November 27, 2014


Mechanics find marijuana inside vehicle’s spare tire

About 8 pounds of marijuana were found in the spare tire of a car. COURTESY PHOTO

About 8 pounds of marijuana were found in the spare tire of a car. COURTESY PHOTO

AMHERST TWP. – Mechanics at AutoNation found a large amount of marijuana in a spare tire that they had placed on a car brought into the dealership Monday.

Lorain County Drug Task Force Commander Dennis Cavanaugh said in a news release that a customer brought in their used car because of a screw in the tire. The mechanics removed the damaged tire and replaced it with the spare.

When the car was pulling out, they heard a loud noise coming from the spare tire.

After replacing the tire, Cavanaugh said, they took the tire apart and found about 3 packs of marijuana inside the tire. He said the approximate 8 pounds of marijuana have a street value of about $12,000.

Cavanaugh said the marijuana appears to have been in the vehicle since it was purchased some time ago and the origin of the drugs is under investigation.

Read Wednesday’s Chronicle for more on this story.

  • Daniel Sutter

    Don’t mechanics accept tips?

  • Arietta Sullivan

    the possible drug dealer must have felt they made enough money from selling the car to the buyer to forget about his/her stash lol

  • Zen Grouch

    **Mechanics at AutoNation, henceforth to be known as Dumb & Dumber found…**

  • silkskin1960

    …and so they called the police???

  • Sue Lawson

    Who cares.

  • DavePrice

    sounds like the owner of the car knew nothing of it? How many people will not do business with autonation now? not just paranoid potheads, but am i the only one, that finds it beyond bad business to call police on your customers?

    • Bill

      Maybe there was the fear of either keeping it and then being tracked down by the owner or somehow law enforcement knowing about it and then being tracked down by them. Tough decision but probably the right one. Personally I think I would have taken the risk. Lol

      • Zen Grouch

        After looking closely at the photo, it appears that those packets were jammed into the tire tight enough to make for a smooth surface that came in contact with the inner part of the tire.

        Now… for them to be packed in that tight, there seems to be about a dozen missing packets.

        Maybe the rightful owners were in a hurry when they pulled the packets out, or they gonna party at BongNation!

  • Alan Pugh

    Gee, I feel safer. Glad my tax money is spent arresting people for growing plants.

  • levtrotsky

    Same dealer found a nail in the tire of my wife’s new car during an oil change and hit her for a $35 ‘fix-it ‘ charge……beware consumer!!!

    • Arietta Sullivan

      yea watch the shop on lake ave in elyria too.the one with the ‘muffler man’ art work out front.they have quite a bit addictions to support in that joke of a place.the 1 guy ALMOST got TWO up on us until he kept stalling time to put our car in his shop&made us feel,after other facts,he was waiting for the owner to not be around so he can probably..stash the money again,in his,we gave him $ for a tire change&he put it in his pocket&then asked us to straight out lie if anyone else there asked.AFTER the fact,my man was nice enough to give them the right amount of $ for the quote,this employees wife,gave wrong.we caught onto the scam&got our car back&ran.we almost lost a total of $250,give or take.i would have reported the whole story to the owner but rumor on the’s a family owned business.go whatever,we left it my book,family or no family,keep out of my life,if you’re going to do us wrong,in any way,for any reason.

  • Nicole

    Excuse me while I go check my spare tire…..

  • Zen Grouch

    Prolly not related… but I just found mary-ju-wanna pretzels at a new pot dispensary today, that are crazy potent.

    They gave me a free cookie and joint for being a newbie, wonderful people!

    I guess the cookie is kind a like a wheel with a huge nibbled out flat.

    **I wonder if Mrs. Douglas’s hotcakes on Green Acres could get ‘em high?**

    • Arietta Sullivan

      lol some of the stuff you come up with..