October 21, 2014


Lorain County ranks 52nd in new concealed carry permits

Ohio’s attorney general reported that more than 145,000 concealed carry licenses were issued in Ohio in 2013, the largest number issued since licensing began in the state in 2004.

The report, released Friday by Attorney General Mike DeWine, says statistics show that county sheriffs in Ohio issued nearly 97,000 new licenses and more than 48,000 renewal licenses in 2013 for a total of 145,342. The previous record for total licenses issued was in 2012, when nearly 77,000 were issued.

In Lorain County last year, a total of 609 regular licenses and three temporary emergency licenses were issued. During the year, 16 licenses were suspended, two licenses were revoked and six licenses were denied.

Under Ohio Revised Code, sheriffs must suspend a concealed handgun license upon notification that the licensee has been arrested or charged with certain offenses or if the licensee is the subject of a protection order issued by a court. The license may be returned to the holder if he or she is found not guilty or the charges are dismissed.

A license must be permanently revoked if the person does not meet the eligibility requirements to carry a concealed handgun, such as if the person moved out of state, died or was convicted of a disqualifying crime.

Sheriffs were not required to report details of a suspension or revocation to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.

Lorain County ranked 52nd out of Ohio’s 81 counties in issuing concealed carry permits over the year.

The most licenses were issued in Lake County, which includes the cities of Mentor, Eastlake and Willoughby. There, a total of 5,002 licenses were issued in 2013.

The attorney general’s office compiles an annual report required by law on the number of licenses issued each year.

Each county sheriff must report concealed handgun license statistics quarterly to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission within DeWine’s office.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Lorain County Concealed Carry Licensure Statistics: 2013

  • Regular licenses issued: 609
  • Temporary emergency licenses issued: 3
  • Number of licenses renewed: 639
  • Number of licenses suspended: 16
  • Number of licenses revoked: 2
  • Number of licenses denied: 6
  • Number of license processes suspended: 2

SOURCE: Ohio attorney general’s office


  • bdid.d

    We have to carry! All of the criminals do!

  • disqus_o40xovCXEm

    Actually, not a bad number for Lorain County, considering the zealous efforts of the Chronicle-Telegram to publicly list names and addresses of applicants as if they were criminals and to coerce them from their constitutional right.

  • golfingirl

    I wish they would post the names and addresses of those with a CCW permit. They can put my name right at the top of the list!

    This is the same as posting the names of those who don’t. Where do you think the criminals will go?

    The anti-gun crowd better be careful of what they wish for. They may be “shooting” themselves in the foot!

    • Joe Smith

      Why would you want a list that could make you a target? The main thing about a CCW is the part where nobody knows who is carrying.

      Go take out a ad if you want everyone to know, leave me to my privacy.

      • golfingirl

        I was being facetious. Point was that those who want to know about their neighbors, are actually putting themselves in harm’s way.

        • Joe Smith

          I got you Miss Facetious

  • Mark B

    The CT is becoming one of the biggest Liberal Rags around

    • wow

      Mark, can you tell me what is an acceptable news source please? Just curious what you think ISN’T too liberal? Thanks.

  • sayitwearit

    Not even an accurate number. The Lorain County Sheriff regulates by only accepting one appointment per hour to process with 3-4 month waiting time for an appointment. People go to surrounding counties, like Erie, where you can simply walk in and complete the process in 10 minutes. More people in Lorain County have permits than the article implies, mine is from Erie County and I live in LC.

    • golfingirl

      Mine as well. As was my husbands and sister-in-laws.

      The wait for an appointment was 4 months for my sister-in-law in Lorain County. Then a 30-45 day waiting period to process it. They are not pro-CCW. She went to Erie County, walked in and had hers in one week.

      Probably because the Lorain County Sheriff has all the crime under control, therefore there is no reason for residents to have to protect themselves from evil. They have you covered.

    • Joe Smith

      I walked into the SHeriffs dept in Pa and it took about 15 minutes, they had it setup like the license bureau. Fill out your paperwork, get your pic taken, they print out and laminate the licence and out the door you went.

  • 2111

    I cannot wait until Ohio ends this stupid license nonsense. There is no need to burden the sheriffs departments around the state with all this paperwork. There are enough other states that don’t waste their time with these licenses that we should be following their lead. I can’t think of any good reasons to have such a ridiculous system in place, it just wastes resources. More big government at work. Someday we will all be free and safe while being treated with respect from our representatives.

    • Joe Smith

      You are right, we should not have to have a license to carry a gun, what other Constitutional right do you have to get the govs permission to exercise? If you have to get permission, it is not a right.

    • golfingirl

      Hey 2111,

      You never did respond to my post regarding gun magazine sizes allowed for purchase in Ohio, about three days ago. 

You know, the one where you said
      I was “absolutely wrong about Ohio having no magazine restrictions.”

      And then when you went on to say:
      “Please quit trying to put out wrong information concerning
 Ohio laws, it really makes it hard to give credibility to your other posts.”

      Seems I was right after all. A small apology would have been in order, but you simply disappeared and never responded.

      That’s O.K., we are all wrong sometimes, I guess it was just your turn.

      But it does bring into question your credibility on this subject, using your same logic from the other day.

      Oh well, I accept your apology in advance.

      As for this topic, the Sheriff’s Office is paid to do this and serving their taxpaying citizens is their job, not a burden.

      • 2111

        I quit replying to that thread because you and Mr. Beatty have reading comprehension issues. I made statements that you both repeated as if you didn’t see me make them. I made the statement that Ohio has restrictions for large capacity magazines that make it a felony state wide to own them under the right circumstances. I also stated that you can buy and own any size magazine sold regardless of capacity. I also stated that if you load a large capacity magazine with 31 rounds and place it in a firearm you have committed a felony, there by explaining how there are magazine restriction laws in Ohio.

        Your reply was to parrot my statements and say that in Ohio it is not illegal to own or possess magazines with a capacity greater than 30 rounds; so long as they are kept separate and apart from the firearm designed to accept it. This has no substantive difference to my statements above. Mr. Beatty chimes in stating that you can own any capacity magazine you care to and that it is against Ohio laws to have a magazine loaded with over 30 rounds. Again all statements that I had made prior.

        You are taking exception to me stating that you are “Absolutely wrong about Ohio having no magazine restrictions.” Yet both of us went on to make statements defining just what magazine restriction laws Ohio has. There is no apology needed and one won’t be forthcoming regarding this matter because I said nothing wrong. I am not beyond apologizing when wrong but this matter hardly rises to that occasion. Your initial statement was that there were No RESTRICTIONS (Emphasis yours.)And that I was wrong, once you were called out on it you started repeating my statements as if they were your original thoughts. I have no doubt that you had prior knowledge of existing laws but were being incomplete and dishonest when you made your NO RESTRICTIONS statement. You did a fine job explaining those restrictions later on yet expect me to apologize for you being wrong initially. Not gonna happen.

        • golfingirl

          Your apology is accepted.

          Thank you and have a nice day.

          • 2111

            Funniest reply I’ve seen in a long time.

          • golfingirl

            Hey, no hard feelings. We generally agree on most things.


  • Simon Jester

    Lorain county is a complete pain to get a permit issued or renewed in. Erie county FTW!

    That said, it’s time for Constitutional carry here. 6 states have it, in some form, time for Ohio to follow suit.