November 28, 2014


Elyria police arrest alleged drug dealer

Paulla Degraphenreed

Paulla Degraphenreed

Antonio Ward

Antonio Ward

ELYRIA – Police searched the home of an alleged drug dealer on Wednesday to find the man inside with his girlfriend, three children and 15 grams of crack cocaine.

Antonio Ward, 31, was charged with two counts of trafficking cocaine, possession of cocaine, criminal tools, drug paraphernalia, marijuana and two illegal WIC benefits cards around 5 a.m. on Wednesday at his apartment on 213 Brunswick Drive.

Ward’s girlfriend, Paulla Degraphenreed, 23, was charged with permitting drug abuse

Police initially started investigating Ward – whose street name is “boy boy” – a month ago, after they received complaints about unusual activity at his apartment.

When they served search warrants at the apartment early Wednesday, they found Ward inside with his 10-year-old child, his girlfriend and her two children ages 3 and 6, according to Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino.

Costantino said police searched the apartment and found 15 grams of crack cocaine, 5 grams of marijuana, drug scales, items to package drugs and two laptops which they believe were stolen.

Children Services was called and the three children were released to a family member, according to Costantino.

Degraphenreed was issued a summons to appear in court for the incident.

Ward was transported to the Lorain County Jail where he is being held without bond until his hearing at 9 a.m. on Thursday at Elyria Municipal Court.

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  • Bob Sweatt

    OK Judge Burges. How much time will these two not get??

    • Christopher Carter

      I know this system has so many holes its pathetic.

  • rightwingnutjobsareaproblem

    Funny that a person making comments like that can’t use their real name. You have some pretty big internet muscles.

    • Joe Smith

      So are you posting under your real name? Pot meet kettle.

      • Bill

        When a person uses a name other then their real one I see no problem with it. With one exception and that is the cowards who would never post an inflammatory comment like Lord Anoobis did under their real name.

        • Joe Smith

          I have no problem with anyone not posting under their real name either, my issue is you don’t cut on someone while doing the same thing they did.

          • Bill

            Well if ya can’t see the difference……..

          • Joe Smith

            There is no difference, “You have some pretty big internet muscles.” is an inflammatory comment also.

            To the same level? No, but if he is going to cut on someone for posting without using their real name then he should have done so by posting his real name.

            Also his name “rightwingnutjobsareaproblem ” is as offensive as what the other guy posted.

            But if you can’t see their is no difference…….

    • 1500HPTrollingMotor

      Do you even lift, brony?

  • Carrie Watson

    That girl barely looks 18. What a shame:-(

  • strong

    Complaints of unusual activity in the apartment? How bout the truth….. someone got busted before Boy Boy and snitched… quit praising EPD. For their war on drugs! They couldnt solve a stolen bicycle case!! It’s the snitches that are busting people!

    • LugNutt

      Then, don’t be “homies” with snitches. Problem solved ,no?

  • strong

    Unusual activity in the apartment? Hmmm tell the truth… someone got busted and snitched! Give the glory to EPD IF U WANT? But its the rats… prolly got a small 20 piece and got mad and snitched on Boy Boy or prolly beat his girl up and caught a domestic so instead of doing time he took Boy Boy from his family! QUIT SNITCHING!

    • bdid.d

      How about you don’t sell drugs and then you don’t have to worry about snitches… If they have drugs in front of their kids they aren’t being real secretive about it. Not to hard to figure out when someone is running a drug house.

    • It has to stop

      It can only be a good thing that this thug pos Boy Boy is being taken from his family. Only problem is it won’t be long enough.
      He sure as hell isn’t a real dad. Real dad’s don’t sell drugs and have them around his children. Same with the pos “mother”

    • rob

      I don’t understand, isn’t it a good thing Boy Dub got locked up? That way he can’t sell crack to people? Don’t crackheads take your ps3 from your television stand when your not home and give it to double boy for rocks of crack? Does Boyx2 play Call of Duty on someone elses xbox?

  • Christopher Carter

    Stop snitching??? Stop selling drugs to our community and get a real job. Stop making excuses up why you can’t get a job. Who has drugs around there kids??

  • ekwaykway

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, just cop a plea for simple posession, time served, probation and hasta la vista!

  • Simon Jester


  • Simon Jester

    Your tax dollars at work. Feeding that loathsome turd on one hand, and funding the War on Drugs as another.

    Both EXCELLENT uses of .gov resources!!

  • A Jenkins

    So sick of everything being a black and white thing. Shut the hell up already. Just in case you didnt know black people aren’t the only race who sells the drugs. Ever wonder who supplies the drugs to the drug dealers? I can almost bet.. the very one who judges, has atleast one family member, friend, on some type of drugs. And guess what. The drug user is at much at fault as the drug pushers. BOTH ARE COMPLETELY USELESS. #GET OVER THE BLACK AND WHITE $#!^ already.

    • peace

      Thank you so much for saying that cause reading these post made me see just how little bit of a brain people do have. If they made more jobs for people that have felonys or some type of programs for them you wouldn’t have people selling drugs. They need to start doing more for the community to help with jobs or job training

      • stillsleepyeyes

        It’s called school………………………maybe they should try it………

        • bdid.d

          School you say? You can’t possibly expect people to work hard for a living… lol

      • LugNutt

        If they were really concerned with their future, they probably wouldn’t have been involved in felonious activities to start with. One usually doesn’t begin with felonies.

  • Kelvin Gray

    Huh…what? Really?

  • tomfeher

    Strong must be upset he has to find a new dealer

    • strong

      Lol…. naw just tired of police acting like its their hard work and our tax dollars at work,when its the junkies turning imformant… so take away the dealer and the junkie makes another one money until he beats his wife or one of his kids oack piper gets caught with a crack pipe and he takes another one down! We gotta get to the source my good man

      • bdid.d

        Some things just take care of themselves… If your customers are junkies this is going to happen…

      • tomfeher

        Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The dealer or the junkie? Where do we start?

        • Vision

          The chicken.

  • My1stLove

    More & more of these stupid a** females getting caught up with these dudes of theirs.

  • bama Mike

    Lord u sound stupid people like u must got beat up by black kids in school

    • bdid.d

      I think you meant must have gotten, not must got… I could be wrong…

  • bama Mike

    Stop being a hoe and letting people take your stuff dummy

  • SpaceTech

    Dealers should be executed—-Period! Zero tolerance! but that will never happen in bleeding heart america.

  • LugNutt

    Is that a gold tooth or a snaggle tooth? That’s definitely a crooked skull with pointy ears….

  • woodyhaze

    Seems to be a lot of drug activity around Brunswick Dr

    • golfingirl

      Seems to be a lot of drug activity throughout Elyria.