November 28, 2014

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Mother sentenced to probation in food stamp fraud scheme

Erica Perez

Erica Perez

ELYRIA — Erica Perez was sentenced Wednesday in Lorain County Common Pleas Court to two years of probation for her involvement in a food stamp fraud scheme that was broken up by state and local authorities last year.

Perez, 30, is already on probation from Lorain Municipal Court after pleading no contest to child endangering and resisting arrest charges last year for a July 2012 incident in which police found seven of her children living in a filthy home with little food.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety Investigative Unit had been investigating Perez in the food stamp fraud case before her arrest in the child endangering case.

The fraud investigation centered on Adames Deli and Grocery on East 31st Street in Lorain, where investigators contend that a confidential informant was able to purchase newspapers, lighters and cigarettes from the store using food stamps. Those items and others paid for by food stamps aren’t allowed uses of the food stamps.

Investigators contend that the operator of the business, Rafael Coll, stole about $582,000 over the three years he defrauded the food stamp system. Coll is still awaiting trial.

Perez was one of several people charged with improperly using their food stamps at the store.


  • bigmacky

    mother of the decade and a frugal spender – wow – ok sarcasm aside – pass the gas and bleach – this gene pool has been declared unfit for further human reproduction – I just hope her 7 children realize what a poor excuse for a mother she is and do everything they can to get away – far far away

  • ekwaykway

    Another slap on the wrist, what a shame. Those poor children stuck with a sorry excuse of a mother. I know you can’ t judge a book by it’s cover, but just look at her face!

  • GreatRedeemer

    28 years old at least 7 kids and on food stamps. Where are the baby Daddys ?

    • Carrie James

      There are several baby daddies, I think they are both in jail, if I recall from the stories telling about her child neglect charges.

    • Harley1949Vet

      PRISON Or On The Streets Selling Drugs Making More Babies !!!

    • Kelvin Gray

      Children’s fathers. NOT baby daddy’s. *Shaking my head at that comment*.

  • Chance

    Here we go again. Probation. No wonder people in Lorain do crimes. Slap on the hand and cut loose. Time to get the judge to slam the gavel….

  • Joe Smith

    Got probation when already on probation, sure learned her a lesson….NOT!

  • Jeff

    She could be a poster child for Botox. Ad should read:
    BOTOX, I CAN HELP ANYONE ! (then in small print…maybe)

    • beety

      Do you understand what botox is?

  • jim jananavin

    they accept food stamps at the gas station on west erie across from skate world. I have seen them accept it for cigs, beer and even a cell phone. they still sell that stuff in the small bags that people smoke, I think they call it spice. they gotta know you by name tho…

  • Cindy

    Her kids need to be put is foster care and her butt needs to be thrown in jail. I’m sick of our tax dollars paying for this kind of person.

  • FoodForThought63

    I thought I have been seeing her working at the McDonald’s on Lorain Rd-I thought wow, she has really cleaned herself up, looks a lot healthier, and has a job and is always really friendly, good for her. Must be someone who sort of resembles her.

    • beety

      I sure hope there are 2 of these beauties on the loose…

      • FoodForThought63

        I think the photo of her mug shot, while she was clearly high and intoxicated, is likely not how she looks every day.

  • lorie dunfee lopez

    her stamps should get taken too and she should never be able to get them cuz people are going hungry and she is taking from others, get a job now…. do on your own like I have,,

  • Carrie James

    She was pregnant the last time she faced child neglect charges. Does anyone know if she has custody of that child?

    • Sarah Boesger

      My understanding of LCCS is that if you have active cases and your children are not in your care, any child you give birth to will be automatically removed from you at the hospital and placed with family/in a foster home.

    • Kelvin Gray

      I’m curious, does it matter? What does 1 have to do with the other?

  • SandyLey

    What the hell, just give her kids back, buy her a six pack, give her gun and a crack pipe. Don’t forget to reinstate her food stamps. We all know she won’t let her kids go hungry. #yeah right. We can’t forget the section 8, the Medicaid and of course the free Obama phone so she can call her next baby daddy. What a waste of human flesh!

    • FoodForThought63

      Why does everyone call it an obamaphone? That started under George W Bush.

      • Zen Grouch

        Let’s not start confusing people with facts now…

        • Simon Jester

          You’re absolutely right. To be 100% factually correct, these started under Clinton. The following administrations just seemed to roll with it, with Obama taking the lion’s share of the credit.

          • Zen Grouch

            During the Clinton administration landlines for the poor were subsidized.

            It was during the Bush Jr. administration that cell phones became available to the poor…

            **…umm, how you say, Bushphony?**

          • Simon Jester

            Same program, different name. Clinton started it.

          • Zen Grouch

            Not the same program at all, unless you’re too stupid to understand the difference in cell phones and land line phones.

            Bush Jr. gave the poor subsidized cell phones…

            …so how is it you dummies put Obama’s name on ‘em?

          • Simon Jester

            Same program. Identical, just expanded. Do I need to cite chapter and verse?

          • Zen Grouch

            Sure, if you’re up to it!

            Curious to see if you know the difference in cell and land line phones!

          • Zen Grouch

            Oh, I get it now…

            When you offered to educate me, you were just blowin’ smoke…

            **carry on**

          • FoodForThought63

            It would be helpful if you could, then we could all stand corrected. I would find it odd that such a program would have been implemented while cell phones were still a relatively new concept.

      • It has to stop

        I could have sworn this program started under Lincoln’s admin.

  • Bill_Bishop

    She needs to have her food stamps taken away…. for life.

    • Zen Grouch

      I’d rather they let her keep the food stamps and take away her reproductive organs.

      Can you imagine the dregs of the gene pool who would be willing to make babies with that thang!

      **Is it possible to be allergic to crack?**

      • Joe Smith

        Would you make soup out of them?

        Sorry, I am a sickie once in a while lol

        • Zen Grouch

          Until you said that, I totally forgot watching “From Hell” the night before.

          Guess my subconscious won’t soon forget that much vivisection of the female anatomy…

          But anyway, I was thinking something much less radical in exchange for food stamps.

          • jz

            Hey Zen. Read my post above. You gotta see it. George Lopez stand up act a few years back.

          • Zen Grouch

            She looks like (and yes, I do feel a twinge of guilt here) she’d set up a kissing booth that mentions deep tongue right up there on the price list, at a family reunion.

            **…or maybe a massage booth that guarantees a happy ending in 5 minutes or less, or your massage is FREE!**

  • Kelvin Gray

    I don’t understand, unless I missed something, and I’m sure I did, where was her fraud at? How did she defraud the State? It doesn’t say. The article states that she, along with others bought improper items with her food stamps. And the guy that she bought them from is awaiting trial. So where’s the fraudulent actions at on her part? I’m sure that she committed them I’m just saying the article doesn’t state what she did. Did she lie in order to get more stamps than she was supposed to? I also understand that she wasn’t feeding her children. But that’s not fraud. That’s stupidity and neglect.

    • Joe Smith

      If you use the stamps for other than their original intent, it is fraud on the both the spender and the taker.
      If you use stamps to buy cigarettes for example.

      • Kelvin Gray

        Well thank you for that bit of information. I don’t receive food stamps so I didn’t know that. Learn something new everyday.

  • Thomas G. Malloy

    God Bless America

  • Ralph Davis

    Damn, I bet she has to sneak up on the food to eat it!

  • Frank Siegfried

    That is one ugly woman. Just something else I can put on the list of things that make you go blleeeccchhhh!

    • Joe Smith

      I think she is not of this world

  • DHart

    The store they are referring to used to buy BOOKS of food stamps for .50¢ on the dollar. I have seen them do it. I was in wrong place at the wrong time…. Never went back to that store because I was afraid of the neighborhood. But yes, they would buy all of your stamps I guess… So she most likely had given them her months supply and had nothing left for the kids to eat on.

  • DonMega

    .Her baby daddies should go to jail for knocking up the bride of Chucky.

  • Jeff

    How in the heck can you get probation for FELONY FRAUD when you are on probation. Does anyone go to jail anymore ??? Do we need more prisons or could we just buy an island and put all the criminals there and let them fight it out. Oh, and maybe give all of them a police confiscated gun with 1 bullet each and see the end result after a week !!

  • jz

    One of George Lopez stand up acts he goes on about how at every family reunion there is the one cousin with the skirt way too short and the dyed blonde hair with the dark roots. I’ll stop in time. He elaborates how the back of her skirt is way higher than the front, as she strolls around the picnic seemingly unaware and drinking more tequila than everybody else. The only one who never married. Watch the rest. You’ll double over in laughter.

  • Jimbo Lemon

    Somebody pass me my beer goggles think i need em for this one.

    • beety

      You are going to need more than that!

    • Joe Smith

      I think crack glasses would be in order

  • beety

    Can’t we just put her in a zoo or a carnival?

  • craig cadolowitz

    Its like the republican convention with these comments in here, she is very unfortunate looking though.