November 26, 2014


3 indicted in New Year’s Eve stabbing

Roy Evans

Roy Evans

Amanda Kelly

Amanda Kelly

Christopher Robinette

Christopher Robinette

ELYRIA — An Elyria man accused of stabbing Bradley Fussi Sr. 14 times on New Year’s Eve has been indicted on attempted murder and felonious assault charges.

Roy Evans Jr., 34, is accused of stabbing Fussi during a party at Fussi’s West River Road North home. A witness said the stabbing took place as Fussi was escorting Christopher Robinette out of the house, and a group of Robinette’s friends arrived and a fight broke out.

After the stabbing, Evans, Robinette and others they were with fled the scene.

The two men, along with Amanda Kelly, were arrested several hours later.

Robinette, 31, was indicted on a single count of misdemeanor assault, while Kelly, 26, is charged with misdemeanor falsification, according to court records.


  • golfingirl

    Wow! Are they sure it wasn’t a Halloween party. Looks like they were dressed for the wrong holiday.

    Those are masks, aren’t they?

  • mike

    typical elyria scum.

  • ekwaykway

    Sweet gal, ugly as sin, but a helluva good cook…..

  • DonMega

    I hope they are not breeding.

    • golfingirl

      Forget about breeding, I wish they weren’t “breathing.”

      • Noshahr Canal Legend

        I agree, sadly we will see more stories about them in the future, I guarantee it.

  • blahhhhhh

    Known Facts of the case threw the newspaper, eyewitness statements, and neighbors: Tex wanted more drugs and was really drunk. Brad and Brittney refused to sell him more cause it was close to the ball dropping and cause new people were ariving. Tex got loud and started cussing and threw a bottle in the house. Brittney hits Tex for throwing the bottle. Brad escorted Tex out by the throat and then beat him up. Tex called Roy and Mandi for a ride and to say he didnt score no Herion and that he felt brad cheated him out of money somehow. Roy and Mandi show up demanding their part of the money or there herion from Brad. Mandi yelling from the van and Roy in the grass. Another fist fight and choking. Brad gets stabbed 14 times. Tex, Roy, and Mandi flee. My question is when is Brad and Brittney gonna be charged for there part in that nights events as well? Its not right that 3 people are being charged while 2 others broke the law and just because Brad was stabbed they don’t get charged as well? You now have Roy Evans parents asking people for money in the local news section of Craigslist and people discussing it on there like its nothing. The EPD need to follow up on this and get Brad Fussi Sr. and Brittney Groves off my street. I feel bad for Bradley Jr. he lives in that house and has to go through this and parties and fights all the time just cause his real mothers blind so the state said Brad Sr. can take better care of him.(Jrs words not mine) What a joke that is. Lorain County Children Services was even called and nothing still has happened to protect that child from those monsters. I havent even seen them show up there yet. Good job Lorain county your doing a wonderful job ignoring facts.

    • bdid.d

      And that ladies and gentlemen, is the rest of the story!

  • sandra swarbrick

    It is refreshing to read the Chronicle on-line and not find the front page cluttered with faces from the Black community.