November 27, 2014


Photos: Some Lorain County roads remain snow covered

Chronicle-Telegram chief photographer Bruce Bishop reports that on Wednesday morning, Lorain County’s main roads weren’t too bad, but side roads were covered in deep snow and slushy, making it easy for cars to get stuck.

Lorain County remains under a Level 2 snow emergency until further notice.

Check out his photo gallery of some of the county’s roads:

  • TaraandDavid Beard

    If Lorain County had a decent plow crew, instead of depending on highway maintenance. Maybe just maybe the accident ratio might go down some.
    A lot of Lorain County depends on cars and trucks to make a drive path.

    • Phil Blank

      And the idiots who ignore the parking ban, I watch them dig out this morning, then a plow came back the other way and reburied them again on the side of 7th court.

    • Deb Hrivnak

      I lived in Elyria for almost 40 years…some things never change.

  • Nick Mascari

    Purchase photo LOL!

  • Phil Blank

    Looks like the ice is glued to the hood of your SUV. Pretty much the same in every photo.

  • John Davidson

    Only so many men and so many trucks, Can’t get every road first.

    • Mark B

      Listen to 155.955 on the scanner , the crews are not even out like usuall , they are waiting till it will be Over Time , theen there will be Plows EVERYWHERE

  • Bill

    Lorain County trucks do a great job, at least in comparison to Elyria and Carlisle Township crews always have the roads cleared.

    • John Davidson

      Township guys do the best. Grafton Township where I live is fabulous.

  • Beth

    Looks like winter.