June 28, 2016


Despite storm, Avon Lake plows forward with school

Avon Lake schools were open Wednesday.  STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Avon Lake schools were open Wednesday. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Avon Lake Superintendent Bob Scott didn’t mince words Wednesday.

“In hindsight, we shouldn’t be in school today,” Scott said.

With those words, Scott answered the question on the mind of many of his students’ parents as they looked through Wednesday’s school closing list and did not see Avon Lake Schools on it. At least six inches of blowing snow kept children home everywhere else across Lorain County.

“The kids got in, all the buses got in and everyone did so safely,” Scott said. “We have a procedure in place. Crews hit the campuses at 2 a.m. and people hit the streets at 3 a.m., including me. The streets looked good and the buildings looked good.”

Yet, as most drivers can attest, a strong band of snow flurries moved through the area just after 7 a.m. — just as buses and parents were arriving at school.

“I’m the superintendent, so it’s my responsibility. I took everything into consideration and made a decision,” Scott said. “I will use this day in the future when making future decisions.”

Late Tuesday evening, Lorain County went under a Level 2 snow emergency. Scott knew that when he decided not call for a day off. Avon Lake has used four snow days thus far in the school year.

Staying under the five-per-year threshold never came into play, he said.

“I like to think Avon Lake is not like the rest of the county. It’s not as rural and city crews do a great job of clearing the streets,” he said. “A Level 2 snow emergency doesn’t automatically make us shut down.”

Scott said he visited each of the district’s buildings Wednesday and said attendance was normal.

“We made the best of it,” he said.

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