November 24, 2014


Audrey Saylor

Audrey Saylor (nee Leighty), 78, of Litchfield, passed away suddenly Sunday, March 2, 2014 at Medina Hospital.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete and will be announced by the Laubenthal-Mercado Funeral Home and Cremation Service of Elyria, (440) 322-4626.

  • William Skaggs

    Mrs. Paul Saylor, 03/02/2014

    Help wanted:

    Applicants must meet the following criteria

    1. Devoted:
    This person must be devoted to what they are doing in every aspect of their
    life, a person who does not waver from what their beliefs are, and what they
    stand for. A person who is a committed to Spouse, family, friends, and above
    all God.

    2. Honest:
    A person pure of heart, someone who you can look at and know that they will
    guide you in the right direction. Someone who is honest to themselves as well
    as all who know them. With the wisdom that comes with their years.

    3. Trustworthy:
    Someone who you would leave your worldly goods with, knowing that it was safe
    and always looked out for you. Never putting anything or anyone in harm’s way.

    4. Love Life:
    Someone who loves what life has to offer. Someone who loves the person
    they are. Not afraid to try new things. Looks positively at each day.

    5. Understanding:
    This person must allow others to find their way, but also offer guidance in
    areas that they know can be stumbling blocks. Not holding a grudge of malice to anything or anyone. Understand that forgiveness outweighs bitterness.

    6. Light Hearted:
    Able to take a joke, as well as give it back. Someone who does not
    take things to seriously, but also understands consequences of things going too far.

    7. Organized:
    Needed a good person who can keep things in order, both personally and with
    others. Someone who can give direction and take directions.

    8. Stern:
    A person who will say what they mean and mean what they say. Someone who can discern right from wrong. This person must be FIRM knowing how to keep things under control, and then knowing what it will take to do so.

    9. Provider:
    Need someone who can provide the needs for all. Someone who can stretch a
    nickel into a dime. Making sure that their home is open to all, and offering
    whatever they have openly and unselfishly.

    10. Loving:
    MOST IMPORTANT LOVING, this person must love God, Spouse, Children, Family, and Friends. IN THAT ORDER. Humble in what they have and what they do not have. But being grateful for both.

    Sorry this spot has been filled all others need not apply;


    Jesus Christ Lord of Lords welcome home

    Dear, Paul

    I don’t know if you know how much you’re Mom and Dad have touched my life, I look at all of the things that are listed and could add several more.
    I do know this; your MOM was a devoted woman who loved God, her Husband, family, and you her son. When I would sit and talked with her you could hear how grateful she was having you as her son, she just loved you. You made her proud.
    I remember the day you told me that your Mom and Dad were thinking of moving here, that it would great for them to be able to spend time with their family that they missed so much. I remember how excited you were to think that you would be able to spend quality time with them, and they would be able to be
    with your kids. You shared how much your grandma spent special time with you
    and now your Mom would be able to do the same with your children.
    I watched as you went over to help them with anything that they needed, as well as them coming to help everyone else when they needed help.

    Your Mom did well Paul Saylor, in raising a son so well respectful of his parents. Those many beatings with the track paid off. Respect, how many times did you and I talk about just this one thing?
    I watched her eyes light up when she saw you and your family;
    Time spent with her always seemed WELL SPENT TIME.
    She loved your Dad and he loved her, you just saw it all the time. That was her man and she stood by him always. She looked out for his needs over her own. She was strong willed, opinionated, firm, but earned the right to be so, but never to the point that she demanded or pushed these things on anyone. She allowed all to make their own decisions and was there to help pick up the pieces if needed.
    Your mom would greet me with that little flirtatious look out of the corner of her eye, almost to say oh crap here he comes, because she knew what was coming. As I would say,” hello beautiful, or hey hot stuff, or WOW you
    look sexy”, she would get all blushed and tell me how bad I was, She loved it
    as well as I did. There was always a huge hug and a kiss for me as if I was
    part of the family. I will miss her nut roll, I will miss her look at me, I will miss teasing her, I will miss pulling her up on the dance floor and make her dance with me, I will miss our conversations, but mostly I will miss her.
    Thank you for letting me be a part of her life, I am a better person for it.
    Love you all,