November 27, 2014


Bohannon Miller gets 40 years to life in drive-by shooting

Attorney Denise Wilms sits with her client, Bohannon Miller, during his sentencing in Judge James Miraldi's court. Extra deputies were on hand to maintain control. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

Attorney Denise Wilms sits with her client, Bohannon Miller, during his sentencing in Judge James Miraldi’s court. Extra deputies were on hand to maintain control. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — During a tense sentencing hearing Wednesday, Bohannon Miller denied he killed Marquis McCall after Miller was found guilty of aggravated murder and other charges in the June 22, 2009, slaying of McCall.

Miller’s denial came as McCall’s mother, Jackie Lewis, was urging Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Miraldi to sentence Miller to life without parole.

“I just wish he did the most time because he don’t care about killing my son. He’s not remorseful,” Lewis said before Miller interrupted.

“’Cause I didn’t kill him,” Miller said.

Jurors deliberated about three hours Tuesday and roughly seven more hours on Wednesday before finding Miller guilty.

Miraldi ordered Miller, 23, to serve a total prison sentence of 40 years to life, which he won’t begin serving until he completes the remaining five years on a nine-year prison sentence he already is serving on unrelated gang and weapons charges.

Earlier in the sentencing hearing Miller, who had refused to allow his attorney, Denise Wilms, to speak on his behalf, had insisted he was wrongfully convicted of the gang charges.

Assistant County Prosecutor Sherry Glass also had urged Miraldi to impose the maximum sentence on Miller.

“Marquis McCall is gone and that’s because Bohannon Miller has no respect for human life,” Glass said. “Craig Roberson will never be the same emotionally or physically because the defendant has no respect for human life.”

Roberson was among those with McCall on Long Avenue when police say Miller opened fire from a gold Ford Taurus allegedly driven by Larry Blake. Roberson survived his injuries, but testified during the trial that he didn’t see who shot him.

At one point during the hearing, Miller appeared to agree with Glass’ request for a sentence of life without parole.

“That’s what I suggest, too,” Miller said. “Everything in the clip.”

Miller said later that no one cared about the killing of Christopher Hill, who died from injuries received in a shooting hours before McCall was gunned down in what police and prosecutors described as a revenge slaying.

“The murder won’t be solved,” Miller said.

After the hearing, Lorain Police Capt. Roger Watkins said detectives continue to investigate unsolved homicides in the city, including that of Christopher Hill.

No one is facing charges for Hill’s death, but Avery Taylor and Andrew Lorenzana were briefly charged with murder in the case before those charges were dropped. Police have previously said the two men remain suspects in the case, although Watkins declined Wednesday to discuss the specifics of the ongoing investigation.

Watkins also said that police have poured significant effort into dealing with the gangs that have plagued Lorain. He said Miller’s conviction on the murder charges was a one more step in that process.

“Today was a victory, but we have a few more battles left to fight,” Watkins said.

Miller said he plans to appeal Wednesday’s verdict. A central issue in that appeal will likely be Miraldi’s decision to allow Lorain Police Detective Buddy Sivert to testify about what Raymond Fowler told him.

Fowler, who has told police he was in the car when Miller shot McCall, refused to testify during the trial because he said he had been threatened by Miller and members of the McCall family. Fowler had reached a deal with prosecutors in which he agreed to cooperate with the investigation in exchange for not being charged in connection with the McCall slaying.

Wilms had argued that the decision deprived Miller of his constitutional right to confront his accusers in court, but Miraldi determined that Miller forfeited that right when he threatened Fowler.

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  • silkskin1960

    SOMETIMES…..they system actually WORKS :-)

  • Toad

    but he relly was a great guy. his family and friends say so.

    good by big B. u will be missed. NOT

  • Bob Sweatt

    OK I see four deputies waiting there in the pictures. That right there tells me that something isn’t quite right about this guy. This guy most be nothing but trouble in jail. because they would not have that many deputies for just one man.

  • Mark B

    I wonder how tough he feels now ?

  • My1stLove

    I’m glad the family has justice for they’re loved one but don’t think this guy was given a fair trial & his constitutional rights were violated.How did they prove that he threatened Fowler(besides him just saying so & him being assaulted while in jail)?If prosecutors asked me to cooperate in a investigation & not be charged,who wouldn’t?The thing is Fowler didn’t cooperate.

    • Toad

      unless u were in the court room u will never know. if he was not treated fair it was because of his history and reputation which he made for him self.

      he is a convicted gang member and his gang was not the girl scouts. fowler will now face charges too since he did not cooporate. i bet there was plenty of evidence in the trail which will never be in the paperr

    • silkskin1960

      He violated his own rights when he threatened those boys and never denied doing it. Then he couldnt seem to keep his cool mouth shut during the trial. It pays to just BE QUIET sometimes ya know….

      • My1stLove

        How do you know he threatened those boys?Were you there?Im not siding with him,IJS.

        • Toad

          jury heard somethin that blade them say guilty.

        • silkskin1960

          Just going by what the papers said….and OBVIOUSLY what the jury believed. I think someone must have told them that if they had no witness that they have no case. They must think we are still in the Jesse James days. The judicial system came up with a contingency plan for such things A LONG TIME AGO. Now the rest of them get to go down too…all because they tried to play a game against those that made the rules…..smh and smiling at the same time.

  • KZ14

    Now we get to take care of this coward dirt bag. What a waste of life for all parties involved, loved ones forget him he’s gone bye bye to the big house to meet Bubby!

    • silkskin1960

      he is already serving time…..he already know Bubba :-)

    • Mark B

      Chance are we were already taking care of him on the streets , he most likely was shacked up with some babys moma who was collecting welfare . You can bet that when he was on the streets he was not a honest tax paying working person supporting himself legally . So I still think society is still better off supporting him in prison, at least he is not on the streets causing havoc on honest hard working people , he is in Prison praying on other criminals .

  • Toad

    where is ohio 30th today

    • oldschool

      Ohio 30this probably at a pitty party for his dude miller.Then again as bright as he or she, not sure which ,could be back in prison !!

    • beety

      Most likely still in “Cali” or somewhere else interesting ! lmfao !

      • Toad

        He was never in Cali. I had to laugh when he said he was sending email from the plane. Even with WiFi, it is very rare when a message can be sent from any aircraft. You can browse the internet and receive mail, but sending is another story.

        • beety

          I know right? Loser pretending to be more for sure… you crack me up! You pretend to be ” unintelligent ” when needed, but definitely step up to the plate when the situation arises. I get your sarcasm and appreciate it :) Street smarts and common sense is a rare thing!

        • silkskin1960

          We all know he was a uneducated lying ex-con that was only looking out for the best interest of another con…..and an IDIOT to boot.

  • oldschool

    Guilty, now he gets to reap the great rewards of being a thug in Lorain.More trash being swept up and off the streets of Lorain!!

  • Kelvin Gray

    Leave alone.

    • Toad

      you are right this one is over. next case please.

      send them all to prison 1 at a time.

    • Toad

      next up. dude who shot the lady in the head at the gas station. hard to defend that one since it was on camera.

      • Pablo Jones

        But he was a really nice kid, he just got mixed up in the wrong crowd. He won’t do it again.

    • Toad

      Beginning to think Kelvin may have been ohio 30th

      • Kelvin Gray

        Haha…that’s a good one. No my comment was supposed to be leave him alone. He hasn’t responded so leave him be. Sorry about that.

        • Toad

          Gocha. He has probably returned to his cell anyway.

  • fact is

    Keep judging people when you don’t know nothing but what you read in the papers. The tables always turn it will be you or your family one day and if not you still have to answer to a higher power so smile now because it won’t last forever

    • silkskin1960

      Uh…sweety…we dont HAVE to know anything. The jury took care of all that. And the evidence… FINAL :-) You and the rest of his friends and supporters may as well GET OVER IT. Lorain County screwed up ONE GOOD TIME with that Head Start Case….believe me….IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN….say good bye to your little friend.

      • fact is

        Not a friend or supporting anybody I just don’t judge people like I never made a mistake sweetie so get over yourself and it’s actually not final if you read again there filling an appeal don’t know him but I’m sure it’s not final until that’s over and Lorain county always screw up and it will hahappen again and again because they are all crooked as the criminals they put away

        • Joe Smith

          “Lorain county always screw up and it will hahappen again and again because they are all crooked as the criminals they put away”

          Gee aren’t you judging people with that comment?

  • DonMega

    He stiil looks cool looking at 40 years-he’s crazy.

    • Toad

      Free room and board, three meals a day, clean clothes, and all the S*x he can handle.

      • Toad

        I heard the fudge packers are already lining up. They are salivating at the prospect of fresh meat.

  • Peter Aldrich

    Wish he had gotten the needle…punk loser.

  • ekwaykway

    He di uhn do nuh ehn!