November 28, 2014


Undocumented mother of four has been living with nightmare possibility of deportation

Anabel Barron fears for what will happen to her children should she be deported in the upcoming months. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

Anabel Barron fears for what will happen to her children should she be deported in the upcoming months. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

Steven Barron knows the routine. When his mother starts to cry, the 8-year-old boy grabs a tissue and slices up an orange to soothe her.

Just home from school one afternoon in early February, Steven stood in the doorway of his living room, silently holding a plate of fruit for Anabel Barron as she knelt on the floor.

Paper after paper detailing her attempts to gain citizenship over the years — a petition with more than 100 signatures, newspaper articles and photos stretched from one end of her couch to the other — show her efforts, all in vain so far.

Barron lives in fear that any day she could be deported — separated from her four children and the life that she has built here for 16 years.

“To stay with them — that’s all I ask,” she says of her children — 6-year-old Jacqueline, 8-year-old Steven and two teenage daughters, Stacy, 13, and Leslie, 16.

Anabel Barron, center, and her children, Stacy Barron, 13, left; Leslie Rico, 16, right; Steven Barron, 8; and Jacqueline Barron, 5, pose at their Lorain home.

Anabel Barron, center, and her children, Stacy Barron, 13, left; Leslie Rico, 16, right; Steven Barron, 8; and Jacqueline Barron, 5, pose at their Lorain home.

When talking about her children, Barron begins to cry. Her son brings tissues for her to wipe her eyes. He stays by her, holding her arm as she organized the papers and, with a forced laugh, worried whether her tears smudged her makeup.

This is a rare moment of vulnerability for Barron.

“I pretend to be strong in front of people that I talk to,” she said, apologizing for crying. “Inside of me, it’s killing me. I don’t cry because I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I just want them to see my story.”

Barron, who was illegally brought to the United States from Mexico by her parents when she was a teenager, went to the Federal Building in Cleveland last week for the latest in a series of hearings to determine whether she will be deported.

Backed by her lawyer, Jennifer Peyton, and a group of supporters, including Lorain Police Chief Cel Rivera, Barron entered the courtroom Tuesday and returned moments later with no resolution.

Her next hearing is Aug. 26.

While the initial feeling was one of relief, Barron quickly started counting the days until she would have to go through it all again.

“She has a pending application for a stay,” Peyton said, adding that while the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in Cleveland has ordered that Barron be removed from the country, she and Barron will continue to fight for her to stay.

Barron, who has watched over her shoulder since her parents brought her here, said she has to constantly be prepared in the event that the next hearing is her last. As a single mother, she has made arrangements for her children — they would stay with a friend — in case she doesn’t return.

No matter what happens to her, leaving her children in the United States is the best for them, she said.

“I bet all the money in the world, if you were a parent, you would want what’s best for your kids,” Barron said, explaining that the few memories she has from her childhood in Mexico are of violence and crime. “Every night I go to bed, holding (them) so tight because I don’t know if I can do it.”

Getting caught

It’s been a year since Barron’s car was pulled over in Sheffield Lake and police discovered she was undocumented. That was the moment she had feared her entire adult life.

Barron lived in a little town in Mexico until her parents brought her at age 16 to the United States in hopes of a better life. She remembers her old life as one riddled with violence and poverty, where people like her parents made only a few dollars for a 12-hour workday.

Initially Barron’s family moved to Texas, where she stayed for a year before she left her brothers and parents and moved to Lorain with the man she would later marry and later divorce. Because of the complications of moving and being undocumented, Barron said she did not go to school in Lorain and instead worked to get her GED after she had children.

She grew up, married, had four children, got divorced and settled down in Lorain, where she raises her children on the salary she makes cleaning and cooking for a household in Rocky River.

Though Barron loves the United States, she said the life she has built with her children has not been an easy one. Because she was undocumented, she could not apply for welfare or food stamps, which has made providing basic necessities for her family difficult.

One instance sticks out in her mind. A few years ago, Steven asked for a cup of juice.

“I couldn’t give it to him,” Barron said, putting one hand up to cover her mouth as she slowly relived the painful memory. She was struggling so much that year, she couldn’t buy a carton of juice. “That killed me.”

The problems weren’t limited to financial ones. Barron said her fear of being deported and taken from her children meant that she’s lived much of her life in the shadows.

“You have to be very careful when you drive,” Barron said, remembering how she would tell her children to duck when a police car passed by. Even if they weren’t doing anything wrong, she wanted to make the family as innocuous as possible.

“You live in hiding,” she said.

That fear grew after Barron’s mother died in 2000. Her mother had moved back to Mexico earlier that year, and — though she knew it was a dangerous risk — Barron traveled to Mexico for her mother’s funeral. When she tried to return to the United States, she was turned away at the border.

She managed to find a way back but that moment put a target on her back.

“That was the first time they knew I was (undocumented),” she said.

Veronica Dahlberg, executive director of the activist group Hispanic Organization of Lake Ashtabula, or HOLA, said Barron’s case is not unusual.

“They haven’t had an updated immigration law in 20 years … old policies are in place,” Dahlberg said. “They need to put some sort of brakes on deportations until they get immigration reform.”

Immigration and Custom Enforcement spokesman Khaalid Walls said almost 4,500 people were deported from Michigan and Ohio in 2013. Though, he added, most of the deportations each year are of undocumented people who have been convicted of a crime.

For Barron, it was a simple traffic stop — an annoyance at best to U.S. citizens — that catapulted her into the crosshairs of immigration officials.

In May 2013, Barron was pulled over for speeding in Sheffield Lake as she was on her way to work. Barron said the reality of what might happen hit her the moment she watched the officer walk to her car.

“I started praying,” she said.

She said she carried a sheath of papers, including a copy of her application for citizenship, with her everywhere, calling them her protection. However, the application didn’t save her when the officer discovered that she didn’t have a license and that she was not legally allowed to live in the country.

Barron said she realized that her children — who were in school at the time — may never see her again. She feared she might never have a chance to say goodbye.

“My life … it stopped,” Barron said of the moment she was taken to a holding cell in the Sheffield Lake Police Department while police called ICE to decide what to do with her. “I didn’t know if I would come back home.”

With her one phone call, Barron, who expected to be put on a plane to Mexico in a matter of hours, asked a family friend to take care of her children.

Barron got lucky that day: HOLA and Peyton intervened. She was let out of jail the same day with a promise that customs officials would follow up.

That began the process of waiting and worrying.

The wait

Peyton said the 33-year-old has a pending application for a stay, though she is on a “final order” of removal. According to the Immigration and Nationality Act, when an illegal immigrant is given a final order of removal, he or she is deported from the country in 90 days and often held in custody during that time.

Anabel Barron goes through her paperwork regarding her possible deportation.

Anabel Barron goes through her paperwork regarding her possible deportation.

However, the U.S. attorney general can cancel the removal or adjust the status of an undocumented person if he or she meets a series of conditions. Some of the conditions include having lived in the country for at least 10 years, not having been convicted of an aggravated felony and if the person’s removal “would result in exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to the alien’s spouse, parent or child,” according to the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Those are the exceptions that Peyton is pushing in her bid to keep Barron here.

“Anabel has so many positive factors,” Peyton said.

Barron said, in some ways, that traffic stop has brought relief. She no longer has to hide from custom officials; now they know her.

“I don’t blame (police), I thank them,” she said. “I’m not afraid anymore to say that I’m undocumented. This is the face of an undocumented person … what am I going to lose if I don’t speak up?”

She also is able now to legally drive, after getting her license in October, and go out in public without fear. She said she has received an outpouring of support from others in her situation.

“For the first time in my life, I feel like a person with dignity,” she said.

Barron’s furniture still sits where it always has against the dark purple walls of her living room. No one walking through her house would get the feeling that she may be counting down the days in her home.

She simply doesn’t want to move anything — that would mean she’s given up, she said.

“Inside of me, there’s a little bit of hope,” she said.

Surprising supporter

Soon after she was released from custody in May, her story spurred response around the undocumented community, many of whom signed a petition to grant her a longer stay here.

However, for a woman who was arrested for being undocumented and who used to tell her children to hide from police, one of her most significant supporters is also one of the most surprising.

Six months ago, Cel Rivera, Lorain police chief, met Barron and others in situations similar to hers at their church. There, he listened to accounts of families who had been separated by deportation, men and women who are terrified to go outside to buy food for their families for fear of being caught and even one woman who said she watched her house get robbed because she was too scared to call police.

“It made me feel ashamed of what we’re doing,” Rivera said. “I told them, ‘You can put your signs down. We’re on the same side.’”

Rivera, who attends HOLA meetings and has dinner with families of HOLA members, said he was shocked to discover how undocumented families exist in anonymity.

“They live in the shadows. You don’t see them, you don’t know them,” he said.

For Rivera, that first meeting was the moment he could tie the faces of children, families, mothers and fathers to the idea of deportation.

“I heard the effects of what it does to them,” he said.

After meeting with the undocumented immigrants, Rivera changed Lorain police policy.

Now, he said, Lorain police are instructed not to call ICE or Border Patrol officials if they come across an undocumented immigrant for a minor offense like a traffic violation. They will alert immigration authorities only if the undocumented person is involved in a more serious or violent crime.

“It’s not our job to enforce federal law,” Rivera said, adding that the goal of the new policy is to create a better connection between undocumented people and police.

Rivera said his primary concern is keeping families like Barron’s from being separated.

“These people have intact families that are just breaking apart. It’s hard for me to believe that it’s keeping with the ideas of what America is about,” he said.

Barron has come to rely on Rivera in ways she never imagined.

“I feel like I have a father. When I need a hug, he will give me a hug. It’s huge because I was so afraid of him,” she said.

Because of support from Rivera, HOLA and others, Barron said she feels lucky despite her situation.

“I feel like, in too many ways, I’ve been blessed. This made me a better person,” she said. “I won’t stop hoping until I put my feet on that plane. That’s when I know this is over.”

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Undocumented immigrants with at least one U.S.-born child who were deported
First half of 2013: 46,486
Between 1998 and 2007:100,000
SOURCE: Department of Homeland Security

Undocumented immigrants deported in Ohio and Michigan and how many have been convicted of a crime
2013: 4,473 people deported. 73% of those people were convicted of a crime
2012: 5,872 deported. 66% convicted of a crime
2011: 7,298 deported. 51% convicted of a crime
2010: 8,054 deported. 44% convicted of a crime
2009: 8,358 deported. 33% convicted of a crime
2008: 8,010 deported. 27% convicted of a crime.

Top five removal countries for Ohio and Michigan in 2012:
El Salvador
SOURCE: Immigration and Custom Enforcement spokesman Khaalid Wells

2013 removals
368,644 people removed from the country by ICE in 2013
59% had been convicted of a crime
133,551 or 36 percent of those were apprehended in the U.S
235,093 or 64 percent of those were apprehended along the border while trying to enter the country.
SOURCE: ICE website

  • Mark B

    She is still a illegal , Not a undocumented she has a drivers license , how is that undocumented. Probable getting some sort of government assistance at this point. its a shame that we are made to feel sorry for these people who are here illegally. Apparently she knows how to pass back and forth across our boarder at will so really what difference does it make if we send her back to Mexico on a taxpayer paid vacation and she slips back across the boarder again committing another crime.

    “It’s not our job to enforce federal law,”
    So does that also mean that Lorain police will not enforce other federal Laws such as prohibition of Marijuana ? How is it that the police can pick and choose what laws they will enforce.

    • km

      Mark, I hope God blesses your soul. Such hateful remarks, it’s really sickening. Learn how to SPELL and at least sound somewhat intelligent before publicly displaying your ignorance. Thanks!

    • Alan Pugh

      “Probably getting some sort of government assistance”

      Did you miss the part where she works to earn a living? Or did you just stop when you saw “Mexican” and let your racism take over?

  • justanotherday

    I agree mark and as far as I’m concerned she doesn’t need to be separated from her children they can go with her

  • SniperFire

    Why would this ‘journalist’ call this illegal invader ‘undocumented’ instead of the criminal that she is?

    • oldruss

      She is not a criminal. Immigration issues are CIVIL matters, and while there is the potential consequence of deportation, that is not a criminal penalty.

      This woman has made mistakes, to be sure, but she has apparently made a life for herself and her children without public assistance, and without resorting to any criminal activity such as drug sales, prostitution, etc. She came to this country with her parents when she, herself, was a teenager, and has lived her entire adult life here in the States. If anyone deserves a pathway to citizenship, it sounds as if this lady does.

      • SniperFire

        ‘She is not a criminal.’ She invaded this nation illegally. Most nations would have immediately arrested her, or shot her.

        • oldruss

          Fortunately, we here in the United States don’t treat undocumented aliens as you suggest other countries do.

          • SniperFire

            You are all for criminal invasion of America, aren’t you?

          • Adam Horwitz

            Yea I don’t understand your vitriol over someone living here illegally. It’s not just you, plenty of people feel the same way. I just don’t understand it.

            There “crime” is that they want to live here? Doesn’t sound like much of a crime to me.

          • Daniel Sutter

            It’s not a crime to break federal laws? REALLY????

          • SniperFire

            Of course, to you, that 46% of the nations unemployed are millennial being shoved out of jobs largely by illegal invaders means nothing.

          • golfingirl

            No, their crime is the fact THEY ARE here illegally.

            I would love a new M6, but I can’t just go steal one and commit an illegal act because I “want it.”

            Your logic is confusing.

          • Kapil

            Their “crime” is that they want to live here?
            There are reasons why there is a concept of nations, borders, citizenship, taxes and laws. Your question seems to disregard all of the above.

          • Alan Pugh

            You keep using that word “invasion.” I don’t think it means what you think it means.

          • BITTERCLINGER36

            No russ, here we give them a free ride. Then pretend we are helpless to stop them, pretend we need them, pretend they are of equal status of those who are citizens, and here we demonize those of us who want to stop it with terms like racist, nativist, xenophobic, hateful, mean cruel, blah blah blah. I say we adopt Mexico’s immigration policies……may require a little reading on your part, but it is worth it.

          • Daniel Sutter

            Unfortunately we won’t treat Illegals that same as Canada or Mexico.

          • ekwaykway

            Yeah…cross the border in Iran…see how THEY treat ya’…ooh I just came for a better life.

        • Bob Owens

          “criminal invasion”?

      • justanotherday

        It is criminal to be here illegal, she obviously hasn’t had a ligament job that would require a social security number and that would require her to pay taxes. The doors of the US are open to people wanting to enter the right way. If we continue to allow this type of behavior and give these criminals a slap on the wrist, we are just inviting anyone to jump the boarder at will.


        No one deserves a path to citizenship when they deviate from the already established legal path. Does a burglar deserve your television because he was clever enough to defeat your lock and evade capture by authorities?

  • Jeff

    Wow…That must be the longest article I have ever read on the CT

  • Linda Groves

    I’m so sick and tired of people sneaking into America with kids ,then years later the kids cry about maybe getting deported .THEY should be deported!! She knew she was NOT legal to be here, but she stayed ,married, had 4 kids and then got a divorce. I would bet anything she receives welfare =food stamps ,housing, phone,and anything else she can get for “free”. It Makes me sick that these people are not suppose to be here, yet receive from our government things that American people can’t get!! SEND her back to Mexico !! If she wants to come back, let her do it the LEGAL way. GET in line and wait her turn!!!

    • Adam Horwitz

      You know what you’re problem is? You’re getting angry at some figment of your imagination. “I would bet anything she receives welfare/food stamps…” That’s what you’re mad at. You’ve transferred some inner hatred toward people who accept assistance onto this woman and other illegals. You don’t know if she received assistance, just like you don’t know if any other illegal received assistance. But you decided, on your own, to be against her being here…for what? Wanting a better life?

      Who cares if she or anyone else wants to live here. How does it affect you?

      • Daniel Sutter

        Cool, I can come and live in your garage. Since law isn’t a factor, I can steal your stuff and live a better life. Why go do anything legal?

        • Jeff

          Mind if I join ?? I’ll bring the beer , mad dog, and steaks that I will buy with food stamps Adam is paying for.

          • Adam Horwitz

            You guys are doing exactly what I commented on. You’re mad at something you make up. Who is squatting in garages and stealing personal property? Where is that part of the illegal experience?

            If being illegal is really so bad, why do you have to use hypotheticals as your argument against?

          • Daniel Sutter

            Its funny how liberals ignore the high cost to social services, high cost to tax payers for free health care, the high incarceration rate and cost, high crime rate that are caused by illegal immigrants. All hard facts, all documented. Can’t pick and chose, lets make all them legal so we can get more votes for democrats. Were mad about the facts the liberals ignore. And if you can’t get exaggerated examples were using, you just proved that you are one of the blind sheep the liberals soo much depend on.

          • Alan Pugh

            OK, let’s take this from the top:
            “high cost to social services”
            “free health care”
            “incarceration rate”
            “crime rate”
            Please provide evidence that this working mother is getting assistance, free healthcare, has committed a crime or been in prison. I’ll wait.

          • Daniel Sutter

            Sorry Alan that you have your head so far in the sand that you don’t listen to real news. Take a little walk across the internet and find out how the illegals are weighing down California, gang problems where the majority of the members are illegal, or the countless other problems of the low life’s. You are truly the backbone of the left, a typical blind sheep.

          • Alan Pugh

            How is this woman weighing down California’s economy or causing gang problems? She’s in Lorain.

          • ekwaykway

            You are joking, right? If you can’t understand Daniel’s point, maybe you should find something else to do in your spare time. I hope you don’t vote.

          • Alan Pugh

            The article is about this specific woman. My earlier comment was about this specific woman. He’s over here trying to force some random and unrelated point about California and you’re questioning MY intelligence? You guys are bizarre.

          • ekwaykway

            Having read your post, I felt you were being facetious.

          • Daniel Sutter

            This is a tear jerk article to push forward the agenda of the Immigration Reform Act that is being pushed by the left. Everybody at some level feels sorry for her, but it doesn’t justify her being her illegally of her own free will. There is a point where blind sheep become stupid sheep, usually right before the slaughter.

          • Alan Pugh

            Yeah, the young teenager that came here with her parents –on her own free will.– Right. Because when your parents move, they ask you if you wanna, you know, just stay behind.

          • Daniel Sutter

            Read the story………….

          • Alan Pugh

            That was a helpful comment.

            “Barron, who was illegally brought to the United States from Mexico by her parents when she was a teenager…”

            Thanks for reminding me to read the story. It confirmed what I just told you.

          • Daniel Sutter

            Wow, you should re read the story completely…. The entire story, don’t stop when you find just what you want… But thanks for making me look good.

          • Daniel Sutter

            Figuring that you are a little challenged, here is the part that you said wasn’t there.

            “That fear grew after Barron’s mother died in 2000. Her mother had moved back to Mexico earlier that year, and — though she knew it was a dangerous risk — Barron traveled to Mexico for her mother’s funeral. When she tried to return to the United States, she was turned away at the border.

            She managed to find a way back but that moment put a target on her back.

            “That was the first time they knew I was (undocumented),” she said.”

          • Daniel Sutter

            How could she know it would be a “dangerous risk” and then say after that she just realized that she was “undocumented”

          • John Green

            My thoughts exactly Alan… It’s not even worth it to try and discuss this issue with these people. They can stick to their low class Lorain hill billy mentalities.

          • Bob Owens

            Show us some numbers.

          • Daniel Sutter

            Just look up any subject about California and it’s collapse.

          • Bob Owens

            No, YOU show us these numbers. You’re making the claim.

          • Daniel Sutter

            If I spend a hour detailing you all the facts, then you’ll just say it biased and false. I am not making any exaggerated claims. If you pay attention to real life, not obama and his propagandist then you would have a clue. Go back and only listen to one side of a story and have fun with your unicorns.

          • Daniel Sutter

            Google, proof, go check it out.. Stay away from FWD and such sites and you can get some facts.

          • Bob Owens

            Show us some numbers then.

          • Bob Sweatt

            I will bring the smart tv and we can steal Adam’s WiFi and cable so we don’t miss any tv.

      • Jeff

        Dude, REALLY ??? You know damn well a lot of these ( most of ) people receive assistance !!! or maybe you just want to be ignorant to it. Either way, why do you take your entire salary , give it to the government and let them use it to support the freeloaders instead of mine.

        • Mark B

          He probably doesn’t have a salary , that’s why he is so much for handouts

          • Jeff


        • Alan Pugh

          “These people”
          DING DING I think we’ve found the problem.

        • willlam

          Prove It!

          • Jeff

            prove what ??

          • Border Patrol

            All Mexicans bring the US are roaches and they are dirty its like they never shower or clean up after themselves. They dont get health insurance so they can go to hospitals and get free health care that us Americans pay out of our pocket. GET A JOB BEANERS AND GET HEALTH INSURANCE OR GO BACK SOUTH DIRTY F***S

        • Bob Owens

          Show us some of these numbers.

      • Zen Grouch

        What magical kingdom do you live in where schools aren’t overcrowded and Spanish speakers aren’t paid special attention to?

        If you do live in such a special place, enjoy it while you can, because before you know it, the rest of the U.S. will look like Southern California and Chicago.

    • Jeff

      Unfortunately, with the type of government we have, this will always be a problem. The congressmen, senators etc just want to tiptoe around these issues for fear they might not get re-elected because unfortunately the “Caucasians” are now the minority in the USA. There are many easy fixes to the immigration problems but no one is willing to enforce the laws let alone pass new ” workable ” laws !!

    • km

      Linda, I think we should send YOU to Mexico lol get educated honey. Undocumented immigrants cannot receive any government assistance. Your racist comments are what is sickening. You should be ashamed.

      • Kapil

        km is playing Americans are fools!
        Everybody knows that illegals are given licenses, benefits and tuition-breaks. Hussein has excluded illegals from Obamacare penalty.

        • willlam

          Only in Cali.are they given licenses,benes’ and tuition breaks.

      • Chris

        Yes she did. Her children were all paid for by the tax payers when they were born here in the US illegally. They are being educated in our lousy tax payer education system. There mother hasn’t even come close to contributing any where near that amount to our society

    • willlam

      Only citizens of These United States can receive govt. assistance period. Mostly White Americans.

  • 2111

    I’m not sure how you get married and divorced without documents, something doesn’t add up.
    Hopefully now that she is known by officials and has a license she isn’t eligible for our public assistance while waiting to send her back.

    • John Boy

      The story doesn’t really add up. She went to Mexico when her mother died and she knew she was taking a risk, but didn’t know she was an illegal, er I mean undocumented until she was denied re-entry into the US. To me that doesn’t make sense. What was this risk if she didn’t know she was illegal?
      Where is the father of the children and why isn’t he supporting them? How could she get divorced, isn’t that a legal procedure? Many more questions that answers in this article.

  • Zen Grouch

    **To stay with them — that’s all I ask…**

    Nobody said she can’t take her precious kids with her to whichever country she’s deported to.

    I mean, all she wants to be, is with her kids, right?

    • Jeff

      Zen….As much as I disagree with most of your ramblings on here…I actually agree with you on this 1. May she also feel free to take all her cousins, baby daddies, and her whole clan with her wherever she goes

      • John Green

        Jeff Your idiotic ignorance continues to show through your comments. You sound stupid, PLEASE get educated on this issue

        • Jeff

          Illegal is Illegal….The End !!!

          • Alan Pugh

            When did the natives give your family permission to move here and steal land?

          • Daniel Sutter

            History, Originally alot of land was bought from natives, Some natives didn’t even have a concept of land ownership or territory (but by the time settlers did get to those, they sure did screw the natives).

          • 2111

            When did the natives give your family permission to move here and steal land?
            This is a weak argument used by the ignorant that don’t understand what a sovereign nation is. The natives were nomads that had no infrastructure or national security. They had no land ownership, property laws or rule of law. We have set up a nation with a tax based infrastructure to allow equal opportunity to commerce for all. We expect some sacrifice from all to ensure and enforce laws that make all of this possible.
            Expecting the whole world to abandon borders and laws that reflect their territorial culture just because in some point of time these borders or laws didn’t exist is beyond worthy of a discussion. A rational intelligent honest person wouldn’t enter into such a discussion with such a weak premise to their argument. The comparison is absurd and ridiculous, keep hanging your hat on such weak bases and we can pretty much ignore your input since it isn’t contributing any amount of value.

          • wow

            “We have set up a nation with a tax based infrastructure to allow equal opportunity to commerce for all.” For all?? The “natives” you speak of didn’t have equal opportunity for commerce, dude.

          • Zen Grouch


            Sounds like the modern day dilemma where Israel feels entitled to build settlements and build walls on Palestinian land.

          • Jeff

            300 yrs ago. and I bought it for a silver spoon

    • michelle

      She was taken here by her parents as a sixteen year old. Her children were born here. You want to send them to dirt poor poverty and cartel violence. She wants to save them from that.

      • Zen Grouch

        She should blame her parents for her dilemma then.

        How responsible is it to bring a 16 year old girl into another country illegally, then wait all of a year before giving/selling her to a man, WITHOUT the protection of wedded bliss, to be taken across that country so that she can basically pump out anchor babies?

        • michelle

          Blaming her parents doesn’t help her situation.

          • Zen Grouch

            In many circumstances sending lawbreakers to prison doesn’t help their situations either.

      • golfingirl

        Dirt poor poverty? Drug violence?

        If this is what she was trying to escape, why did she come to Lorain?

        Could have saved herself the trip and lived in Mexico and had the same experience.

        • michelle

          Nice glib retort. You and I both know how bad it is in Mexico. She is a hard worker and although she has burdened herself with too many children, she is trying. I know of others who work really hard, and are an asset to their community.

          • golfingirl

            So, where is the line drawn in your mind?

            Do we only allow her to remain here? Do we allow all Mexicans? Or do we allow all illegal immigrants, from all countries, who were lucky enough to cross the border and not get caught for years?

            Should we have “selective” enforcement of immigration laws? If so, what is your definition of those who should be exempt from the laws of the United States?

  • tomfeher

    her story spurred response around the undocumented community, many of whom signed a petition to grant her a longer stay here. There you go ICE, deport everyone on the petition. They can’t be bothered to learn our language, they may get “upset” by students in California wearing clothes with the American flag on them, but they have no problem taking that gringo dinero

    • Alan Pugh

      Can’t be bothered to learn our language? She was quoted in English, genius. Is that the language you’re talking about?

      • Daniel Sutter

        Just don’t get generalizations based off statistics do you?

        • Alan Pugh

          This article isn’t about the broader population. It’s about the struggle of one single family in Lorain.

          • golfingirl

            No, it is about the “broad” immigration policy of the United States, which needs to be consistent across all illegal immigrants from every country.

            So if she can stay, so can everyone else? Or only if they have four kids? Maybe the number is three? Maybe only if they are divorced and have four kids?

            Where is the line drawn in your mind? Or is there no line?

            Do we just open the borders to all?

            I do feel sorry for her, but she created this and needs to be held accountable. Maybe you can lend a “helping hand.” I am sure she could use your financial support.

          • Daniel Sutter

            This is a tear jerk article to push forward the agenda of the Immigration Reform Act that is being pushed by the left. Everybody at some level feels sorry for her, but it doesn’t justify her being her illegally of her own free will. Silly sheep.

  • Robin Michael Rush

    First, as a parent, I feel for the woman wanting to raise her children in a better place. However, there are a lot of holes in this story. Sounds like she’s been under the radar for nearly 20 years. I have friends who live in Arizona that report illegal trafficking is big business in the border states.

  • Zen Grouch

    In California, Hispanics outnumber Blacks, and this year will overtake Whites as being the majority race in the state.

    Now illegals will be able to legally apply for and receive California Driver’s Licenses.

    If an insured patient comes to a hospital in an ambulance, they can be turned away due to overcrowding. And this paying customer will be turned away if the ER is too full of Mexicans who use the hospitals as their primary care giver, unable to pay their bills.

    The feds make it illegal to turn away a Mexican or anybody else who walks into an ER and asks for a doctor to treat their kid who has the sniffles.

    ER’s are shutting down left and right due to the insane costs of treating illegals for free.

    So much needs to be done to correct this situation, and nobody on the left or right is doing a thing, for fear of losing the Mexican vote.

    Funny thing is…

    The Mexicans who came here legally and DO vote, aren’t crazy about the line jumpers who feel no need to immigrate the proper way… The way many of our grandparents did.

    The system is broke, and not enough people want to fix it, for fear of being perceived as being politically incorrect.

  • Daniel Sutter

    She re-entered the USA illegally as a adult, knowing that she is committing a crime. After that the childhood part shouldn’t even be considered. What we need is a refugee camp on the boarder and conditionally bring in people that want to better themselves(that are not criminals or boarder jumpers), not get government freebees (aka, Obama supporter).

  • Phil Blank

    She is illegal, but what about the people in Rocky River. she works for?
    Are they not committing a crime also by enabling her to stay here and possible working her at low wages too boot!

  • Phil Blank

    Why are there NEVER any carriage breaks after each paragraph in Chronicle articles?
    Did they forget how to hit the “enter key:?

  • voxclamantisindeserto

    The amount of vitriol and hatred in these responses is remarkable. I suppose all you Americans had ancestors who were born right here in this country. My ancestors came from England and Ireland. They ran smack into real native Americans, and some of them treated the natives abominably. Just like we continue to do to ppl who come here in search of a better life. And BTW, just for laughs: why don’t you try reading about what our policies like NAFTA and GATT and etc are doing to other countries, Mexico for example — how ppl living under those policies are forced out of desperation to flee untenable situations? Kind of like what European settlers did when they came to this country — trying to make a better, less violent life for themselves and their families.

    • GreatRedeemer

      My first ancestor came during the civil war and fought essentially as what we call today a soldier of fortune. Of course he was here legally, unlike the articles main character who sneaked across the border and has known all along that she is breaking the law.

      • Daniel Sutter

        Crossed the boarder TWICE.

    • John Boy

      If Mexico and Canada don’t want to participate in NAFTA they didn’t have to sign the agreement. GATT has been replaced by the WTO, not sure exactly the issue you have with it. You might be thinking of CAFTA, but that is the same as NAFTA the countries choose to participate because it is in their best interest to participate.
      I agree with you we should throw open the doors and let anyone that wants to come to US come on in. In 2011 only 54% of Americans paid any Federal income tax, how could millions more people not paying taxes hurt. It’s not like the country don’t have the money we can just tax those 54% more. The unemployment rate is only 6.6% right now (not including workers who have stopped seeking employment) I can’t imagine opening the borders anymore than what they are now could cause the needle to move on that either. That doesn’t even include the healthcare and education epidemic the states in the southwest face because of illegals. Yes it makes perfect sense.

    • Joe Smith

      All my ancestors got here legally by whatever law that was in place or no law in place at the time

    • Daniel Sutter

      Sorry if our ancestors obeying the law of the land is offensive for to you. I am not sorry that none of ancestors mistreated native americans. You should be asking why the politicians are setting up refugee camps and letting the people in the country that want a hand up, not a hand out?? This blanket forginess to increase their voter base is the worst hing I have heard from the left (did’t work for the right 20 years ago and now we want to repeat it?????, isn’t that the definition of insanity)

  • GreatRedeemer

    “Because she was undocumented, she
    could not apply for welfare or food stamps, which has made providing basic
    necessities for her family difficult.”

    Um, your here illegally it shouldn’t be

  • Daniel Sutter

    Isn’t it funny how the democrats don’t want to streamline the immigration process for Mexican citizens, they just want blanket forgiveness to all them (the good, the criminals, the deadbeats). Liberals’ stop complaining about the right stopping immigration reform (which is just forgiveness) and start complaining to the democrats about not putting out a good streamline process of immigration.

    • Kapil

      Now, Democrats are using American tax-dollars to give illegals all the benefits, even while piling on the national debt. Which means, Democrats are stealing from Americans, current and future, just to grab political power. Democrats want VOTES on the back of hard-working, tax-paying honest Americans, even as illegals murder, loot and rape the same hard-working, tax-paying honest Americans, voting for Democrats.

      • Zen Grouch

        **Now, Democrats are using American tax-dollars to give illegals all the benefits, even while piling on the national debt.**

        And the Republican’ts are doing absolutely nothing about it, either because doing something/anything would not serve their self interest…

        …or, they’re powerless to fight the will of the Liberals.

        Either way, it doesn’t look good when the Liberals are looting and raping the hard working American citizens, and the Republican’ts sit back and do nads!

        **…maybe they’ve convinced themselves that sloppy seconds aren’t all that bad**

    • Zen Grouch

      Why don’t the Republican’ts ferret ‘em out, round ‘em up and send ‘em back to where they came from?

      Because they’re too chicken s***, that’s why.

      I mean, unless there’s another reason they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

      • Daniel Sutter

        Again you show your not even paying attention to whats going in in the country. Arizona tried, liberals won, and people wounder why the country is going to crap.

        • Zen Grouch

          Isn’t that always the excuse…

          **We want to do the right thing, but we’re powerless when it comes to opposing the might of the Liberals.**

          -broken record for the ignorant sheep-

          • Daniel Sutter

            You do prove yourself a mindless liberal sheep(again and again). The feds told Arizona to stand down, they to stand down enforcing the federal law (somehow liberals think it profiling to arrest Illegals). But the liberals don’t report on Oklahoma that does arrest and deport illegals.
            You again prove yourself just on the other side of brain dead. Keep smoking your pot and collecting your government check.

          • Zen Grouch

            Funny how you managed to take the subject of immigration reform, then narrow it waaay down to whatever is going on in a state on the other side of the country AFTER it’s pointed out to you that the Republican’ts are too weak and feeble to go against the Liberals.

            What is it? You see what happened in Arizona, then roll over on your backs to show the Liberals the soft underbelly of the defeated?

            **We should have elected a Kenyan to the Presidency a LOOOONG time ago!**

          • Daniel Sutter

            Too bad nobody is actually reading this. But thank you for proving my point about liberals. Just keep puff puff pass going.

          • Zen Grouch

            Q: How come you Republican’ts refuse to do anything about the illegal aliens?

            A: We haven’t permission from the Liberals.

            **What am I missing?**

          • Daniel Sutter

            Some states are, but your obama media doesn’t report that. Arizona did and you liberal got your panties in such a twist about enforcing federal laws that their law was found unconstitutional by you liberal. But it is amazing that Oklahoma does that and nothing from you liberals. Since our treasonous president wont enforce the law (remember when he lied, sorry got to be allot more specific, and said the wall was almost done when the small segment was only 10 percent done).
            But don’t worry, liberals are losing seats next election and then we can start getting some things done.

          • Zen Grouch

            My “Obama media” isn’t reporting what’s going on?

            How do you know which media outlets I pay attention t…

            …Oh, yeah! Easy enough assumption that I never watch or listen to Rush or Faux!

            YOU Got me there! You got me GOOD!

            **Sheesh…. you are a marionette and they’re yanking your strings so hard I’m surprised they aren’t all broken!**

          • Daniel Sutter

            You want me to comment on a democrat controlled federal government on why the republicans aren’t doing anything and mocking the right on how they need liberals permission to do anything. You are right, with the left in charge we cant get anything done. How in the world could the right get anything done with a group of liberals that couldn’t agree an anything when they had the entire congress for two years, and yet liberal idiots still blame the right???? Really. Obama shuts down the government and its the republicans, the only ones at the negotiation table, the only ones passing a budget. but yet its the republicans. I can go all night talking with facts on how stupid liberals/obama supporters are. But at last all the poles show that people are sick of this current administration and its supporters. Even the comments in the chronicle’s forum show that the people of leftest county of Lorain is sick of the left.
            Keep smoking your dope and leave us adults to talk.(sure you will say I am ranting or such other distraction to make you feel better) At least I use my real name (that’s what grown ups do when they are not stoned)

          • Zen Grouch

            **Even the comments in the chronicle’s forum show that the people of leftest county of Lorain is sick of the left.**

            Hardly a scientific and balanced sampling, when the board is full of people like Ellie May who admit they are here just to be disagreeable, and obviously have very closed minds.

            Anyway, the discussion was something along the lines of why it seems the Republican’ts are for illegal immigration or powerless against the Liberals.

            When Bush Jr. was in office spouting *NINLEVEN!* every time he’d get a brain freeze, was the perfect time to protect our borders rather than borders on the other side of the world which actually had NOTHING to do with 9/11.

            Anyway, if the Republican’ts dropped the ball then (probably because they didn’t want to disenfranchise the Hispanics they needed as cannon fodder) they did it on purpose, or are as about inept as it gets.

            Thing is, the Republicans who are Republicans for good reason, you know, the ones who manipulate the ignorant red necks for their vote, don’t want to do a thing about the illegals for fear of losing the Hispanic vote, and they’re gonna need that when they parade out either Jeb or his olive skinned son come the next election.

          • Zen Grouch

            Remember when Jr. was in the White House and this thing he referred to as -NINELEVEN- every chance he got for YEARS happened?

            If ever there was a time to shut down the borders and root out every illegal and send ‘em back to where they came from, THEN was the time.

            But he did nothing.

            OK, I was messing with you when I said the Republican’ts were totally powerless to go against the will of the Democrats…

            …not true, because keeping the illegals here IS the will of the Republican’ts. They just tell the sheep otherwise.

            If they really wanted to, they could start the process of being more aggressive when it comes to deporting those who are here illegally under the CURRENT laws.

            I just think it’s cute the way the idiots believe the Republican’t Party has their best interest at heart.

            They only care about getting elected, even if it means getting in bed with the Tea Baggers…

            …a decision they deeply regret now that their party is in a shambles.

            **OLA! Pass ME the tequila Jeb!**

  • Joe Smith

    I bet a thief lives the same nightmare wondering if they are going to get busted some day, what’s your point??

  • Mark B

    Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam and prove they can provide their own health care.

    — Illegal entry into the country is equivalent to a felony punishable by two years’ imprisonment. Document fraud is subject to fine and imprisonment; so is alien marriage fraud. Evading deportation is a serious crime; illegal re-entry after deportation is punishable by ten years’ imprisonment. Foreigners may be kicked out of the country without due process.
    Maybe we should treat her with Mexico’s laws ?

  • Bob Sweatt

    The question of rather or not this woman is or ever was on assistance has come into play in these comments.

    My question is this. If she hasn’t used assistance then how has she paid for food and a place to live for her and her four kids.

    If she never used assistance. Then she was working jobs illegally. If she does have a social security number. She hasn’t been playing taxes.

    If she is allowed to stay. She so be investigated by the IRS and be made to play all the taxes she hasn’t paid the entire time she has been here.

    But that is just my opinion.

  • golfingirl

    The sympathy many have toward allowing otherwise law-abiding illegal aliens to stay in this country is emotionally powerful, but it is not grounded in reality or truth.

    A very large percentage of the illegal alien population has violated numerous laws. For example, any illegal alien who has filled out an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form is likely guilty of perjury. This requires them to attest, under penalty of perjury, they are a citizen of the United States, or an alien authorized to work in this country. Obliviously, this was not the case here.

    Enforcement of ALL laws is necessary for the protection of the interests of legal residents. She had no driver’s license, therefore no insurance. Who pays if she is involved in an accident?

    Of course, even when the law was enforced when she returned from her mother’s funeral, and she was punished by not allowing her to re-enter the country, she took advantage of the porous nature of our borders and returned to the United States again anyway.

    An uncompromising commitment to the rule of law is critical in any society. Yet immigration laws are routinely violated and too many politicians, and local police departments, including Lorain’s own Police Chief, spend their time looking for ways to avoid holding the violators accountable for their actions. This unwillingness to support the rule of law simply encourages more illegal activity and more illegal immigration.

    So, should we allow ALL illegal immigrants to freely enter our country, roam our streets, or only if they are from Mexico? How can you limit it to illegals from only one country? What if they are from Iraq? How about Syria?

    If we allow immunity to one nationality, how can we not grant the same privilege to others? Even to those from countries, which are sworn enemies of the United States.

    Why are Mexicans “special,” and what entitles them to privileges that we do not extend to illegals form all other countries in the world? If we are going to allow illegals from Mexico, isn’t only fair to allow them from all countries?

    Think about it!!

    • Kelvin Gray

      Hmm…this sounds SOOOOO familiar. Different name though. I may be wrong but, I may not be.

      • Zen Grouch

        I didn’t want to say anything since the poor guy went to sooo much trouble to build this character.

        I like the way he came here proclaiming to avoid this kind of banter, and keeps to the sporting sections. Going so far as to make 2 half a**ed posts in the sports section before coming here with an almost psychic knowledge and preconceived notion about all contributing!

        Yep… something’s almost magical about how new players enter the game every time the deluded psycho gets OWNED! One vanishes (save for limited performances) and another is born anew!

        Kind of sad the way each of his characters dabbles with humor in the same pathetic way, leaving the same stinking thumbprint on everything. Even sadder that he believes he’s pulling one over on everybody!

        He really should stick to non-social hobbies, like stamp collecting, or male prostitution.

        • Kelvin Gray

          Well formerlorainresident, currently living in Avon seems to be impersonating a female. But NO woman that I know goes on and on like this in an internet post. Interesting.

          • Zen Grouch

            I just wonder if he dresses in drag before knocking out his boring posts as a “woeman.”

  • John Green

    Just an idea, have any of you guys thought about joining the KKK? It Definitely says something that Cell Rivera the CHIEF POLICE OF LORAIN(who is also Puerto Rican) is supporting this young lady as well as other undocumented immigrants. You all need compassion!!!! This is a country based on freedom and opportunity.

    • 2111

      have any of you guys thought about joining the KKK?

      What does joining a group of ignorant lawless thugs that
      didn’t respect the rights of legal Americans have to do with respecting the
      laws and wanting them enforced? Assuming that wanting laws enforced because of
      some sort of prejudice is short sighted and reflective of a personal prejudice.
      I’m certain that if there were a mass influx of illegal invaders from Canada
      the same people would be speaking out. There are people from all over the world
      waiting their turn, going through proper channels trying to get here. All are
      welcome and if they have met all the criteria to get in it’s a reasonable
      expectation that they will be productive positive citizens. Circumventing our protocol
      for entry doesn’t give us the chance to ensure if you are welcome or needed.
      Not a difficult concept to understand.

    • SniperFire

      30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.

      You probably didn’t know that, because you get your news on the topic from media which just present weepy feel-good or feel-bad stories about it – completely ignoring the destruction caused by permitting illegal invasion in this Nation.

      • Zen Grouch


        **7. “30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.”

        Both of these claims can be traced back to that same April 1, 2006, episode of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on CNN, in the same segment, with the same correspondent, Christine Romans. But the e-mail misrepresents what Romans said. She gave figures for people who are “not U.S. citizens,” a category that would include legal residents as well as “illegal aliens.”

        Romans said that “according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 30
        percent of federal prisoners are not U.S. citizens,” adding that “most are thought to be illegal aliens.” Actually, the Federal Bureau of Prisons does not keep figures on illegal immigrants. What solid numbers we can find point to a much smaller figure. A Department of Justice report from 2003 found that only 1.6 percent of the state and federal prison populations was under Immigration and Customs Enforcement jurisdiction, and thus known to be illegal immigrants. Half of these prisoners were detained only because they were here illegally, not for other crimes.

        The Bureau of Prisons does track prisoners by offense when information is available. By that metric, 10.7 percent of prisoners in federal jails were incarcerated for immigration offenses in 2009. In 2006, when Romans gave her report, the figure was 10.2 percent.

        The “$3 million dollar a day” figure is based on the false assumption that 30 percent of all inmates are illegal immigrants, and thus is greatly inflated.**

        • SniperFire

          Stoner trots out the discredited Leftist hacks at ‘’ as a source. LOL

          • Zen Grouch

            Prove ‘em wrong Sweet Cheeks!

            Oh, wait… I almost forgot!

            YOU are a Republican’t, therefore everything you say should be taken as the truth!

            **…almost ‘code browned’ myself there**

          • SniperFire

            Have your boyfriend read you the statistics from the GAO report. LOL.


          • Zen Grouch

            -What’s that Bubbles?-
            -OK, I’ll ask her.-

            My boyfriend Bubbles wanted me to ask you, where exactly in that 3 year old, 71 page report are your assertions backed up…

            -That’s OK Bubbles, she can look up “assertions” if she has to.-

            Sorry for the interruption.

            Page number(s) and paragraph(s) would be a darling jesture!


          • SniperFire

            Face it stoner. You are low hanging fruit. ROTFL.

          • Zen Grouch

            -Yes Bubbles, she does seem to be interested in my low hanging fruits, but she’s WAY too Butch for me!-

            -Yes, I know Bubbles! If she can’t come up with a page number and paragraph to prove she isn’t a stupid cow, then she’s even dumber than I previously thought.-

    • Bob Sweatt

      Wow, just because we feel different then you, we are all racist. But of course bring race into it, if it helps your cause.

      I shouldn’t have even responded to such a moronic comment. But I couldn’t help myself.

    • golfingirl

      Answer the above question please.

      Should illegal aliens be limited only to a select few countries?

      If so, what countries and how can we discriminate and favor one country over any other?

      If you deny any particular race or nationality and do not apply the law across the board, I would think you are the one who should be carrying a KKK card.

      My position is consistent and does not discriminate against any race.Unless you are wiling to let everyone in, you are the one who holds the prejudice.

      Above you state, “This is a country based on freedom and opportunity.” It is also a country based on laws. Without them, we would have no country.

      So, where do we draw the line? Mexicans only? If so, why?

    • Border Patrol

      All mexicans without papers should be shot on site like Hitler did to the Jews in Germany.

    • Zen Grouch

      **Funny, but didn’t Romney say that Russia would be the USA’s #1 geopolitical foe during the campaign?**

      Free to flood our E.R.s and schools to the breaking point while enjoying the opportunities to have children they can’t take care of on their own, perhaps?

  • bpbatista

    An unfortunate situation, but where is the father of her children? How was she able to get married and get a drivers license? Does she have a phony social security number? Has she voted? Who are her employers in Rocky River? Are they paying her under the table — or do they pay the FICA taxes for her? Does she receive any public assistance?

    Lots of follow up questions for an intrepid reporter.

    • Mark B

      You wont have to worry about the follow up questions because they will not now or ever be ask because that would not support the cause. Only the Liberal propaganda is allowed in any news source in america.

  • stop ur whining part deux

    She is crying foul now? Just because you have had kids and made a life here does not mean we should not toss ur a$$ out. Maybe you should have thought about all this years ago instead of waiting until you are caught. Good riddance, cant get her out of here fast enough. The only down side is that her kids, who were born here will latch on to the government teet once she is forced to leave.

  • onesears

    Simple.. BUH BYE!

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Nice sob story, but we have laws for good reasons. It is important in cases like these, we look at them from 25,000 feet.

    Lorain should be ashamed of Cel Rivera; his job is to enforce standing laws.

    • stillsleepyeyes

      ashamed of cel…………………nope………that’s gardwennie’s puppet……..lorain is proud of there political puppets…………….they keep voting them back in…………….

  • golfingirl


    So when you say an illegal immigrant does not have a right to be in the United States, remember the history of your own land-stealing ancestors. They were guilty of the same activities you now condemn today’s immigrants for committing.

    We socialists can’t talk about anything without bringing up history. It’s one of the greatest tools Karl Marx has encouraged us to use. History is everything – it is the process of struggle. It defines our perspectives and us. Without it, without knowing it, the debate is obsolete.

    For the long term, we’d like to see economic justice for all displaced people. That will come in many forms, including free housing, healthcare, education, social services, food and even reparations. We will get there some day. For now, we must tread lightly, as Americans are not yet ready for our superior society.

    We want to see the overthrow of capitalism, because we see it at the root of the oppression of all nationalities. We believe this revolution must be led by the poor, by people of color, , since most immigrants belong to those ranks.

    We will succeed in creating an International socialism. A world without borders, a world without nation-states. Be patient my friends; cases like the one written about in these pages may seem trite, but are just another step in achieving our ultimate goal.

    Our beloved leader, Karl Marx is smiling from his grave. If he were among us today, he would personally thank Cel Rivera for his efforts. Those who embrace immigration, in the face laws prohibiting it, are true heroes. We salute you comrade Rivera, for not following the oath you took to defend the Constitution, but rather your own heart in this effort.

    Yes, the lady we speak of today is only a very small step toward realizing our goal, but nevertheless a very important step.

    To all those who support us on these pages, we salute you!


    Barack Obama

    • ekwaykway

      The machinery of capitalism is oiled by the blood of the workers.

      • golfingirl

        Yes Comrade,

        Capitalism is nothing more than an odious lie that peddles false hopes to the masses.

        It is designed to slaughter everyone who participates in it so that the richest 1% can drink our blood.

        Our aim must be the overthrow of the crisis-ridden system of capitalism and its replacement with socialism.

        Did you know, M&M’s Red are actually soviet double agents, who will destroy U.S. capitalism from within. A devious plot I know, but it will assist in providing the outcome we desire.

        Now let’s get back to helping our comrade from Elyria in her efforts to stay in the U.S illegally for the “sake of her children.” Americans are an sympathetic group, this strategy has proven to be effective in the past.

        • ekwaykway

          Lmao…Great post!

      • Joe Smith

        The machinery of socialism is oiled by the blood of the the workers too, the only difference is with capitalism the workers are the ones who benefit from their hard work.

        • ekwaykway

          Yes, workers in a socialist society get the same compensation whether they are productive or not. Therein lies the crucil flaw, no incentive to work.

    • Border Patrol

      Mexicans are the scourge of the earth. they need to be dealt with like a cockroach infestation. Hitler had it right.

  • JoyceEarly

    Shame on the Chronicle for writing a story about a criminal in such a way we’ll somehow all feel sorry for her. Just becasue she has kids doesn’t make her a charity case. Send them all back to Mexico. Do it legal, or go home! This is the agenda to add many more Democrats to the voting ranks, so they can continue to vote for more free stuff for themselves on the backs of the productive.

    • SniperFire

      What… you were expecting fair and balanced reporting from the C-T?

      They have gone ‘all in’ hard Left.

  • Zen Grouch

    **“It made me feel ashamed of what we’re doing,” Rivera said. “I told
    them, ‘You can put your signs down. We’re on the same side.’”…

    …“It’s not our job to enforce federal law,” Rivera said, adding that
    the goal of the new policy is to create a better connection between
    undocumented people and police.**

    Time for a new police chief if this guy doesn’t know the difference in “enforcing” federal laws and assisting the federal agencies who do enforce those *LAWS!*

    Thing is… once Lorain is inundated with illegals, since they can blend in with the legal Hispanic population, Cel’s gonna be mayor, then maybe Patron of the entire state of Hohio!

    **make sure your kids learn how to speak Spanish and Chinese in school**

  • golfingirl

    From a man living in Pakistan, he writes:

    I am Mahnoor, I live in Pakistan, way up in the mountains, I attend a camp, it is fun. I learn to shoot, climb walls, make things that go boom. I even learn to cut off people’s heads there, but have never done so yet.

    I want to come to United States, to make a better life for myself. United States say no. I say, but if a Mexican can come to United States I can too. I have never made a crime. My sister even live there.

    I hope they let me in. I am no different than someone from Mexico. Many people in United States feel that I should be allowed, even if I do not like Americans much. I hope these people win so I can cross the border and not be sent back home if caught.

    So, please open your borders to me and my friends. If you open them for one, you must open them for all. This is the kind thing to do. I only want to make my life better. I promise no harm. You can trust me.

    I promise not to cry and use all your Kleenex either.

    Hmmm….so do we let them all in?

    • Zen Grouch

      If you believe someone in Pakistan wrote that…

      …I’ve got a check for $50 million with YOUR name on it! Umm, after you forward me a small processing fee of course.

      • golfingirl

        You silly man, of course it was not written by a man from Pakistan.

        I wrote it as a hyperbole, to make the point that if you allow one nationality unencumbered access to the United States, you have to allow all nationalities the same right. You can’t discriminate based on race, nationality, country of origin etc.

        So where do we draw the line? That was my point.

        • Zen Grouch

          **So where do we draw the line? That was my point.**

          I like to use funny as a reference point for starters…

          Would have been funnier if a Paki really was involved.

  • golfingirl

    Okay, this topic is beginning to bore me.

    But I do have another observation.

    13 years ago, she was caught at the border and told she could not re-enter the United States, following her mother’s funeral. To do so would be breaking the law, for the second time.

    Despite this, she re-entered illegally again. (Maybe she jumped a fence, I don’t know.)

    At that time, she had at most 2 children, based on their ages. (May have only had one, not sure)

    She comes back, and has at least two more children here, after she was stopped from re-entering years earlier.

    She knew she WOULD be deported once caught, but still had more children. At least two more. She knew the consequences and that someday she may have to leave them behind. But she still had them.

    So where is the personal responsibility in this story?

    I feel for the children, not the mother. She has been reckless in her behaviors and actions.

    • Border Patrol

      she should be sent to a concentration camp, And shot after found guilty of being a wet back border jumper.

      Her children should be forced into slave labor camps to pay back what their scummy mother has taken.

      • Guest

        And shot after found guilty of being a wet back border jumper.

        Her children should be forced into slave labor.

      • ekwaykway

        Are you currently living in North Korea?

  • golfingirl

    A humorous billboard in Arizona. Not making any point, just thought it was funny:

    • golfingirl

      Sorry, can’t attach it.

  • Bob Owens

    I find it interesting how brutal and cruel people can be when it comes to this topic. I remember a few years ago some of the nurseries in Avon were found to have been housing and employing “illegals” to work for them. Where was the outrage at the companies? I guess it’s OK as long as the companies don’t get caught.

    • golfingirl


      I asked this question several times below, in response to those who feel some here are being unfair to this woman, and illegal Mexican immigrants in general. I am sure among the illegal alien population, she is not an exception; and many, if not most, of these illegal immigrants face similar living conditions.

      I just cannot seem to get anyone who agrees with your perspective to answer the questions below:

      Should we allow ALL illegal immigrants to freely enter our country, roam our streets, or only if they are from Mexico? How can you limit it to illegals from only one country? What if they are from Iraq? How about Syria?

      If we allow immunity to one nationality, how can we not grant the same privilege to others? Even to those from countries, which are sworn enemies of the United States.

      It is about the broader topic of immigration policy in the United States, not just this one woman. Her case just happens to be “close to home.”
      Those on the border states deal with this every day.

      Again, just curious to hear your views on the above.

      • Bob Owens

        You obviously have this all figured out. You tend to stoke the flames with your continued use of the term “illegals” and then throw in “sworn enemies of the state”. There is no simple answer. Deport the ones who commit crimes and offer others a path to citizenship. They can be productive citizens and add to the economy. For those who have overstayed their educational visas and are no longer in school, then they should return home. Just deporting everyone would be too expensive. You seem to forget that this is a nation built on immigration. You additionally seem to have a disdain for them, regardless of their plight. This situation didn’t occur overnight and therefore won’t go away in the very near future.

        • golfingirl

          Actually, we agree here. A path for citizenship would be a positive move.

          But don’t we have one already? What do we do to those who chose to ignore it?

          It really is not fair to those who follow the process, to grant the same rights to those who avoid it.

          No, I don’t have it all figured out. It is complicated, but we can’t simply allow everyone to enter the country, take up residency and expect there to be no accountability to their actions.

          Secure the borders, put a reasonable process in place and they can stay. But they have to follow the laws, and if they choose to ignore them, they should be forced to leave and come back once they do.

          • Bob Owens

            Like I said in my original post on here, where was the outrage with the nursery owners who KNOWINGLY violated the law? They got a slap on the wrist. Honestly, there are more pressing things to be concerned about.
            The sad thing is that we have become a nation of fear, fear of those who are different than us. The major problems in this country aren’t due to undocumented people.

          • Bob Owens

            it is estimated that it would take five tears and $285 Billion to deport all the “illegal” immigrants here. That’s a lot of money, far more than they receive in “Government benefits. Many of these people do work and pay taxes.

          • SniperFire

            Would you let the entire third-world come in ‘undocumented,’ Bob? Why are you ducking the question?

        • SniperFire

          Would you offer the entire third-world this path to citizenship, Bob? If no, why not? You some kind of racist?

          • Bob Owens

            Wow. You pseudo patriots slay me.Race is a big factor here, but I’m far from a racist. BTW-you never answered my question-where is the outrage at the nurseries that housed AND hired them? I’m sure you have a second amendment remedy ready.

          • SniperFire

            Gutless non answer, but it is what I expected. Let’s try again. Would you offer the entire third-world that wants in this ‘path to citizenship’, or not? Is the question too hard for you?

          • Bob Owens

            Gutless? LOL. You’re the one on here using an alias. Big talk from behind the curtain.

          • SniperFire

            Notice again, Bob and his gutless non answer. He won’t tell us how many hundred of millions – or billions of third world invaders he would permit to overrun America. LOL

          • Bob Owens

            Let’s let ALL of them come here. Spend trillions to support them. I think that you’re afraid of them taking your benefits,

          • SniperFire

            AH! Bob finally gives up his argument and makes an Appeal to Ridicule logical fallacy to deflect from the FACT he has no answer to the question. LOL

          • Bob Owens

            I don’t know who you think you are.I’ll give you any type of answer i see fit. I gave an answer much earlier, you just didn’t like it. You’re boring me and childish. Come out from behind that alias.

          • SniperFire

            ‘.I’ll give you any type of answer i see fit.’

            LOL. How many billions of unskilled third worlders would you let invade America, Bob? Stop being so gutless and just give us a number. Afterall, you are arguing that our current million a year immegration policy is not good enough. Have a sack and give us a number, coward. LOL

          • Bob Owens

            And it’s funny how you people bring up the president, this has been a concern LONG before he was even elected. Misplaced anger. And, once again, why no outrage at the nursery owners. You people talk numbers- show us some numbers, not from heritage, AFP or FAIR.

          • SniperFire

            You are deflecting, Bob. How many billions of third-world invaders would you permit into America? Give us a number, or abandon your argument that conservatives are meanie haters because they want controls over our borders.

  • Arietta Sullivan

    the only thing that comes to mind…i’m hungry now,make a ruuuun for the border,taco bell :)

  • Nick25

    She cries because she’s illegal and she’s going to be deported, I cry because we’ve lost our country. I need an orange slice and a tissue.

    Give me a break, and she’s ILLEGAL not undocumented.

  • Cindy

    I feel sorry for this woman as her parents started her on a road full of sorrow. However, she knew she was here illegally as she knew to hide and not call attention to herself. Her employers are probably paying a self employed person, who takes care of her own taxes. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Let’s be real. Even if she goes back to Mexico, her children will help her get back legally in a few short years. If all she wants is to be with her children, go back to Mexico. There is no “fair” solution. Just a legal one

  • Simon Jester

    Oh no! I’ve committed crimes and now I’m scared that there may actually be consequences.

    Cry me a river, lady.

    • SniperFire

      Do do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  • Zen Grouch

    So the Republican’ts -are- powerless then!

    Yeah, but what about the 8 years Baby Bush was in office?

    Like his Brother Jeb or nephew Jose will do any better!


    • Daniel Sutter

      Republicans had control for two years 13 years ago and it’s all their fault. Really???? Dems just had two years of complete control and didn’t get anything done, could have taken care of tax loopholes instead of making more. Now the republican’s have weak leaders that are tip toeing around trying not to upset the liberal media and it’s idiot followers (some of those idiots won’t use their names in discussions). Jeb or a dead dog on the side of the road would be better then Clinton or even barry.

      • Zen Grouch

        Well, I guess the Republican’ts should learn how to play nice if they can’t get things done unless they have total power.

        But if they have your attitude, I don’t see that happening anytime before they totally melt down and have to start all over, a quieter and humbler Republican’t Party.

        **…after they dump those crazy Tea Baggers.**

        • Daniel Sutter

          Play nice???? Obama is Cartman and if you don’t do exactly what he wants he going home(shows his true privileged spoiled self). There is no working with this group of democrats. Even the tea party republicans have sit down to negotiate and across from them are nothing but vacant seats from the left.
          You sure do make obama proud with your blind support and it’s all the republicans fault mentality.

          Zen or what ever your grown up name is, go find a guy and get your repressed homosexual feeling taken care of, these uses of homosexual name calling is just your subconscious crying out to act on what you really want. (we all know you want Berry to be your downlow buddy)

          • Zen Grouch

            So… you really are stupid enough to believe you can change my mind about the Republican’ts by whipping copious amounts of horse paddies at the wall.

            And how dumb is it to accuse me of being a homophobe then let me in on the following brilliant observation you and your kind know to be the truth:

            **we all know you want Berry to be your downlow buddy**

            I’ll bet you’re such an idiot, you have no idea of what I’m talking about!

            Anyway, if you trolls don’t pick up the pace I’m gonna bug on out of here for a while ’till you regroup or accidentally shoot each other in the head.

            This s***’s boring.

          • Daniel Sutter

            WOW did I hit a nerve, usually what happens when you get close to the truth. But go ahead and hit that bong and hope life goes away. (liberals can dish out the derogatory homosexual accusations but gets all offensive if you do it) But keep up the name calling an negative and you will still be the laughing stock of this blog (no wonder you don’t dare use your real name)
            Back to looking for work, seeing the type of people don’t work just make me want not to be one of you idiot sheep.

          • Zen Grouch

            **WOW did I hit a nerve, usually what happens when you get close to the truth…**

            Now THAT’s spooky…

            …the way you can read me like a book!!!

            **Back to looking for work, seeing the type of people don’t work just make me want not to be one of you idiot sheep.**

            Not exactly sure what this means, but if you’re in a spot where you’re in between jobs and angry about it, that’s cool (cool, as in I can sympathize, not as in I relish the thought of rubbing salt into a basically good person’s wounds.)

            I wish you well and really don’t want to add to the negative feelings that come with some of the uncertainties of life.

  • Josephine Barron

    This Is A Lie Im Her Niece And Our City In Mexico Is Not Full Of Violence, Shes Just doing This To Make People Feel Sorry For Her, but Doesnt Feel Bad For Kicking Out My grandpa From His House In Mexico’! My Name Is Josephine Barron & I Believe She Is So dispicable And Cruel For Doing This Big Lie!