November 22, 2014


Council OKs dome at Avon Oaks Country Club

AVON — Avon City Council made the final decision in a long saga about whether to build a dome over tennis courts in a residential area Monday night.

At a City Council meeting, members voted to issue a special-use permit to the Avon Oaks Country Club to build a dome over its outdoor tennis courts. After a month, the club will be free to build the dome, much to the chagrin of some Avon residents who attended the meeting.

“I just don’t think they’re concerned about the people,” said Joanne Legg, who has lived across from the country club for 10 years and attended the meeting Monday night. Legg’s statements echoed those of other Willow Creek residents who claim the dome will be an eyesore and lower their property values.

“It just shows you how big business can win every time,” resident Rick Varga said of the decision.

Brian McDonough, an attorney for the Willow Creek Homeowners, handed out information packets at the meeting. The packets detailed the ways that McDonough claims the country club is violating Avon Codified Ordinance 1280 through the excessive light, size and noise that residents believe the dome will create.

Saumil Jhaveri, president of the Avon Oaks Country Club, denied claims that the dome will be a nuisance for residents living in the area.

“It’s a lot of misinformation. Once the project is finished, it’s not going to be the eyesore that they think,” Jhaveri said. He added that indoor tennis courts have been in high demand for the country club, and installing the dome would be beneficial to its members. “It’s an asset to the community.”

Though many of the Avon residents disagreed with Jhaveri, no debate was held following the actual decision at the meeting.

“This was a David versus Goliath matter,” McDonough said, adding that he was disappointed that there was no discussion over the dome Monday night. “It’s important … that the public always has the ability to give input.”

In another attempt to make their voices heard, McDonough said he will be meeting with some Avon residents in the near future. They are planning on deciding whether to appeal for a review of the evidence surrounding the legality of erecting the dome.

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  • alreadyfedup1

    People want to exercise in the winter. Don’t complain. Wait till the Obamatrons force you to exercise against your will in the winter oh wait I’m thinking gulags.

  • stop ur whining part deux

    I for one am glad. These residents needed to be shut up. Boo Hoo, poor avon resident think a dome will bring down property values. Please, get over yourselves. Your houses are not that nice to begin with. Avon is like a knock off version of Westlake. Keep pretending that you are spoiled rich whiners.

  • Doug Stevens

    These are good residents with nice homes and Avon Oaks has been a good neighbor for the 8-10 years that homes have been next to this 50 year old business .

    Avon Oaks addressed every concern the neighbors presented to Planning Commission and to Council. Everyone of these residents benefit from having a park setting behind them. This will increase the value of Avon Oaks and that will in turn increase the values of the property around Avon Oaks and Willow Creek.

    Avon is a growing residential and business community. You have the new Cleveland Clinic Emergency Center across the highway and plans to build a 200 bed hospital. That will be a five story building with two helicopter pads on the roof top. Those helicopters will be flying right over Avon Oaks and the neighboring homes. This is going to bring 100′s of jobs, tax revenue and new home owners to the area. When people move into an area they check out schools and amenities the city has to offer. What a selling point to be able to walk to a country club, swim, play around of golf or play a couple of sets of tennis on the indoor or outdoor courts Then head over to the patio and enjoy a drink or dinner in the grille What a benefit to live in Willow Creek to be so close to work and belong to a multiple-purpose country club.
    Every year the residents
    are invited to come over and enjoy the 4th of July fire works the golf course view or from their backyards and front porches. We have friends who invite us every year and we have seen 1st hand how good Avon Oaks has been as neighbors.
    Business has the right to grow just as much as these residents can apply to put a new addition on to their house to enhance their property. Million dollar homes are across the street from the Wembly Club, a dome structure in Chagrin Falls, called the Woods of Wembly. The club and homeowners coexist and property values have gone up. This is according to a top eastside realtor. They have no buffer, they look right over at the club. Avon Oaks has 50-60 ft. Pine Trees which will last 130 years which provesthe dome will clearly not be visible.
    Like Wembly, this can work and it doesn’t have to come to someone criticizing another persons home. This should be a business that like any, has the
    rights to expand as any business that conforms to building codes and conforms to the law.

    It is time to let Avon Oaks improve it’s business model and to let them prove they will continue to be a fair respectful neighbor to Willow Creek Residents.