November 24, 2014


Three charged after police find meth manufacturing tools in apartment

William Samples

William Samples

ELYRIA – Police on Tuesday charged three people whom they say recently started making meth in Elyria.

William Samples, 40, was charged with illegal manufacturing of drugs, illegal possession of chemicals and possession of meth at 6215 West River Road South around 2:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Steven White, 27, and his wife, Nova White, 28, who live in the apartment, were charged with illegal possession of chemicals and permitting drug abuse.

Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino said the Narcotics Unit has been investigating Samples’ drug activity in Elyria, paying particular attention to him since he was released in August from the Lorain County Jail, where he had been serving time for making meth.

When police arrived at the apartment Tuesday, they found products and chemicals typically used to manufacture meth around the inside and outside of the apartment, according to Costantino. They also found a small amount of meth in the apartment, he said.

Stephen White

Stephen White

Nova White

Nova White

“They were in the initial stages of getting comfortable with making this,” Costantino said, adding that the arrests were a result of timely police work. “They put it together quickly.”

Samples previously was charged in Elyria in 2012 with possession of drug abuse instruments and with possession of drugs in 2000.

Samples was being held at Lorain County Jail without bond until his next hearing at 2 p.m. Thursday at Elyria Municipal Court.

Nova and Steven White were being held at Lorain County Jail on $11,000 bond until their court date at 2 p.m. Thursday at Elyria Municipal Court.

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  • oldschool

    Will has been selling dope since he was a young teenager .He repeatedly gets caught, what an idiot!!!

  • Bob Sweatt

    This is just a sign of the times. This is sort of thing is no different then when people were making moonshine back in the 19030″s during the last depression.

    This is just history repeating itself. I am not saying it is right. I think it is completely stupid. This Samples guy need to be locked up for life. Oh wait not I am going to get ripped a new one from all his friends and family, telling me what a great guy he is.

    Before you even finish reading this. If you are going to defend this douche bag. Don’t waits you time trying to convince me he is a good guy.

    • Foxtrot Sierra

      This crap is way worse than moonshine and way more dangerous to make. Especially in an apartment building! You are putting the lives of those around you in danger as well.

    • back in the 19030″s

      back in the 19030″s

      • beety

        Don’t waits you time! Lol !!

  • Toad

    they just look guilty

  • Thomas G. Malloy

    gives tie dye a bad name

  • DonMega

    Now thats a good looking crew.

  • Tom

    He should have changed his name to Walter…

    • Pablo Jones

      The name’s Heisenberg

  • beety

    Are the Whites brother and sister, husband and wife or both?