November 25, 2014


FitzGerald brings campaign for governor to Oberlin

Gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald speaks at Oberlin College on Thursday night. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

Gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald speaks at Oberlin College on Thursday night. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

OBERLIN — A government for the few at the expense of the many.

That’s how Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Cuyahoga County executive Ed FitzGerald described the administration of Republican Gov. John Kasich in a Thursday appearance at Oberlin College.

“You have a group at the top that is doing very, very well and keeps doing better and better and better, and you have a whole lot of people that are stuck at the bottom,” FitzGerald told an audience of about 80 people. “I’m not suggesting that Gov. Kasich created that situation, but what I am saying is that he’s aggravating the situation.”

FitzGerald cited income tax cuts championed by Kasich and approved by the Republican-majority Legislature. The wealthiest 1 percent of Ohioans, earning at least $335,000 annually in 2012, received about a $6,000 annual tax cut, according to Policy Matters Ohio, a liberal think tank. Those earning between $33,000 and $51,000 received a $5 annual tax cut, while those earning less than $33,000 received a $24 tax cut.

Reached by phone after the speech, Ohio GOP spokesman Chris Schrimpf said the tax cut was equitable.

“The money belongs to the people first and not the government,” he said. “Putting money back into the private sector is the way to grow the economy.”

Audience members questioned FitzGerald about fracking and the Feb. 14 release of 2012 documents showing the Ohio Department of Natural Resources planned to enlist the help of Halliburton and other energy companies to promote fracking in state parks and forests, counteracting the efforts of environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and the Ohio Environmental Council.

FitzGerald said it was due to Kasich appointing “political hacks” to run state agencies. “The lines have become completely blurred,” he said.

FitzGerald said fracking would occur if he were elected, but it would be impartially regulated. Schrimpf said the ODNR plan was drafted, but never implemented. “This guy is so desperate to look for an issue that he tries to manufacture one,” he said.

Fitzgerald was also questioned about stricter gun laws and marijuana legalization. He said he supports mandatory background checks for all gun sales — 40 percent of all gun sales nationally are done without criminal background checks, according to the National Institute of Justice — and is close to announcing his position on marijuana use.

FitzGerald, a former FBI agent and prosecutor, said the drug war was a failure. He condemned anti-abortion laws signed by Kasich, calling restrictions on what rape counselors can tell rape victims regarding abortion “disgusting.”

FitzGerald also blasted voting laws signed this month by Kasich. One eliminated the “golden week,” when Ohioans could register and vote on the same day. The other gives the Legislature sole authority to authorize the mailing of unsolicited absentee ballots.

FitzGerald said they were designed to suppress votes of traditionally Democratic voters. Schrimpf said the laws were recommended by a commission of elections officials from across Ohio.

FitzGerald conceded he is being outspent by Kasich. FitzGerald said he had raised about $2 million through January, while Schrimpf said Kasich had nearly $8 million on hand.

“When your record is lousy, and his is, money doesn’t always solve that,” FitzGerald said before the speech. “He knows he’s in trouble. That’s why he’s raising so much money.”

FitzGerald said he is also behind 43 percent to 38 percent in a recent Quinnipiac University poll, but he said it was the same margin that Kasich trailed then-Gov. Ted Strickland at the same time before the election in 2010.

“Being right on the issues is extremely important,” FitzGerald said. “The governor can afford a good marketing campaign, but his product is terrible.”

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  • SniperFire

    This free political advertisement brought to you by your Leftist editorial friends at the C-T.

    • Bob Owens

      You’re kidding, right?

    • Alan Pugh

      Yeah, the guy’s such a leftist that he’s only going to allow REGULATED hydraulic fracturing instead of open season fracking. He’s so left.

      The Democratic Party, dropped in any other first world country, would be a moderate right leaning capitalist party. Standouts like Elizabeth Warren aside, today’s Democrats are 1980s Republicans and today’s Republicans are off the right side cliff.

      Dennis Spisak is (apparently) going to run again on a true moderate left ticket (Green Party) and his politics won’t be shamelessly promoted by this moderate newspaper. I guarantee he won’t be promoting hydraulic fracturing and all the dangers that come with it.

    • Zen Grouch

      It was probably meant to be rat poison, but you guys come here from the Morning Urinal and gobble it up!

  • John Boy

    is this the same guy who had to get rid of his chosen running mate because he didn’t pay his business taxes? I guess if you don’t pay your taxes you really don’t need a tax cut.

  • George_Staursky

    Not surprised to see him speak in the hotbed of Left-wing hate….Oberlin. Is he is is he not known as public official 19, and a friend of Jimmy Dimora?

    • golfingirl

      Any involvement in graf and corruption only further qualifies him as a politician. He must be smart, since he did not go to prison, like the others.

      I suppose a smart, corrupt politician is better than a dumb corrupt politician. I’ll save my vote for a real candidate.

      • golfingirl

        Oh, and by the way, that red tie does not work with that blue shirt.

        Maybe he is playing both sides, a little red with a little blue.

        • Bob Owens

          He’s a former FBI agent who put a lot of people in jail.

          • BITTERCLINGER36

            So what? That may very well be a great resume enhancer for Prosecutor, but I fail to see the link to being a good governor. Oh, wait, irony in your face here, you libs always cry rivers of indignant tears at the fact that America has more people in prison than any other country , but now “put a lot of people in jail” is a good thing?

  • HankKwah

    I would think that if you pay taxes, like John Boy said, you should get some of those taxes back. I know someone that, between she and her husband, grossed $20k last year, not counting what was made ‘under the table’. They have 3 kids, and they’re getting back $10k. My wife and I made much more than that, and aren’t getting anywhere near half that back. So, who exactly is making out? I think Fitz better get his schitz straight.

    And yes, I’m quite grateful for the money that we made, and wouldn’t trade places with this woman for anything. But obviously, Fitz’s numbers are baloney, like most other dem’s when they get behind a podium.

    • disqus_oy6ZkCSOwg

      >”I would think that if you pay taxes … you should get some of those taxes back”
      Do you even realize how taxes work? Taxes are your contribution to society. You get them back by being able to drive on roads, send and receive mail, and get your trash picked up. You get your taxes back every day.

      >”I know someone…”
      Thank you for your anecdotal evidence. I am sure that the huge population in your study (the whopping 2 participating families) makes your study better than Fitzgerald’s. Did you even click on the link to investigate your numbers? Policy Matters Ohio (which, admittedly is left wing) obtained their numbers from ITEP, which is a non-profit non-partisan think tank. You can look at the numbers yourself; it’s not a lie. I am really sorry if the truth is too inconvenient for you.

      • HankKwah

        Wow, thank you so much for the education. I’ll run right out and put that to good use. (It’s flushable.)

        Here’s some truth for you: Your timing stinks, the discussion was “current” 5 days ago. You’re a pompous sob (note the lowercase; you don’t rate the caps). You’re obviously butt-hurt by the licking your candidate is taking in the press.

        That said, please hurry back and educate us with more of your wonderful “truth”.

        Oh, um, nice username.

  • alreadyfedup1

    GeraldfitzLiberal pandering to the base. Oberlin is the Safe house for ALL Liberals.

  • trose1

    I cannot wait for this man to become the Govenor. Kasich and his band of crooks are doing nothing for this state. State is almost dead last in job creation. Drug addicts and heroin abuse rampant. Husted has made Ohio the laughing stock of this country with his Jim Crow laws.

    • HankKwah

      LMAO “..nothing for this state.”? obama tried to use Ohio as an example of the success of his policies. Maybe you should do some homework.

      April 5, 2012, Politifact classified the following statement by Kasich as true:

      “We were the No. 1 job creator in America in February and we are now the No. 4 job creator in the last year.”

      There was also this: the governor earned a rating of Mostly True in January when he said Ohio ranked 8th in the nation in job creation.

      And this: The Ohio figure was the nation’s “largest statistically significant” job gain, BLS said.

      So, considering Ohio overall, versus Fitz and the state of Cuyahoga County, Kasich’s done a lot more for the STATE, than Fitz has done for his county. Keep Fitz where he’s doing the least harm.

    • SniperFire

      The freeloaders and other losers couldn’t care less that Strickland saddled Ohio with $8 billion in debt on his way out the door. LOL

      • golfingirl

        Blame it on Bush…..I mean Strickland. Has worked for Obama for going on six years now.


      Wait, just so I am clear. Heroin addicts are Kasich’s fault, AIDS was Reagan’s fault, Demoncrat politicians are all sunshine, and it is all Bush’s fault….got it. Jim Crowe laws? Ruh Ro, leftist using race baiting to cover his/her lack of facts or logical thought… how unexpected..How does not mailing un-solicited absentee ballots out, no sunday voting, and closing at 5 equate to Jim Crowe laws? If everyone one of every race has to follow the same rules what is the issue? I would bet you feel producing a legitimate identification card to vote is racist too…..I mean only old rich white Christian men have I D cards or licenses right?

  • Daniel Sutter

    How can he complain about the state when Cuyahoga county is in such poor condition? If he turned it around and they were thriving then I would listen. The major Dem. mayors don’t even want him.

    • golfingirl

      He doesn’t have a very impressive track record dies he?

    • John Boy

      From the county that brought you Jimmy Dimora, Frank Russo, et al….. Here’s Eddie.

  • Simon Jester

    Get a rope! The injustice of people that earn more money and pay higher taxes getting a proportionally larger break? Torches and pitchforks all around!

    That, or the leftists are deliberately playing off of the inherent ignorance of their base. ( maybe they’re just bad at math?)

    Never mind that the higher income bracket pays more in taxes, as opposed to the lower example cited, that pays either very little or none at all.

    • golfingirl

      What I never understood was how people who pay no Federal Income Tax can receive a tax rebate, while those who pay an huge amount in taxes are not eligible because they “make too much money.”

      That would be like be going to the car dealer, telling him I want the rebate being offered on a new car, but I’m not buying the car. Just want a rebate, although I am not paying anything.

      Only the government can come up with such a ridiculous arrangement. If a private business did so, they would be out of business in a day!!