September 16, 2014

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Elyria High briefly locked down after alleged threat

Elyria High School was briefly locked down Thursday morning after an alleged threat.

At about 9:15 a.m., a 14-year-old student allegedly made a threat, which was heard by a group of other students. Administrators  immediately locked down the school.

The Elyria Police Department was contacted and promptly responded. The student, who left the school after making the threat, was located at his mother’s place of employment, and the lockdown was lifted. The lockdown lasted about 5 minutes.

Juvenile detectives are investigating the incident.

  • Phil Blank

    So what was the alleged threat?
    Shooting, bomb, what?

  • onesears

    He threatened to stay in class all day..

  • Carrie Watson

    They should have pressed charges for inducing panic, depending on what the threat was, and taken his little behind to DH.

    • Mark B

      But who is to say that the “group” didnt make it up just to get him in trouble

      • brenda

        That’s a hard one, you never know. Glad I’m not the one who has to make that call. Just maybe the “group” was picking on him. Like i said you never know .

      • Arietta Sullivan

        today’s society never wants to think that this could be a possibility…

      • Arietta Sullivan

        it humors me anymore when i read ‘assumptions’ and what actions is taking by police. i had actual proof that my kid was being threaten and bullied by another student and was told there was nothing that can be done,pretty much. i guess my problem was too much paperwork,investigation or just plain out..’too serious&down with facts to be bothered with’ lol

        • Zen Grouch

          Present your ‘proof’ to the school principal in writing and ask what he plans on doing to correct the situation.

          Send cc:’s of this correspondence, clearly marked on the original and all copies to members of the school board and your attorney.

          • Arietta Sullivan

            this happened a year ago.the Principal was involved, the officer that was assigned to the high school was involved etc. They were all communicating together,along with me&they all saw the same proof of everything. i was trying to work&protect my child at the same time,her dad was working,also,during the day&it sure was overwhelming.i got to the point of being frustrated,annoyed,hurt&any other negative feeling that a parent gets when trying to protect their child&was hoping to get a ‘team’ of sensible adults,along my side..didn’t work. i could have went as far as going to the board of education& BORROWED money for an attorney but it was too the point of being emotionally drain.i lost all trust with the high school&the police dept&at this point,in my life,i have been left with the impression that this ‘low tolerance for bullying’ is nothing but a ‘publicity stunt’& there just isn’t no way to stop an idiot(doesn’t matter if it’s a kid or an adult,bullying) but there’s ways to teach yourself how to try to deal with’s probably one reason why i have sarcasm,now as an adult..i’ve had a lot of idiots thrown on my path in life. every human is different with their emotions&their situations,as long as you have a ‘constructive way to resolve the problem and not a destructive way’…it’s a win win outcome,for the 1 being bullied. i was left in the corner,in the dark,so i figured it was time to hand it over to God&change some of my parenting to ‘toughen’ her up(as our cruel society suggested) and all at the end,the child’s family history,we all know so well,in our family because,at one time,the bully&my child was very close understanding from her dad,last fall,ironically,sitting in a bar,(this was my last time at a bar let alone at this particular one) but in between his shots of ‘jack’&being the alcoholic he is&was telling me his child,the bully,has got suspended for unrelated incidences not with my child&yea my smartass had fun with this&the only thing i had to really say is ‘God works in mysterious ways&gave me more satisfaction then the school&police even tempted.’ i walked away&knowing that every time him&his wife has ‘domestic violence’ calls…it’s,also, ignored&the police walks away with only talking to the couple.we watched it being neighbors at one time.bottom line..all of it,i understand now. my child has 1 year left,after this year&is doing great but she,also,is at a different school now. when she graduates,you want to talk about a ‘cheer’ that will go down in history..

          • Arietta Sullivan

            i haven’t talked about this story of mine in made me smile&it made me realize a lot about myself&child,even with her ‘learning disabilities’ ,she has come a long way on how to deal with situations that she knows are out of a lot of people’s hands. her mentality compared to a lot of humans are pretty impressive. she has a beautiful inner spirit. people say to me. ‘forget about it already&move on’…naaaa i’m ok with it all now,we all have moved on but will not forget but have forgave ALL of it cause we had no control over anybody else’s thoughts&actions but we all had controlled over ours.retelling a story never hurts,it’s always a gain :)

          • Zen Grouch

            I think you have the right attitude even if it’s a bear to stay on track with all the “distractions” out there.

            I try to think of the jerks as being forces of nature. That makes their idiotic and hurtful intentions feel less personal and easier to blow off. But not ‘easy’ to blow off by a long shot.

            This stuff takes practice, and it looks like you know that quite well.

            Good luck!