November 23, 2014


Ford shifting truck production from Mexico to Avon Lake


The F-750 truck will be manufactured in Avon Lake, Ford officials announced Friday. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

AVON LAKE — Ford Motor Co. is announcing that it will build its Ford F-650 and F-750 trucks at its assembly plant west of Cleveland.

The automaker says it is shifting production from Mexico to its Avon Lake plant. Production will begin early next year.

The move announced Friday is part of a pledge Ford made with union leaders in 2011 to shift medium-duty truck production from Mexico.

The company says it’s investing $168 million to make the change.

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  • Phil Blank

    This is good news for Ford workers.
    But for us?
    I did a Google images search on the F650 & the F750 and you’d need and elevator to get into them.

    • johns62

      well I dont think its for taking the kids to swimming lessons

    • Lonewolf

      Dude these trucks are for hauling Not towing or trips to the grocery stores

  • oldruss

    Interesting side note: Marcie Kaptur (D-Toledo) has issued a press release in Washington, D.C., which The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio) has run with, “announcing” this move, which, apparently, was hammered out between Ford and the UAW back in 2011. Guess elections must be around the corner.

  • silkskin1960

    I doesnt seem to matter to Lorain County. When there is good news, there is a negative comment. When there is bad news, of course there is a negative comment. I guess its a good thing those that always have negativity flowing off their tongues are not the ones running things around here.

  • SniperFire

    Strange story start. John Kasich swung this deal in exchange for State tax breaks in 2011, but he isn’t mentioned. Wonder why.

  • Mike Durkee

    To be very honest I am glad the CT didnt mention any politician from either side. They try to take way to much credit. Remember character is what you do when nobody is watching you!