November 27, 2014


Witnesses unclear on shooter in fatal drive-by

Bohannon Miller

Bohannon Miller

ELYRIA — Oshea Noble told jurors Tuesday that he recalled seeing a car with its lights off before gunfire erupted at the intersection of West 13th Street and Long Avenue in Lorain on June 22, 2009.

“All I remember is all hell broke loose,” Noble said. “They started shooting.”

Bullets fired from the car claimed the life of 18-year-old Marquis McCall and left Craig Roberson wounded.

But Noble and other witnesses who have testified in the ongoing aggravated murder trial of Bohannon Miller, the alleged shooter, have said they couldn’t identify the gunman.

“I don’t remember any faces,” Noble said.

Laquan Wallace, who was with McCall, Roberson and others when the gunfire went off, said he thought the gunman was black.

Earlier in the trial another witness testified that he thought the shooter was light-skinned or Puerto Rican. Miller is black.

But Lorain police and prosecutors believe that it was Miller, a convicted gang member, who was responsible for the drive-by shooting. He was seen driving the gold Ford Taurus police believe was the vehicle used in the shooting earlier in the day.

One witness testified that an armed Miller drove by and shouted out that he wanted to know who had killed 16-year-old Christopher Hill in another shooting hours before.

Prosecutors have argued during the trial that the killing of McCall was in retaliation for the Hill shooting, which appeared to be part of a dispute between rivals on the city’s west and south sides. No one is facing charges in connection with Hill’s death, although police have said Avery Taylor and Andrew Lorenzana, who initially were charged in the case, remain suspects.

Larry Blake and Dale Atkinson also are facing charges for their alleged involvement in McCall’s death.

The gold Taurus was recovered by Lorain police on Caroline Avenue after a woman who lived there called police to report that she had seen four men park the car and wipe down the interior and the outside of the doors. She said she watched the incident from the windows of her home.

Maria Rojas testified Tuesday that she wasn’t able to see the men’s faces clearly enough to identify them, but she was able to describe them generally.

A few years after the shooting, she testified, police approached her with surveillance video and she was able to tell which of the men, based on their clothing and builds, had gotten out of which doors.

Defense attorney Denise Wilms questioned how accurate Rojas’ memory was after so much time had passed.

Rojas also acknowledged that she hadn’t wanted to testify in the trial and had hoped to remain anonymous when she contacted police. She admitted when asked by Assistant County Prosecutor Sherry Glass that she had been afraid of becoming involved.

Rojas wasn’t the first witness Glass has questioned about being afraid to testify. She asked similar questions of Roberson when he testified last week about being shot and only reluctantly identified Miller, although he too said he didn’t know who fired the gun the night he and McCall were shot.

Roberson denied he was afraid or was intimidated.

The trial is scheduled to resume Thursday.

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  • gbe101

    He’s Done!!!! They need to sentence him to death! His pass is catching up with him, There is such thing as Kama & Karma Is A B****! He so much of a BOSS now, he’s gonna be somebody’s B****! I knew he wasnt gonna make it on the streets, he was cutting n****s up like a B**** bcuz he couldnt fight like a man, now he took a innocent young mans life bcuz he was so “tough” & trying to retaliate, not knowing his own n****s killed his cousin, I bet he look stupid nw!! Dudes like him need to be off the streets. He need to MAN UP and take that s*** like a man and lay it dwn!! Justice needs to be served!!!!!!! r.i.p to the innocent lives taken behind their foolishness

  • gbe101


  • Kelvin Gray

    Sounds like to me that they have their man. But like OJ, they just can’t seem to prove his guilt right now. Whether it’s witness intimidation or they’re just plain scared I don’t know. But you can’t convict on circumstantial evidence alone. Gotta have some certainty here.

  • ohio 30th!!!!

    Dont yall see these witnesses dont know who the shooter was, yall just read the paper but dont think.. or maybe yall want to see a blackman in prison!! All of the people that testified got records criminal; And took deals to tell lies to get out of their trouble.. so yall believing a lier.. someone should shoot yall.. do yall research before yall cast judgement!!! And I dont mean literally, just being dumb is like shooting yourself or someone else shooting yall

    • Toad

      don’t need no more black men in prison. it is already filled wit black men

      they will just keep doing these things and will all be dead soon anyways

      he already cast judge ment on himself. no body here needs to do it for him. his record speaks for itself

      he is bad news and makes all the black man look bad. no wonder the white man talks bad about the black man. he hurts us all

      he has always been in trouble with the law. if not this time he will be back in the court room again soon. you know this is true. do you think he will change if found inocent . he has had too many chances to his time is running out

      • ohio 30th!!!!

        So just cause a person got a bad record that they or people should cast judgement .. that just sound stupid.. so just cause our law enforcement an court system cant do they job right, really just tryna get the case over and done with by taking the word from other criminals to make their case.. now they see its harder then they thought it was going be.. an whats to many chances we in America the land of chances, so if you think that way this ccountry shouldve been put to death.. so think what you saying before you say it.. and im proof I been to prison 4 times and now I been out for 13yrs and own 9 homes in lorain 5 in Elyria and 2 in avon; yes im doing very very well in life because why im in America the land of chances… I maybe own a home either you or a family member stay in.. usually the media convict people but now you see even the media got doubt about the case.. just read between the lines and keep up with the case then comment.. oh even one the state witnesse said hes not the shooter an didnt see him in the car at the time of the shooting.. and where was all the witnesses at 5yrs ago???? Big question. . Now that they charge with a crime now they trying to find away out..

    • Toad

      just keep him in lorain. we have enuf like him in elyria. he can be lorains problem

      • ohio 30th!!!!

        He can be lorain problem. You act like elyria is ahour dive away the only thing that separates the 2 cities is 254.. witch one side is lorain the other side is Elyria, again think about what you saying cause you sound very unknowledgeable

        • Toad

          i believe he is now living in prison anyway. so he will not be in lorain or elyria for a long time.

          he is responsble for peoples opinion of him. how do you expect people to think. he has been a criminal all his adult life. how can people be expected to think any different

          r you saying u will give him a job when he gets out of prison with all the houses you own so he can help take care of them all. do u trust him enuf to do so.

          he is a convicted gang member. i seen the tattoos he wears to brag bout it. his gang was not the boy scouts. they are about violence and crime. remember his run in with eric echols. now erics brother is in trouble too in a story on these pages

          i really do not care if he is found guilty or not this time. the jury will decide.

          just dont say people are unfair for judgeing him. his reputation is a product of his own behaviors. do you think people will be on his side

          he should be out of prison in 5 years or so on his other crimes. we will see then

        • Toad

          i may be unknowledgable but i do know we are sick of his kind on our streets and in our hoods.

          • ohio 30th!!!!

            Yes I’ll give him a chance I wouldnt I this is America, someone gave me a chance and I made the most of it.. just cause someone is in prison or been to prison dont mean to just leave them for dead.. see ,I can see you read the paper an watch the news to much without educating yourself on the media.. you can got to prison any day it only takes the wrong person to drop something by you or in your car; an the police shows up possession is 9 tenth of the law and if you dont know what that means.. it means if it close enough to or close enough to be possessed it yours.. and the gang charge witch hes in prison for is getting appealed an its a great chance he might beat that conviction, cause they didnt convict him right on that charge.. how I know so much its all public access just got to know what you looking for and know how to interpret the law.. like I said I been to prison 4times now look at me.. so be careful how you judge cause this is life anything may&can happen. . Its alot of people coming home everyday cause a witness made amistake and pointed them out in a crime, then it turnout its the wrong person and ect… and before you put blame on the youth look around you what jobs is really out here.. in lorain theres no ymca , no youth after school programs so blame your politicians that you vote for.. crime is everywhere if you dont want to see, hear, or read about move to your own island or get a boatan live on lake..

          • Toad

            u r right. this is america and we are a country of laws. if he broke the law he will go to jail. a jury will decide since this is how america does it

            this guy has had many chances so that argumet is weak. why should law abiding persons have to live in fear n put up with this crap. he is a career criminal. that much is fact. his record speaks for itself

            so how many more chances does he deserve. 1 more 2 more or no limit. he was given chances in the past and what has he done wit them

            he should have been in prison before this crime happened n then would not be blamed since he would have been in jail. he was out because he got a chance

            we all know Bohannon is in a gang, carries guns and is into drugs. but persons are not to make judgment against him. get serious wit yourself.

            you blame his actions on not having a ymca in lorain. r u serious man. then you blame politicians. then u blame the media. dude needs to be responsible for his actions and stop blaming everyone

            crime is evrywhere so i should move to get away from it. no they should be removed from me and all law biding citizens

            again the jury will tell us if he did this crime. that is american way. i will respect their decision and hope u do to. but don’t cry when he gets out of prison for his other crimes and does it again. will u defend him again then. i say no if it is against ur family

            people are fed up wit these types of people. they get a chance and go right back to crime like he did. if anything they get to many chances.

            exactly how many chances should a man get. that is my only question to you. give me a number

  • just saying

    All of this is just a sad situation. Innocent people and sometimes not innocent people getting killed bc of drug deals, territory issues and what not, I really feel for the families that have lost a friend or family member, but for the ones involved in all the gang and drug connections this is the life you chose, there is always a way out if you choose not to then we will probably be reading an article about you or your family member at sometime or another.