November 28, 2014


Man sentenced to 3 years in Lorain home invasion



ELYRIA — A Grafton man who said he was a Drug Enforcement Administration agent during a Lorain home invasion has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Glenn Wamsley, 49, pleaded guilty earlier this year to aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, kidnapping and other charges in connection with the Jan. 16, 2013, incident.

Wamsley and a second man, Dallas Meinhold, forced their way into the home of Derek Brown and attacked Brown and his girlfriend, Eleea Dittmer.

Wamsley initially told Dittmer he was a DEA agent when she answered the door before he and Meinhold pushed inside the home and sprayed her in the face with pepper spray. Dittmer was then bound and dragged upstairs by Wamsley.

She later was able to call police while Wamsley and Meinhold, who had beaten Brown, were in the process of looting the house.

When police arrived, Wamsley was outside with a safe and ignored orders to surrender until police threatened to release a police dog. Meinhold was arrested inside the house.

Meinhold also has pleaded guilty in the case and is expected to receive four years in prison when sentenced.


  • Zen Grouch

    **Man sentenced to 3 years in Lorain home…**

    I read this far in the headline and thought, “Whoo, that’s some cruel and unusual punishment!”

  • Carrie Watson

    I actually thought it wasn’t punishment enough! They could have blinded her permanently that that pepper spray.

  • village junk man

    should have been 10 -15, broke guys nose, jaw, tied up girl peper sprayed them. luck they didn’t get shot.

    • thegirlbilly

      Lets remember this wasnt a little old lady it was a DRUG DEALERS house not saying its ok in any way. If he wasnt dealing dope and running at the mouth none of it would have happened.