November 25, 2014


Dispute over body wash escalates to domestic violence charges


Samden Hildreth Jr.


Antonia Catalina

LORAIN — An argument over body wash escalated Tuesday when a Lorain woman told police a relative hit her over the head with a glass vase.

Samden Hildreth Jr., 29, and Antonia Catalina, 26, both were charged with domestic violence at Hildreth’s home on the 200 block of West 31st police said.

Police arrived at the house to find broken glass on the floor and Hildreth’s wife, Regina Catalano, 29, bleeding from her head, according to the report. She told police that a fight broke out after she got into an argument with her mother and her relative, Antonia Catalina, over someone using up all of her body wash. She told police she tossed soda at Antonia Catalina and that Antonia Catalina fought back, the report said.

Hildreth heard the fight and attempted to break it up, according to the police report. Catalano’s mother told police Hildreth jumped on Antonia Catalina and started punching and choking her.

Both Hildreth and Antonia Catalina were held in Lorain City Jail.

  • Bob Sweatt

    Fighting over SOAP. Now that takes the stupid cake, right there.

    Another reason why some people just shouldn’t breed.

    • beety

      Sweatty Bob says: Never fight over soap!

      • Bob Sweatt

        It’s Bob Sweatt Hog. Not Sweatty Bob. LOL

  • wow

    in their defense, they both look like pretty filthy.

    • HankKwah

      So neither one of them was using the body wash??

  • KZ14

    Here we go again more people on welfare who don’t need it, just lazy a??people. Save our tax payer dollars for those who deserve it not on this trash.

    • nomokids

      Who “deserves” welfare? Are you kidding me? Very few welfare recipients “deserve” welfare. Being a young parent who chooses to have children, not name the baby father, not to work, be a 2nd or 3rd or 4th generation welfare recipient…does not “deserve” welfare.

      The Americans who have worked and paid taxes for decades and generations don’t “deserve” welfare according to the government either. Being unemployed for the first time at 50 since 18, I didn’t qualify or as you say “deserve” welfare. “You have a home…You have a car…You have…” Because I’ve worked for what I have my whole life, I don’t deserve temporary assistance – “welfare”. The entire welfare system should be eliminated…ELIMINATED. Let the welfare folks figure out how they will get their food, living, etc. Maybe that would motivate them.

    • Tiffany

      …where did it say they’re on welfare??

  • Jimbo Liscus

    I’ll arm wrestle for some shampoo.

    • Bob Sweatt

      LOL What’s next?? A cage match for the toilet paper. LOL

  • Toad

    soap 4 a dope

    if it was soap on a rope it might have been strangulation

  • Mark B

    White trash dating Black trash , what more can be said ? Must have really low values and self worth to date out of your race .

    • Jennifer Rivera

      Really? Date out of your race? You must be one of those shallow people that hated the cheerios commercial. Every American is from another race or mixed with. Did you know “white” people are mixed? There is a little bit of everything in ALL OF US? So does that make them have low values & self worth? This is food for thought for you. Yes what these people were fighting over was petty and foolish, however they are just people. Their race had nothing to do with it, and that was a very ignorant thing to say and shows your low values and self worth.

  • thetruth21

    I guess soap on a rope is too dangerous.


    Smh that’s just said with all the racist remarks…i am white and my children are mixed it’s people like you that make it harder for everyone still hate going on in 2014 smh

    • Tom Slick

      The “woman” in the picture has what are known as mudshark sunglasses.

  • Arietta Sullivan

    here we go again with the stereotyping…where does it say they were on welfare? and i read comments about racial…wow..i think these people with their comments,made an A$$ out of themselves worse then the people in the story.

    • KZ14

      read between the lines of course the reporter won’t report it. Why weren’t they at work?

      • big kev

        maybe they work a different time than this happened! a$$!

        • Arietta Sullivan

          right..i agree

      • Arietta Sullivan

        lol wow…first,the reporter didn’t mentioned a time when this occurred so just maybe…and i mean maybe..they work the opposite shift that their incident happened i’m always told by some people,throughout life,don’t assume if you don’t have all the facts&at times,if you do have all the facts,then that’s when one should stay silent,to lead others to believe, that you’re a fool.

  • DonMega

    Is there a dollar store near by.

    • stillsleepyeyes

      in Lorain there’s a dollar store every other block………….lol

  • jz

    Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony. Couldn’t stop myself. Good song.

  • bigmacky

    old spice – made a man of my son – he beats up the girls who are a 1/3 of his size – OLD SPICE