November 26, 2014


UPDATE: Teenager critically injured in Route 301 crash



LaGRANGE – A teenager was critically injured in a two-vehicle crash Wednesday afternoon on Route 301.



The male teenager was driving a black Ford Taurus northbound on Route 301 at 1:30 p.m. when he lost control of the vehicle and spun perpendicular to the roadway. His vehicle was struck on the passenger side by a brown PontiacMontana minivan, according to Lt. Travis Hughes with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Both vehicles then slid off the roadway into the ditch.

All the windows on the Taurus were shattered except for the windshield and driver’s side, and the passenger’s side was smashed in nearly to the driver’s seat. Emergency crews had to pry open the driver’s side to extricate the driver, Hughes said.

He said the teen was critically injured and unconscious. He was transported to EMH Elyria Medical Center.

The two occupants of the van were conscious and not critically injured, but both were transported to EMH.

LaGrange Fire Department and the Ohio State Highway Patrol responded to the crash.

Check for further updates.


  • Julie O’Brien

    were they both travelling in the same direction? If so, prime example of why its dangerous to follow too close. Hope the teen is ok. Nobody should have been driving this morning especially a teen.

    • Dale Klan

      If he spun perpendicular to the highway and was struck on the passenger side, that tells me the vehicles were going in opposite directions.

      • Julie O’Brien

        that makes sense Dale. Praying for the teen and his family. My daughter was in an accident as a teen and I know how difficult their days ahead will be.

      • Mark B

        that depends if he spun to the left or right

    • Brian

      Stop guessing what happened and if anyone was following to close. I cannot stand people like you. Just pray!

    • Donelle Moss

      I don’t think following to close had anything to do with it. The story said he spun out.

    • Carie Nydza

      opposite directions. Just dumb luck that they were at the same place when the young man started sliding and lost control of his vehicle.

  • It has to stop

    Horrible. Hope this kid recovers.

  • Mary Jane Papp

    how fast was he going for the road conditions?

  • Jennifer Browning

    This is not some crazy teenager driving like a maniac. This is a very responsible teen whose life has been devastated. You can be assured that this was a horrible “accident” and all attention needs to be put on the fact that he is in critical condition and NOT judgement of his driving abilities. If there is any hope for humanity in this world we will not see another inquiry about the logistics of the accident and only well-wishes for his life.

    • Bob Sweatt

      I wish him well too. But the updated story says he was driving to fast for the conditions. So there you go.

      • Jennifer Browning

        Well I hope you feel better about yourself now that you’ve negatively judged a teenage boy fighting for his life and proved me wrong. So there you go.&

        • Bob Sweatt

          Wow relax sweetheart. Don’t kill the messanger.

        • Bob Sweatt

          Sorry if the TRUTH hurts.

      • brewmaster

        You must have read a different article than I did. I see nothing about driving too fast. But with the amount of damage to the Taurus the minivan must have been going a decent speed.

        • Bob Sweatt

          Read the UPDATED story.

    • Bill

      Well said Jennifer. Some people just have to get in a parting shot.
      It is why they are called accidents.
      I wish this young man a full recovery and sending prayers for him and his family.

      • Jennifer Browning

        Thank you Bill.

        • eric

          Pray for this young man to have a speedy recovery , that is all you need to do. Accident s happen . Eric P

    • beety

      I hope he makes a full recovery. Regardless of conditions or circumstances, this is someone’s child. Have a heart people! Praying for him and his parents who are probably going through a hell I hope none of you have to see.

    • Bob Sweatt

      That’s funny. Because if he makes it through his injuries. He will be face charges of going left of center and probably failure to control.

      Again don’t shoot the messanger. That is what the updated story is saying.

      • It has to stop

        Can’t help yourself can you.

      • Kate

        Bob Sweatt how would you like it if you or your child got in a car ACCIDENT and this is how people responded about it? Take your rude immature nosey comments elsewhere. Prayers for Kyle and his family.

  • Terri Travis Carter

    Keeping this young man and everyone involved in my prayers.

  • CC

    My thoughts and prayers to all involved.

  • Amy Pierse

    Keeping you in my prayers!

  • Ann Pesta

    Regardless of how the accident happened a formerly healthy young man is now fighting for his life and his family is in shock. They will most likely read comments that are put on this site so we should be mindful of what we post. My prayers are with everyone involved.

  • Joni Weigle

    This poor child. It doesn’t matter what his speed or direction. People were injured and need prayers and love, not judgment. Teens who should be judged for their driving are the ones who, in good driving conditions , don’t pay attention to the road, don’t follow traffic laws and harm other people. Anyone of us could have an accident in icy conditions without it being our fault!

    • Bob Sweatt

      I want even respond to your “let’s not put responsibility where it belongs” comment.

      Yes the poor boy is fighting for his life. I do for sorry for him. I am not a total a**hole.

  • MayFong

    That was a bad day for drivers all around. Lots of spin outs and fender benders. Snow and icy conditions can combine into very bad driving conditions. Plus you dont have to be going very fast in a car to do a lot of damage to it if you hit something solid. They are made to come apart in a crash. More damage to the cars. Less damage to the humans is the theory behind it…

  • Guest

    Bob Sweatt – how would you like it if you or your child got in a car ACCIDENT and this is how people responded about it? Take your rude immature nosey comments elsewhere. Prayers for Kyle and his family.