November 28, 2014

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Lorain woman says boyfriend put dog feces on her face

LORAIN — A woman told police that in the midst of an argument with her boyfriend on Monday morning, he grabbed papers associated with his anger management problem and used them to spread dog feces on her face.

Tony Salva, 31, was charged with contempt of court and two warrants for disorderly conduct and domestic violence about 12:30 a.m. at his house on the 1300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Police responded to the house after a 911 call about a domestic. When police arrived, they saw Salva trying to climb out of a back window into the yard until they called him back and took him into custody, according to the police report.

Officers spoke with Sarah Sweeny, who said she and Salva have been dating and living together for two years. On Sunday evening, the couple got into a fight over their messy house, and she told police he followed her to the bedroom with the paperwork, which were covered with dry dog feces, and wiped them on her face.

Sweeny told Salva that she didn’t want to be with him any more, prompting him to throw a glass of liquid in her face, according to the report. Sweeny said Salva then followed her into the kitchen with a broom and dustpan, threatening to “beat (her) to death” if she didn’t stop talking before he hit her in the arm with the broomstick, according to the report.

Sweeny told police that Salva has hit her in the past.

Salva denied hitting his girlfriend with a broomstick, telling police she started the fight by throwing a small fan at him.

Salva was taken to Lorain County Jail where he was held until he was released on bond on Monday evening.

In 2009, Salva was convicted of domestic violence through Oberlin Municipal Court and in 2013 he was charged with domestic violence for another incident in Lorain, according to the police report.

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  • Joe Smith

    “he grabbed papers associated with his anger management problem and used them to spread dog feces on her face.”

    The joke just wrote itself

    • Zen_Grouch

      And his name is Joe Smith

    • Zen Grouch

      “Spread” seems too gentle a word to use, when describe the act of smashing a dry dog turd into someone’s face, then rubbing it in.

      **One spreads butter… not dog poo. –Ms. Manners**

      • Joe Smith

        Zen are you aware that someone was posting as you earlier today? He was being a moron but all the posts got zapped after a while

        • Zen Grouch

          Yeah, I saw that, but thanks for pointing it out to me…

          Must have been the last straw when I pointed out to my split personality nemesis, that when one feels the need to prove you aren’t nuts, you’ve already lost the game.

          The implosion was spectacular and totally without any interference from me.

          I can only hope that Disqus considers banning not only the clown’s many accounts, but his I.P. address to keep his vandal activities to a minimum.

          But then that’s another can of worms.

          This is a good site, and I’d hate to see anyone going *ban* crazy, like they do at the Journal.

          They crazy over there, if you artfully disagree with the right wing hog wash that’s spewed by all the happy campers, you get banned.

          • Joe Smith

            Coolbeans, Just wanted you to know

  • Phil Blank

    Dog feces inside the house, I’d be mad at the dog.

    • Melissa Merrill Snyder

      Don’t be mad at the dog…be mad at the humans who didn’t train him or didn’t take him out when he needed to be taken out. Oh, and, the human’s didn’t clean it up.

      Dogs will do what pleases the humans (or what they are allowed to do). The humans allowed the behavior, therefore it pleased them in the mind of the dog.

  • ekwaykway

    Doo Doo face. :-)

  • Zen_Grouch

    Both are trash – she deserved it. Surprised she didn’t eat them.

  • Jennifer Williams

    Wow can you say REPEAT OFFENDER? The dog $hit is not going to clean itself up. It was dried?

  • Shelley Miller

    what a pathetic couple… hopefully they don’t have children.. they shouldn’t have a dog either :-(

  • Thomas G. Malloy

    Hmmm~Did alcohol have anything to do with this?

  • Ralph Davis

    What did he get her for Valentine’s Day???

    • Zen Grouch

      He probably did something romantic for the gal who has everything…

      …like nailing her dog’s severed heart to her forehead.