Goers said four other men joined in the fight and he received a bloody nose and bruised ribs.

He said $750 in cash and a $300 phone were stolen from him. The report didn’t have detailed descriptions of the men.


  • Toad

    toad thinks he was looking for drugs

    lots of money and getting in a car wit strangers late at night

    stupid fool deserved to be robbed

  • Dairy Queen

    Lame story for sure….just own up to how you lost your money legitimately or is that the best your drunk mind could come up with to tell your wife why you have no cash!!