July 25, 2014

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Sectional Swimming: Avon freshman Ben Brooks makes history, wins 200 IM

Avon freshman Ben Brooks swims the backstroke during his sectional victory Saturday in the 200-yard individual medley. RAY RIEDEL/CHRONICLE

Avon freshman Ben Brooks swims the backstroke during his sectional victory Saturday in the 200-yard individual medley. RAY RIEDEL/CHRONICLE

LAKEWOOD — The significance of the moment didn’t escape Ben Brooks, and the Avon freshman didn’t try to hide his excitement as he made school history Saturday at the Division I sectional at Lakewood High School.

Brooks won the first boys sectional swim title in the program’s 10-year history. He lived up to his No. 1 seed, winning the 200-yard individual medley in two minutes, 0.56 seconds.

“It feels great,” Brooks said. “I beat all those big guys, those seniors. It was great, but I respect them.

“I went a little faster in my breaststroke split (36.00) and faster in my butterfly split (30.56). I died in my freestyle a little bit (28.17), but I knew I couldn’t give up. When I saw Miguel (Poblete) pull up next to me (with 50 to go), I knew I had better hurry up.”

St. Edward senior Grant Braid of Amherst was second in 2:02.63, followed by St. Edward senior Miguel Poblete of Avon in 2:02.66. Braid is a former teammate of Brooks from years ago when they swam for the Elyria Y Turtles.

Brooks led Braid the entire way. Poblete rallied by Brooks with a tremendous breaststroke split (33.49) to take a slight lead through three of the four strokes, 1:32.02 to 1:32.39. Poblete couldn’t hold the edge as he went 30.64 for his final split.

“I kept my head in the game,” Brooks said. “I learned my lesson from the Northeast Ohio Classic (Jan. 11). I was the No. 1 seed coming in and after prelims, but then ended up only fifth in the finals. I was a little more nervous for NEO because it was the first time I was seeded No. 1 for a big high school meet. It was a blessing to be the No. 1 seed today. It pushed me.”

Brooks also placed eighth in the 100 fly (57.22) and was seventh as a member of the school-record 200 medley relay (1:46.66)

“That’s exactly why we do meets like Viking and the NEO Classic,” Avon coach Sarah Anders said. “It gives us a preview of how and what to expect for meets like sectionals, districts and state. Ben is very level-headed, hard-working and always willing to improve what we tell him that needs work.”

Poblete came back to win the 100 breast, as he rallied in the third 25-yard segment to defeat North Olmsted senior Ryan Sara, 1:00.39 to 1:00.80.

“I have some mixed emotions,” Poblete said. “To win is great, but this was my slowest time of the season. It was the first time I didn’t break a minute flat. I was hoping for a high-58- to low-59-second time.

“My mechanics were off. Once I dove in the water I could tell. It was a good thing I wasn’t tapering for this meet. It’ll be there next week.”

North Olmsted senior Jacky Jarachovic won the 100 fly (53.80), defeating defending champ Gabi D’Abato of Strongsville (54.01). School records weren’t available at the meet, but Jarachovic is believed to be the first sectional champ for the North Olmsted girls since Trisha Prather in 1997.

“It feels incredible. I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Jarachovic said. “I knew I was going to have good competition. I was very nervous. My coaches have been there and supported me. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Jarachovic won the race on the strength of a stellar opening 50. She split 25.74 to 26.21 for D’Abato. D’Abato came back the second 50 in 27.80 to Jarachovic’s 28.06, but it wasn’t enough.

One event earlier, Jarachovic was second (59.27) to D’Abato (58.82) in the 100 fly. Last year, Jarachovic was second in the 100 free (54.38) and third in the 50 free (25.09).

“I wanted to try something new,” she said. “I’ve never considered myself a butterfly swimmer before. I put together some good times this season so I figured I might as well give it a shot.”

Avon Lake was the top local team on the girls side, finishing fourth (205) for the second straight year. Avon was fifth (154).

Freshman Libby Smith was the catalyst for the Shoregals, setting school records in the 100 breast (sixth, 1:11.76) and 200 IM (eighth, 2:20.85). She was also a member of the second-place 200 medley relay that also set a school record (1:54.44). The medley relay included Kasey O’Rourke, Catrionna Bruce and Brittany Menzer.

“Everyone swam so great tonight,” Smith said. “I don’t see how anyone could be unhappy with how they did. The snow days this past month made things difficult training-wise, but my teammates and I made the most of what we could.”

Sophomore Rachel Stark was the spark for Avon, taking second in the 200 free (2:00.22) and fourth in 100 free (55.12). She was also a member of the fourth-place 400 free relay (3:50.72) and fifth-place 200 medley relay (1:56.33).

“About seven of us have not even tapered so we weren’t expecting best times right now,” Stark said. “The kids that were tapered for us were so amazing. It was great seeing them come through after having worked so hard all season.”

The top two finishers per event earned automatic berths to the CSU district meet Saturday. A total of 30 at-large berths per each individual event and 20 at-large berths per relay event will be announced today.

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Team scores
1. Strongsville (ST), 3:14.38; 2. St. Edward (SE), 379; 3. St. Ignatius (SI), 327; 4. Berea-Midpark, 198; 5. Westlake (W), 141; 6. Amherst (AM) and North Olmsted (NO), 125; 8. Elyria (EL), 107; 9. Avon (AV), 96; 10. Avon Lake (AL), 89; 13. Olmsted Falls (OF), 66. Out of 16 teams
Top 2 individuals, two relays advance to CSU district
Top two placers plus top local individuals
200 medley relay: 1. Strongsville, 1:39:98; 2. St. Ignatius, 1:40.65; 5. Elyria (Peggs, Katrinchak, Hall, Orantek), 1:45.01; 6. Westlake (Knurek, Waitrovich, Bechtel, Collins), 1:45.70; 7. Avon (Brooks, Tamesis, Beatty, Rimko), 1:46.66
200 free: 1. Mason Beck (SE), 1:48.27; 2. D.J. Arslanian (ST), 1:48.45; 5. Zach Collins (AL), 1:51.29; 6. Dave Burgett (AM), 1:52.04; 7. Ryan Manderfield (St. Ed/Avon Lake), 1:52.98
200 IM: 1. Ben Brooks (AV), 2:00.56; 2. Grant Braid (St. Ed/Amherst resident), 2:02.63; 3. Miguel Poblete (St. Ed/Avon resident), 2:02.66; 9. Jake Bolton (OF), 2:12.62
50 free: 1. Nathan Christian (SI), 21.72; 2. Ryan Sara (NO), 22.14; 11. Cody Hall (EL), 23.33; 12. Tamesis (AV), 23.35
100 fly: 1. Peter Simcox (SI), 52.03; 2. Mike Pichette (ST), 52.54; 8. Brooks (AV), 57.22; 11. Peggs (EL), 57.70; 12. Knurek (W), 57.91
100 free: 1. Christian (SI), 47.92; 2. Wilson (ST), 48.58; 5. Braid (St. Ed/Amherst), 49.29; 11. Bechtel (W), 51.03; 15. Tamesis (AV), 52.72
500 free: 1. Beck (SE), 4:54.45; 2. Jamie Skupnik (ST), 4:59.45; 3. Manderfield (St. Ed/Avon Lake resident), 5:05.51; 4. Collins (AL), 5:06.52; 8. Burgett (AM), 5:13.09
200 free relay: 1. Berea-Midpark, 1:30.35; 2. St. Ignatius, 1:30.76; 5. Westlake (Bechtel, Knurek, Waitrovich, Collins), 1:34.15; 6. Elyria (Peggs, Orantek, Katrinchak, Hall), 1:34.79; 7. North Olmsted (Joe Casedonte, Jared Kinkopf, Austin Locksey, Sara), 1:36.65
100 back: 1. Ian Simpson (ST), 54.93; 2. Carter Ostrowski (ST), 55.32; 3. Peggs (EL), 58.64; 4. Casedonte (NO), 59.34; 6. Knurek (W), 59.65
100 breast: 1. Poblete (St. Ed/Avon resident), 1:00.39; 2. Sara (NO), 1:00.80; 4. Katrinchak (EL), 1:03.78; 8. Waitrovich (W), 1:05.44; 9. Bolton (OF), 1:06.26
400 free relay: 1. Strongsville, 3:14.38; 2. St. Ignatius, 3:16.59; 5. Amherst (Kneisel, Gabe Pecze, Ault, Burgett), 3:33.18; 6. Avon (Tamesis, Squillante, Rimko, Brooks), 3:35.51; 7. Westlake (Hughes, Phillips, Lackner, Bechtel), 3:36.07
Team scores
1. Strongsville, 508 ½; 2. Magnificat (MAG), 317; 3. Rocky River, 281; 4. Avon Lake, 205; 5. Avon, 154; 6. Westlake, 132; 7. North Olmsted, 131; 8. Amherst, 120; 12. Olmsted Falls, 62; 15. Elyria, 10. Out of 17 teams.
Top 2 individuals, two relays advance to CSU district
Top two placers plus top local individuals
200 medley relay: 1. Strongsville, 1:52.06; 2. Avon Lake (O’Rourke, Smith, Bruce, Menzer), 1:54.44; 5. Avon (Stark, Sauter, Pettegrew, Balser), 1:56.33; 7. North Olmsted (Puente, Sara, Jarachovic, Foraker), 1:57.94
200 free: 1. Lauren Devorace (RR), 1:56.20 (MEET RECORD, old record 1:57.96 set in 2013 by Strongsville’s Gabi D’Abato); 2. Rachel Stark (AV), 2:00.22; 3. Allie Thorson (AM), 2:02.12; 8. Maggie Guilfoyle (W), 2:03.50
200 IM: 1. Emma Flynn (RR), 2:14.14; 2. Ari Soika (ST), 2:18.15; 8. Libby Smith (AL), 2:20.85; 9. Alyssa Sauter (AV), 2:21.00; 13. Alex Poblete (MAG/Avon resident), 2:24.53
50 free: 1. Molly Washko (ST), 25.03; 2. Erin Pettegrew (AV), 25.30; 4. Ismary Puente (NO), 25.47; 6. Brittany Menzer (AL), 25.61
100 fly: 1. D’Abato (ST), 58.82; 2. Jacky Jarachovic (NO), 59.27; 5. Pettegrew (AV), 1:01.24; 9. Becca Prexta (W), 1:03.42
100 free: 1. Jarachovic (NO), 53.80; 2. D’Abato (ST), 54.01; 4. Stark (AV), 55.12; 6. Menzer (AL), 55.93
500 free: 1. Devorace (RR), 5:10.78; 2. Haley Rosiak (RR), 5:17.51; 4. Thorson (AM), 5:26.60; 8. Guilfoyle (W), 5:35.57; 10. O’Rourke (AL), 5:36.73
200 free relay: 1. Strongsville, 1:41.43; 2. Magnificat,1:43.64; 4. North Olmsted (Jarachovic, Foraker, Sara, Puente), 1:44.68; 6. Amherst (Wigton, Mlincek, Prieto, Thorson), 1:47.26; 7. Westlake (Prexta, Beyer, Hoke, Guilfoyle), 1:47.80
100 back: 1. Ellen Hutchison (MAG), 1:01.62; 2. Taryn Zwissler (MAG), 1:02.14; 7. Catrionna Bruce (AL), 1:04.07; 8. Prexta (W), 1:04.57; 12. O’Rourke (AL), 1:05.91
100 breast: 1. Washko (ST), 1:07.31; 2. Karley Mattson (ST), 1:08.97; 6. Smith (AL), 1:11.76; 8. Poblete (MAG/Avon resident), 1:12.20; 9. Sauter (AV), 1:12.34
400 free relay: 1. Rocky River, 3:43.24; 2. Strongsville, 3:45.26; 4. Avon (Pettegrew, Sauter, Balser, Stark), 3:50.72; 5. Avon Lake (Bruce, O’Rourke, Smith, Menzer), 3:51.45; 6. Westlake (Guilfoyle, Beyer, Hoke, Prexta), 3:52.65

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    GOOD JOB Elyria High Boys…see you at districts! Cody Hall your mother is so VERY PROUD of you and your team! Mom loves you more than anything!!!