November 26, 2014


Wellington trustee, fed up with ‘bullying,’ resigns

Nancy Fisher

Nancy Fisher

Jim Barbor

Jim Barbor

WELLINGTON TWP. — Jim Barbor resigned as a Wellington Township trustee in a blistering letter that complained of “the constant bickering, badgering, and abusive bullying that continues to plague this Board.”

Barbor’s letter, which he read at a trustee meeting Tuesday, states that his resignation will take effect April 1. The remaining trustees will have 30 days after that to appoint a replacement to complete Barbor’s term, which expires in 2015.

The letter focused much of the blame for the acrimony Barbor sees on “the present fellow veteran trustee,” which he acknowledged is Trustee Nancy Fisher.

“I consider myself to be an honorable and trustworthy individual,” Barbor wrote. “It is as a result of all the harassment, abusive bullying, lying and defamation of characters and that out of respect for the best interest and concerns for myself and my family, I will no longer serve on this Township Board with a fellow trustee who has deceived the public.”

Barbor said much of the disagreement on the board comes from a long-running dispute over a newly constructed township meeting hall and garage that will formally open later this month. The township saved for years to afford the $1 million facility, he said.

But while Barbor said he and former Trustee Dale McAvena, who lost his re-election bid in November, had supported the project, Fisher had opposed it and he contends she did so in a dishonest way. He also blamed Fisher for scrapping a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new building he had scheduled for last month.

This plaque was a gift from the builder, a township official said, but did not include Trustee Nancy Fisher. PHOTO PROVIDED

This plaque was a gift from the builder, a township official said, but did not include Trustee Nancy Fisher. PHOTO PROVIDED

Fisher said she had concerns about the new building because township residents had voted down a proposal to build a new township hall in 2006. She said she wanted voters to weigh in again before the township moved forward with the project.

Fisher said she feels township voters agreed with her and that’s why she won re-election in November while McAvena lost to Fred Pitts, who said Friday he supported the new building.

“I don’t know what they’re trying to do, but I will tell you I’m honest. I tell the truth. I try to do what’s right for the township and the people see that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here,” Fisher said.

“I had my evaluation when I was re-elected.”

If anything, Fisher said, she was the one who was picked on while McAvena and Barbor comprised the majority of the board.

She said she has been threatened, followed home, had her hayfield turfed and had the mirror broken off of her car while she attended a trustee meeting. She said she suspects allies of the two men are responsible for most of those incidents.

She said she thinks in some ways the bullying against her continues to this day, pointing to a plaque on the new building that doesn’t include her name, but lists the names of the other elected officials and others.

Township Fiscal Officer Louise Grose said the township didn’t pay for the plaque. It was a gift from the builder, she said, who wanted to acknowledge those who had backed the project.

The letter also accused Fisher of bullying Grose, although Fisher denied that. She said it was more of a matter of Grose not getting information when she requested it. For instance, Fisher said, Grose hasn’t provided her with all of the documentation she’s requested on the full cost of the new building.

Grose said she does feel that Fisher has been picking on her.

“Yes, I think there’s been some bullying done and at times I felt offended,” Grose said.

Pitts, who took office in January, said he’s tried to play the role of peacemaker between Fisher and Barbor and isn’t taking sides in the dispute. But he acknowledged that squabbling has long been a problem for the township trustees.

“It’s been an ongoing issue here in this township,” Pitts said. “There’s always been somebody on the outside looking in.”

Both Pitts and Fisher said they were surprised by Barbor’s resignation, especially considering he attended a meeting for township trustees in Columbus about a month ago.

Fisher said she has been trying to patch the rift with Barbor, and that she and Pitts had agreed to let him sit on whatever boards he wanted in the hopes it would bring some peace.

“I don’t understand where he is seeing any animosity because we have bent over backwards trying to accommodate him,” she said.

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  • ken m

    when they turf your hayfield its time to be worried…wwwwwwooooooooooooo

    • Chris G

      Ken M.> I guess your comment means that you support juvenile behavior from supposedly mature adult men, along with vandalism and attempts at intimidation. Good to know this!

      • Joe Smith

        I guess your comment means you don’t have a sense of humor.
        Anybody who got that he supported any kind of behavior like that and it was anything but a joke has issues. Good to know this!

      • Michael

        “behavior from supposedly mature adult men”. Didn’t know Nancy Fisher fits that description.

        Otherwise fully agree!

        • Chris G

          You are off track, sir… since I was referring to the comments regarding personal threats and property damage, and I can tell you, I have seen the physical damage to her front yard and the deep depths of fear in Nancy’s eyes.

          • Marie Nerad Faren

            Probably a semi that went off the road…would be our guess..she needs off the board…PERIOD

  • Bill

    Taking lessons from the Eaton Township Trustees.

  • Marie Nerad Faren

    The smell is Nancy Fisher…get rid of her..and the problem is solved..

    • Chris G

      What an absolutely juvenile comment. LOL..She was just CLEARLY re-elected. Sounds to me like the Wellington Township Community has spoken their mind. It certainly seems evident to me that the only solution needed here is one thing,,, something we are in very short supply of in this county, state and country. It’s called T R A N S P A R E N C Y. Every action should be open to the public and then perhaps all this foolish bickering would simply cease.

      • Michael

        really Chris? You do understand that manipulating liars (not saying she is, but saying) do just that, manipulate and lie to win people over, people who then vote.

        And not every voter is, well, necessarily intelligent. They have the right to vote, but who says they did research. Look at the current President…

        Transparency? What a useless word. Not possible. The only way for transparency is to be ON the board, where you see most… but still not all. On the board or not, lying is not done publicly.

        • Chris G

          Your comment appears to be nothing much but a contradiction of your own words! First you say “manipulate and lie to win people over, people who then vote” and then you say “lying is not done publicly.” Which is it?

    • Chris G

      Clearly you are in a minority…November 5, 2013 election results: Nancy Fisher 655 and Dale McAvena 496.

      • Peter Aldrich

        Yeah, the idiots reelected Obama too….. Look what that’s gotten us….

        • Petah

          Obama stopped the W recession and we enjoy economic prosperity again.

          Sucks when facts prove you wrong

          • Pablo Jones

            And the millions of people that are still unemployed, the majority of Americans with lower household income, higher cost of health insurance, higher gas cost, more people on food stamps, medicaid, and SSI, 66% increase in the national debt are all rejoicing in the good times.

            The Republican’s were voted out of congress because they had a deficit of about $150 billion. The Democrat congress quickly increased that to $450 & $750 billion in the 2 years leading up to the crash

          • stillsleepyeyes

            You forgot “if you like your insurance you can keep it”

          • Chris G

            Pablo…I guess the Dems are too busy “feeling their emotions” rather than worrying about where the $$$ comes from that they keep spending.

          • Petah

            Republican were voted out because they have not balanced a budget since ever.

            The right has been an unwilling participant in Government since they got booted out and have even tried to shut the Government down.

            Thankfully we have a strong Economy and a better housing market.

            As for Unemployment when is the Right going to come up with 1 single jobs plan???

            Maybe they will get lucky on repealing Obamacare on the 60th try!!!

            Sucks when facts shut you down doesnt it?

          • Pablo Jones

            They got voted out, or better phrased they had a lack of support from their base because they were spending too much money. Their last budget had a deficit of around $170 billion. The Democrats first budget had a deficit of around $400 billion. If Medicare part D wasn’t passed and the other frivolous spend kept in check the budget would have been balanced.

            Our economy isn’t strong. The economy retracted over 10%, but we never saw that because government spending increased more than that. But the government sending doesn’t stimulate the economy, it just gets counted as GDP. That is why they haven’t been able to cut government spending because it would cause the GDP to decrease.

            The housing market isn’t strong. Most people still aren’t where they were previously and the banks have taken a loss on most of the homes they have foreclosed on. 5 years of record low mortgage rates and there is still a glut of homes on the market.

            Obama has done more to halt his healthcare plan than any republican. And even with that it is a failure. Premiums have gone up, more people have been pushed to medicaid, and we have more people with out insurance than before.

            What facts? You didn’t state any, you gave opinions that were weak at best.

  • Derek

    Nancy is not the problem! The problem is you had two guys both McAvena and Barbor that were doing what ever they wanted with the township which includes building the big palace that they didn’t need because they were able to get the majority vote on everything. Now thhe roll is now reversed to where Barbor is the one that doesn’t have any power and now he wants to run away and be a coward! Thankfully for the township both of those worthless guys meaning both McAvena and Barbor are out of office and now they can focus on the townships issues!

    • Simon Jester

      Did you ever even step foot in the previous crappy polebarn that your “palace” is replacing?

    • Marie Nerad Faren

      But.Barbor was not on the board when it was voted upon..

  • Michael

    not setting the best message for kids. If they don’t like bullies, liars and manipulators, what, resign from school? Instead of fighting it to eliminate it, quit?

    You would think you could expect better from adults. On both sides. I do have one technique, which was used on the exit – call them (her) on it. When you confront, you change the balance. Do it consistently, and the @$$wipes learn you won’t tolerate it and they don’t necessarily change, but they learn it won’t bother you so they quit doing it to you. “What you tolerate, happens.”

  • Simon Jester

    Because everyone knows it’s okay to put school levies on the ballot, over and over again, even after the voters say no repeatedly, but bejus help the township if they ask more than once for a decent building.

  • Marie Nerad Faren

    I still say follow the will be Nancy Fisher.simple..cut..dried..hell ask her hubby…

    • Chris G

      “Marie”… You are also not worth any more of my time since you cannot elicit a constructive statement, only juvenile wisecracks.

      • Marie Nerad Faren

        SO…well now…your the one sleeping with the enemy,,,defend her as a honorable soul that you are …

        • Petah

          Voters won and you lost

          Facts are facts.

    • Petah

      Its funny because here she is as a single lady and the ol good ol boys cant hang.

      Thats because they are weak little men that even with their friends they cant overcome Nancy.

      Little tiny weak men.

  • Petah

    I stand with Nancy and am glad she whooped the Good ol boys into shape. They cant take their own medicine because they are a bunch of Cousin Lovers that cant put up a fight one on one.

    The Votes are in and those Caveman are out!!!

  • stillsleepyeyes

    Well the plaque should have the names of every resident in the town ……………..there the ones that paid for it……………….not the select few………..

    • wow

      “Township Fiscal Officer Louise Grose said the township didn’t pay for the plaque. It was a gift from the builder, she said, who wanted to acknowledge those who had backed the project.”

      But don’t let facts get in the way of your agenda or anything.

      • stillsleepyeyes

        Well now I wasn’t talking about who bought the plaque……………I was talking who paid for the building…………….but it is good to know that the township accepts gifts from venders that are paid for by tax paying citizens…………… agenda………….observation………

  • buddhaman

    Why would they put her name on the plaque when she didn’t support the building? I’ve heard stories of her screaming at other members. Although I can’t substantiate seeing it personally the accounts of her misconduct come from reliable sources that I would bet my life on as being true.