November 26, 2014


Oberlin man suffers facial injuries after metal hits windshield


A piece of metal fell through an Oberlin man’s car this morning on Interstate 90. COURTESY ROCKY RIVER POLICE

This is the piece of metal that hit an Oberlin driver in the face.

This is the piece of metal that hit an Oberlin driver in the face.

An Oberlin man was struck in the face with a piece of metal that flew through the windshield of his car Friday morning.

Rocky River police said the man was traveling eastbound on Interstate 90 between Wooster Road and Valley View Drive when the incident occurred. Officers were called to the scene at 6:50 a.m.

The driver, Mark Mentzer, 49, was conscious and alert, stopping his vehicle safely to call police after the incident, said police Sgt. George Lichman.

Mentzer was taken to Fairview Hospital with facial injuries but was later released, according to police. He was home Friday evening, but the woman who answered the door explained that he was in too much pain to talk.

“He can’t talk now, he has been talking all day (about what happened),” she said.

Lichman said police were unable to determine from where the curved piece of metal originated.

“We don’t know if it was kicked up from the road or if it fell from the bridge,” he said.

The accident backed up traffic for some time as one lane of the interstate was closed.

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  • Phil Blank

    Looks like a piece of a tire rim broke-off.

    • banshee70

      I was thinking it looks like a piece of a worn down brake pad or rotor.

      • Zen Grouch

        Could be a balance weight.

  • Zen Grouch


    Right in the kisser!

  • Michael

    could be a piece that fell from a vehicle, or from a scrapper. I see many of them head by (there are two scrap yards near me) with their pickup and trailers extremely overloaded. I don’t mean weight wise, but “packed” wise. A pickup will have things sticking 8 feet into the air, looking like the perverbial camels back (of straws). I cringe because I ride motorcycles and know what one of those things will do to me if it bounces off in front of me.

    Plenty of cops see it (they go by a lot too for the prison, county maintenance facility for gas, etc), yet no one pulls them over.

    If “safety” is the reason for speed traps, why isn’t it for unsecured cargo? (that is a legal, ticketable offense)

  • bigmacky

    well look its zen Obama a-licky boom boom down grouch – go away troll – go smoke a spliff