November 22, 2014


Prank calls leave police searching for officer in trouble

LORAIN — An anonymous report of an officer in trouble Wednesday night sent four police departments combing the city, with no results.

About 7:15 p.m. Wednesday, the Lorain Police Department received a call through dispatch that shots were fired in the area of Root Road and Colorado Avenue. Officers, initially believing the caller was another member of the department, rushed to the area to search for signs of shots being fired or an injured police officer.

More Lorain police officers joined the search, checking the area around the intersection, according to police.

During the search, the anonymous caller reached out to officers again, this time whispering a police code through the radio that indicated an officer was in trouble, according to the police report.

The caller then called for Lorain police Officer Eric Alten — who had just searched the railroad tracks near Root Road — to return to the tracks, the report said.

When Alten returned with other officers, they found no sign of the caller.

Police called for assistance from Sheffield and Sheffield Lake police departments, along with the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers from all four departments walked along the railroad tracks around Colorado Avenue and Root Road, searching for evidence of an officer in trouble. Police eventually returned to their departments and Lorain dispatch reached out to all of their police officers — contacting them by phone or in person — to make sure they were all right.

When all officers were accounted for, police concluded that the two reports were prank calls from someone who knew how to use the dispatch system, said Lorain police Capt. James McCann.

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  • Phil Blank

    How is that even possible?
    It was reported right here in the Chronicle recently that the Lorain Police went to all digital radios?

    • Mark B

      Just because they are digital , does not mean you cant listen , you just need upgraded scanners

  • oldruss

    Doesn’t the police dispatch have recording devices that record all conversations, and technology that will record the incoming telephone call?

  • zdubb78

    When….and I mean WHEN they find this person…..He/She should be taken out b y boat on the lake and dumped over board, never to be seen again!
    Putting Officers in danger and more importantly the lives of anyone who may have really needed police assistant at this time is unfathomable!

  • ekwaykway

    Why do I have the feeling…somehow… some..way…Zen Slouch was behind this.

  • givemeabreak1234

    I wonder if Super’s stepson made the call? Really you don’t know where your officers are that you call in other departments. Keystone cops