November 25, 2014


Elyria family’s outdoor TV show gains major local sponsor

Dan Reaser and his family appear on “The Outdoor Option.” PHOTO PROVIDED

Dan Reaser and his family appear on “The Outdoor Option.” PHOTO PROVIDED

ELYRIA — As the Dan Reaser family of Elyria continues to bag deer and fish while celebrating the value of family and nature on their new cable TV show, the program is also garnering some hometown sponsors.

Elyria-based Ridge Tool Co., producer of RIDGID-brand tools, was named Wednesday as a major sponsor of “The Outdoor Option,” which reaches some 70 million households each week via The Sportsman Channel and Pursuit Channel.

“It’s certainly a big one,” the show’s executive producer Pat Doyle said Wednesday when asked if Ridge Tool represents the show’s biggest sponsor to date. “Being an international and extremely reputable brand, it’s a pretty big deal for us, what with the show based in Elyria.’’

Doyle said the show’s audience fits well with Ridge Tool customers.

“RIDGID’s customers are made up of people who also spend time outdoors and hunt and fish,” Doyle said. “One of our strengths is that we’re trying to reach the same audience as are a lot of major brands.”

Steve Dyer, Ridge Tool’s senior director of brand marketing, said the sponsorship made sense.

“We wish this local initiative success,” he said.

In addition to the financial support Ridge Tool offers the show — which Doyle declined to detail — the sponsorship deal also sends a signal that the “Outdoor Option” is a legitimate player in the crowded playing field that is cable TV, Doyle said.

Seen eight times each week over the two cable channels, the 13-episode “Outdoor Option” chronicles the trips of Dan Reaser, owner of Elyria’s American Hood Systems, his son, Danny, 21, and daughter, Shannon, 16, as they travel around the country to showcase the beauty of the outdoors while spending time with each other.

At the time the program was announced in December, son Danny Reaser, the show’s chief branding officer and former Elyria Catholic football standout, said the central focus of the TV series was to “show people that it’s cool to spend time outdoors with family and friends.”

The show appears to have struck a nerve, as it now numbers more than 36,000 Facebook “likes,” Doyle said.

“For a first-year show, that’s a high-end performance as a measurement of our reach,” Doyle said.

The locally produced series has a slick look and feel thanks to its full-HD filming with Go-Pro cameras and other cutting-edge equipment.

Produced by Reaser’s Dannyboy Productions, the series uses TV production and editing facilities at Lorain County Community College.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, based in Mogadore, Russell Athletics and Covert Cameras are among the show’s national sponsors.

Covert Cameras purchased the naming rights for the program, which opens each week as “Covert Cameras presents The Outdoor Option.”

Local sponsors include Nick Abraham Elyria Ford, Smitty’s and LCCC.

“We’re trying to promote Ohio, Lorain County and Elyria as much as we can,” said Dan Reaser, who worked for a time at Moen Inc. before starting American Hood Systems.

The Elyria company produces exhaust hoods, fans and fire suppression system for restaurants and other businesses.

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  • susan hill brown

    So why are the TV production and editing facilities being used? That is a public institution using my tax money and yet a family who stands to make money off of this cable show are using LCCC. Answer please.

    • Zen Grouch

      Maybe they pay for using the facilities, rather than have them provided for free on the tax payer’s dime?

  • Mickey Mouse

    Susan Great question and I was wondering the same thing. Maybe The Family is paying LCCC for the use. Dan has plenty of money and he would not take advantage of the taxpayers.

    • stop ur whining part deux

      Bull$hit, he 100% would take advantage of tax payers. My guess, they are having students do it for free.

      • stillsleepyeyes

        unlike the county commissioners who could get this kind of service free but choose to spend tax payers dollars to pay some one to do it………………………..

        • stop ur whining part deux

          Deflection that has no bearing on the above post.

          • stillsleepyeyes

            Take your blinders off……………..

        • Bill

          Mr Williams has tried suggesting recording the meetings saving at least 25k but it was the 2 K’s that shot that down.

  • Mark B

    Hick Dynasty ?