November 24, 2014


Driver saves kitten from chilly fate

Frosty the kitten

Frosty the kitten recuperates Monday after being found frozen on a roadway in Elyria. COURTESY FRIENDSHIP APL

ELYRIA — A kitten found frozen to the road on Lorain Boulevard early Monday is now warming up at Friendship Animal Protective League.

The APL already is getting requests to adopt the kitten, dubbed Frosty, once he’s been nursed back to health, according the organization’s chief financial officer, Shelley MacDonald.

“We’re hopeful he’ll make a full recovery,” MacDonald said as she held Frosty on Monday afternoon.

The 4- or 5-month-old kitten was brought to the APL about 8:40 a.m. by Dara Taylor, who was on her way to work when she saw the cat, although at first she didn’t realize what it was.

Friendship APL CEO Shelley MacDonald holds Frosty.

Friendship APL CEO Shelley MacDonald holds Frosty.

“I thought it was a chunk of ice in the middle of the road,” Taylor said. “When I got closer, it moved. That freaked me out.”

Taylor, of Elyria, said she was able to maneuver her car so it passed harmlessly over the cat, before she stopped and turned on her blinkers.

“As I got out of the car, I could hear him meowing so loudly and pitifully and his little heart was beating so fast,” she said.

Taylor said the kitten was covered in ice like it had been in water. She said she managed to free Frosty, pick it up and take it to her car.

She also said the kitten’s eyes were effectively glued shut, so it had no idea what was going on or who was picking it up, but Frosty didn’t fight her.

She then took it to the APL, something that made her a bit late to work.

MacDonald said the kitten’s problems went beyond the freezing conditions. She said the kitten also is suffering from an upper respiratory infection, which is what caused the gunk that was gluing its eyes closed. She said both the veterinarian that gave the cat a checkup and APL staff have cleaned out Frosty’s eyes.

She said based on Frosty’s demeanor and acceptance of people that it’s likely he isn’t feral, although she added that could be because someone had fed the cat while he was in the wild. It’s also possible Frosty is a pet who got out and his owners might be looking for him.

MacDonald said she hasn’t seen a cat frozen to a road before. The APL deals with mistreated animals all the time and sometimes that includes those that have been left outside in freezing temperatures.

“With this weather, it can be dangerous,” she said.

For her part, Taylor said she was just happy that she was able to rescue Frosty from a dire fate, but she has no designs on adopting him. She said she already has a dog and a cat and her pet dander allergy won’t allow her to have any more in the house.

Those interested in adopting an animal may contact the Friendship APL at (440) 322-4321.

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  • Arietta Sullivan

    beautiful&caring heart this woman has in her. :) i pray the kitty has a chance for a full recovery&go on with the other 8 lives it has left. :)

  • Corinne Jaenke

    If you are interested in adopting Frosty and do not get chosen remember there are many many other cats at the APL looking for a home! :)

    • Arietta Sullivan

      if i could..i would :) anybody that knows me..i love my cats&would adopt them all if i had the money,the space&the say so..i rent.i’m happy that i have ‘cookie&flower’ back home after a long process&thank you APL for the help&care for them as i went through this ‘hard time’ of getting my babies back home :)

  • Carrie Watson

    What a beautiful story!

  • beety

    What an awesome , caring person Ms. Taylor is:) A true act of kindness for an innocent being! May God bless you !

  • Michele From Ohio

    Thank you Dara Taylor for taking the time to rescue this poor kitty.

  • Zen_Grouch

    Even a latent homosexual gay bashing piece of trash such as myself is warmed by this story. Truly a miracle.

    Beautiful story and wonderful person.

  • coalition2014

    “If you are interested in knowing the character of a person, observe how that person treats animals.”

    Thank you, Ms. Taylor.

  • Lynn McCormick ♋

    I’d be interested to know if the cat was already neutered when brought in or not. Although unspecified my guess is “not”, since there is a question of feral or stray. (As someone who adopted a preg friendly feral cat, I can say with certainty that though rare, friendly ferals do exist.)

    But my reason for wondering is, given the age, if unaltered, he may have started howling outside a home with a female in heat, & had a pail of water tossed on him to chase him off (harmless in summertime) without whomever thinking about how cold it was outside, or realizing it was dangerous to do so in cold weather.

    (Just a random thought from a Canadian who doesn’t know your area, how dense-or-sparse-ly populated it is, or anything like that. Maybe that’s not likely there, but I’ve seen that happen here in summer.)

    Best of luck to the kitten for a full recovery, a big thank you to the shelter, & best wishes to whomever adopts the kitten that he has a long & healthy life with them.

  • batchild1000

    Thank you so much, Dara Taylor, for rescuing Frosty, and thanks also to Friendship APL for taking good care of him!