November 24, 2014


Two charged in gun incident at Lorain house

LORAIN — Police encountered conflicting reports when a Lorain woman denied a man’s claims that she entered his house, yelling and holding a revolver, on Tuesday.


James Kimbro Jr.


Cera Plumley

Cera Plumley, 24, was charged with aggravated menacing Tuesday afternoon at her house on the 1800 block of East 30th Street following an incident with James Kimbro Jr., 20, who was charged with obstructing official business for the same incident.

About 4 p.m. Tuesday, police spoke with Kimbro at his house on the 2100 block of East 30th Street. Kimbro — who initially told police his last name was “Henderson” — said that a woman knocked on his door earlier in the day and when he answered, she entered his house, holding a black revolver and yelling.

Kimbro’s girlfriend, who was in the house at the time of the alleged incident, identified the woman as Plumley.

Plumley told police she went to Kimbro’s house to pick up her children and when she was inside, Kimbro started yelling at her and saying he had a gun. Plumley told Kimbro that she also had a gun but left it at home when she went to pick up her children, according to the report.

However Plumley changed her story when police told her that Kimbro had described the gun that Plumley allegedly had with her when she went to his house, according to the report. Plumley then admitted to police that she had a gun when she went to Kimbro’s house but she left the bullets at home.

Police found the gun in Plumley’s room and charged her with aggravated menacing, according to the report.

Police went back to Kimbro’s house and charged him with obstructing official business for lying to them about his name.

Kimbro was taken to Lorain City Jail and then transported to Ashland County Jail for an outstanding warrant. Plumley was brought to Lorain County Jail where she was being held until she was released on bond Tuesday night.

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  • Angela Fuller

    you could start a newspaper titled “Dummies of Lorain County” and never run out of material to publish a daily paper

    • beety

      You should start it! Be sure to save page 1 for you and your brother Steven!

  • grannyof6

    Where are the kids she went to pick up? Why did this guy have her kids? Tell the whole story! Hope the kids are in protective custody.

  • GreatRedeemer

    I have a gun and im picking up my kids. You just know these two are on the dole

  • Bob Sweatt

    This is literally a “He said, She said’, story. LOL

  • KZ14

    And this is what welfare does to those who don’t deserve it, we keep enabling these type of people, had they been at work none of this would have happened but I guess they’re due their rights, after all it’s not their fault!

    • jz

      That War on Poverty really worked didn’t it?

  • beety

    This girl works 2 jobs and her kids should not be in protective custody! Her sister had them with her at his house! I wish they would have told the whole story.

    • Joe Smith

      She walks in with a gun yelling, yep, mother of the year material right there…..sigh

      • beety

        That’s not how it happened… she was threatened before going there. She definitely could have found a better way to handle it. I was pretty much reacting to the welfare trash comments..

        • HankKwah

          If she was threatened before going there, why go with a gun? Why not call the police? Were you there that you know how it happened? Or did she tell you? The same person that lied to the police about having a gun?

          • beety

            Doesn’t matter how I know…I said she could have definitely handled it better. You believe the story from the guy who lied about his own name?

          • beety

            Isn’t there something more intelligent you can go argue with Sweatty Bob about?

          • HankKwah

            I didn’t know that the guy that lied about his own name wrote the story. Thanks for the heads-up on that one.

      • beety

        Sorry, Joe I normally respect your opinions. This is however, a ” personal” stab… people say that all the time and I dismiss it as well, but this is not the true story. I know things could have been handled differently and all involved know that now. This girl has never been in trouble and unfortunately this guy has. Doesn’t assign guilt on either side… keep your mind open to alternatives . Never thought I would have to say this but things may not be what they seem. Others have offended me and “mine” here on this particular thread . They are not worth my reply as they lay in wait to reply to this kind of stuff…

        • Joe Smith

          Thanks but she deserves a personal stab for what she did and what difference does it make if she has been in trouble before? Does that make it less of a crime or less stupid of a move? It also may mean this is the first time she was caught . A decent parent would have called the police if they thought they were some danger, not go in there with a gun where if something went wrong the children could get hurt or killed. No second chances when it comes to a child getting hurt.
          We can agree to disagree if you want but common sense says she was wrong and I don’t care if it is politically correct to say something about her. Enjoy your week

  • stop ur whining part deux

    Ah…Lifestyles of the trashy. Better than reality TV

  • Arietta Sullivan

    and again..where does it say anything about welfare? referring to the comment’s getting old.

    • KZ14

      OK call it public assistance

      • Arietta Sullivan

        sounds good to me ;)

  • brenda

    Everyone lied about something. But no where in the article did i read anything about welfare or about anyone being trashy. And for someone that knows exactly what happened, but was not there. Now that’s funny. Let’s just pray that the kid’s are safe and in good health and hands.

  • DonMega

    Who really cares about these dumb a$$es.

  • Toad

    Is there a list of welfare recipients which provides public access?

    It would be interesting to see how LONG some people have been supported by the system.

    If we are paying for it, we should have a right to see to whom our money is going. We may even be able to help the government with fraud, if we knew who was abusing the system…..collecting benefits while working etc.

    They feel the public has a right to see who carries a gun with a CCW and we are not paying for these people. They pay for their own training and licensure.

    No saying those is this story are receiving any benefits, just that this should be public information since the public is paying for it.

  • Toad

    It is interesting how certain last names continue to appear in these pages. Family member after family member for years, one thing after another.

    Would also be interesting to see a “family tree” with all the crimes committed by certain families over the years and actually over generations.

    A sort of “Family Tree of Crime”

    I know at least one of the above family names would be well represented in this exercise. (Hint: it is not the female)