November 26, 2014


Lorain auditor pleads no contest to charges stemming from DUI

Ronald Mantini

Ronald Mantini

LORAIN — City Auditor Ron Mantini pleaded no contest Friday to failure to maintain physical control and speeding charges stemming from his DUI arrest last year.

Mantini’s attorney, J. Anthony Rich, said police and prosecutors both signed off on the plea agreement that saw the DUI charge being dropped. He said that’s not unusual for a first-time offender who had a fairly low blood-alcohol level and cooperated with police.

Mantini was pulled over on about 9:15 p.m. Nov. 21 on Oberlin Avenue near the intersection of Westwood Drive after Lorain police Officer Craig Payne spotted Mantini’s 2011 Jeep traveling fast.

Payne reported that he began following Mantini, who stopped at a light, but then accelerated when it turned green. Payne wrote in his report said his patrol car hit speeds of 88 mph trying to catch up with Mantini, but the Jeep was still pulling away.

Mantini pulled over after Payne turned on his lights and sirens. He told the officer he’d had a few glasses of wine at the Jackalope Restaurant. Rich said his client never tried to use his position to get out of the ticket.

Mantini failed several field sobriety tests and later took a breath test that showed he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.111, which is above the legal driving limit of 0.08.

Rich said Mantini was fined $550, ordered to take a driver’s intervention course and will have his driver’s license suspended until later this month. He said Mantini will maintain work driving privileges during that time.

Mantini, who apologized after his arrest, said after the hearing that he appreciated the support of his friends.

“I’m glad it’s over and behind me,” he said. “I’ve got to pay my fine and move on from here.”

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  • mike


  • oldruss

    One has to wonder if this is a typical outcome, of if the City Auditor was afforded special treatment by the prosecutor’s office? BTW–was that the county prosecutor or the Lorain city prosecutor who cut the plea bargain with the Lorain City Auditor?

    • jz

      You seem to read enough articles about this stuff, [same as me] to know this is pretty standard for 1st offense. Why would it be the County Prosecutor?

      • golfingirl

        I agree. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

        But the police car was going 88mph and could not even catch up with him? On Oberlin Avenue!

        I would think this would be reason enough to levy a more severe punishment.

      • oldruss

        If felony charges were being contemplated, and it’s been known that prosecutorial offices do over charge sometimes, then the county prosecutor would have been involved. I agree, it’s most probably the Lorain City Prosecutor down at Lorain City Hall, where both the City Prosecutor and City Auditor work, but the article didn’t say, and it easily could have said as much.

        • jz

          If he would have injured someone it probably would have gone to the county prosecutors as a felony. I wonder about these reporters these days. A lot of Journalism 101.

  • Phil Blank

    Last year?
    If it would have been one of use, we would have been locked-up and out of jail by now.
    It does take a year to hear a DUI charge!
    Is he friends with Kerry Kennedy?
    “Kerry Kennedy not guilty of drugged driving after Ambien zombie claim”

  • GreatRedeemer

    City employees, school board members, council members, elected and
    appointed officials all have been charged with DUI. Such is Lorain.

    He accepted his fate,
    apologized and I give him credit for moving on. Hopefully he learned the lesson
    of too much wine at that birthday party

    • herekitttykaate

      gee, wasn’t this “Martini Andretti” that had said councilman Flores should step down when he was taken to task? Wonder if that same thought crossed his mind for himself. I think not.