November 26, 2014


Frozen Frosty the kitten recovering after roadside rescue

Frosty the kitten

Frosty the kitten

ELYRIA — Frosty the kitten is on the mend.

As she drove to work about 8:30 a.m. Monday, Dara Taylor discovered the cat, 4 to 5 months old, frozen to ice on Lorain Boulevard.

Taylor has said she initially thought the cat was a chunk of ice, but after seeing it move, Taylor stopped, picked up the kitten and drove it to the APL.

The cat was treated by a veterinarian Monday and had another visit with a vet Thursday, Friendship Animal Protective League Executive Director Greg Willey said Thursday.

Frosty has conjunctivitis in its eyes and signs of frostbite on its tail, he said. The eye infection is expected to clear up, and Willey said the foster family Frosty is staying with has been massaging its tail to keep up the blood flow.

“He looks 100 times better,” Willey said. “He’s really, really active and eating like a champ.”

Willey also said there’s been a “pretty enormous” outpouring of support for Frosty, who has been featured in local and national news outlets.

He said he’s received inquiries about adopting Frosty from as far away as Sweden, Australia and the United Kingdom.

While Frosty won’t be ready for adoption for at least another week or two, Willey said Friendship APL has lots of other cats that need good homes in the meantime.

Anyone interested in adopting one of those cats or other animals being cared for by the APL can call (440) 322-4321.

Contact Brad Dicken at 329-7147 or

  • Rebecca A. White

    This story was featured in the Daily Mail out of the UK, which is why there is international interest.

  • ekwaykway

    Soft kitty, soft kitty, little ball of fur…..

  • Zen Grouch

    Saw this story on a local Los Angeles newscast…

    …so refreshing to see a *nice!* story coming out of northern Ohio!

  • Sarah Boesger

    Headed to the APL tomorrow to find our newest family member…I am so grateful for all they do for the most needy animals!

  • LAB1660

    So good to see that this little kitten will have a good chance at a good life. Now, for all of those irresponsible people who acquire cats and dogs and do not spay and neuter: This is what happens when dogs and cats reproduce and are left to fend for themselves. Shame on the irresponsible person who could not see to it that Frosty’s mother and father were spayed and neutered respectively, and who could have cared less to see that a helpless kitten who did not ask to be born could not fend for himself. Frosty’s foster mother and father have very kind hearts. May Frosty live a long, healthy, happy and pampered life.