November 25, 2014


Avon Council passes plan for community pool

This drawing shows the proposed design for Avon's community pool. COURTESY PHOTO

This drawing shows the proposed design for Avon’s community pool. COURTESY PHOTO

AVON — Plans to build a community pool and park will move forward after City Council approved plans for the facility during a City Council meeting Monday night.

The community pool and recreation area will be on 17 acres of land behind the post office at 36225 Detroit Road. The property, once owned by the Peak family, was purchased by the city in 2010 for future use.

Plans to build a community pool have been in the works since a 2008 survey of residents by the Parks and Recreation Department indicated that a swimming pool was important to the majority of residents.

The city has entered into an agreement with Sixmo Inc. to perform the architectural and engineering design services for the facility. The contract with Sixmo, which calls for a $4.5 million construction budget, was approved Monday by Council.

This drawing shows the proposed design for Avon's community pool.

This drawing shows the proposed design for Avon’s community pool.

Sixmo will begin the first stage of development to design the outdoor aquatic facility. Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen said once funding is secured there may be plans to construct a recreational park facility, which includes a walking trail.

Plans for the pool section include a competitive pool with eight 50-meter lanes for swimming laps, a recreational pool with water slides, a small splash pool for young children and a lazy river.

The pools’ proximity to the fire station, police station and a future City Hall influenced the decision to locate the facility south of Detroit Road.

Along with the building plans, engineers have plans to buffer noise with trees.

The construction will be funded by the recreation income tax and borrowing money, which will be paid off in five to seven years, according to Jensen.

Operational costs may be offset by membership fees, but Jensen said the city is looking at a number of options.

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  • Kristin Lee

    Great news! I’m hoping that its kept only for actual Avon residents, not public, just like surrounding communities. So glad this passed.

    • NR2004

      The article states that the loans will be paid back with income taxes. Not sure how Avon can justify paying for it with the tax dollars of non-Avon residents and not letting them use it.

      • Pete

        Because income tax would be taken out anyway.

        • NR2004

          Thats really not an answer to the issue. This needs to come out of property taxes if meant to be a benefit of a sole community and admission should be free. I’m sure it will be open to any one who’s willing to fork over the money. Money hungry communities.