November 23, 2014


Alleged driver of stolen SUV indicted in fatal crash

Danielle Grogg

Danielle Grogg

ELYRIA — A woman accused of driving a stolen SUV that crashed and caused fatal injuries to a passenger has been indicted.

Danielle Grogg, 32, is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter, aggravated vehicular homicide, reckless homicide, vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter, theft, driving under suspension and willful or wanton disregard for safety.

She is scheduled to be arraigned today in Lorain County Common Pleas Court.

North Ridgeville police have said that Grogg, who lives in Elyria, was driving the SUV when it crashed on Sugar Ridge Road around 9 p.m. Aug. 25.

The crash took place about a mile from where the vehicle was stolen from the parking lot of Speedway gas station on East Broad Street in Elyria.

Elyria police have said that the vehicle was left running with the keys still in it. The SUV also was unlocked.

Both Grogg and her passenger, Michael Storrow, 31, of Elyria, were injured in the crash. Storrow died Sept. 11 from his injuries at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

Grogg, who also is facing unrelated theft and criminal nonsupport of dependents charges, is being held in the Lorain County Jail.

  • Jason M. Schmidt

    What an idiot

  • Larry Crnobrnja


  • stillsleepyeyes

    She is just waiting for burge to set her free……………………

    • Bob Sweatt

      Damn you beat me to it. LOL

  • bdid.d

    I spy…. shiffty eyes…

  • Joe Smith

    “Elyria police have said that the vehicle was left running with the keys still in it. The SUV also was unlocked”
    If this is how the car was stolen, are they going to charge the owner of the vehicle also? Its illegal to leave your car running unattended for this reason in Ohio.
    Finding a running car is absolutely no excuse for it to be stolen, but the owner of the vehicle would be also somewhat responsible if it was stolen this way.

    • rob

      No, it wasnt left running this is misinformation.

      • Joe Smith

        You know this how? And how did she get the keys if they were not left in the car?
        Just curious.

        • LugNutt

          From earlier posts on this story, I’m pretty sure this is the dude who got his car stolen. FYI, you don’t need a key to make a car start… You seem a little jumpy on the trigger my man.

          • Joe Smith

            I don’t think you can classify it as jumpy when the police stated that it was what happened and I doubt this lady was some sort of mastermind criminal who know how to hotwire a car on the spot like that.

        • rob

          Because it was my car!

          • rob

            Simply put, it only takes a matter of seconds and an honest accident. I believe my car was a target because of the automatic headlights that stayed on an additional 30 seconds. I am grateful for our justice system and law enforcement here in Elyria. I wish more people had a chance to really interact with them on a personal level. They are outstanding men and women and they put up with alot of crap from residents who bash them because thats status quo.

          • Joe Smith

            So was the keys left in the vehicle or not?

          • It has to stop

            Joe Smith will only see a subject in black and white. I’ve noticed that most of his post on here are augmentative and provide no substance other then to try and prove himself right.
            Way to persevere and keep your job. A lot of people would not have went to the lengths you did to get to it. Good luck in the future.

          • rob

            Thank you, yeah he’s certainly the hindsight hero, its tragic for someone to have such great yet completely usless powers. If only he had all the answers 7 months ago.

          • Joe Smith

            I did have the answers, follow the law

          • Joe Smith

            There is no grey area when it comes to safety. Tell that to the families of the police killed in action trying to retrieve these cars and the families of the innocent people killed the same way.

            Which one of my positions were incorrect?

    • golfingirl

      The fine is only $150.00 in Ohio.

      I am sure this winter, many people left their cars running to warm them up, defrost the windows etc. before driving away. (I know in this case this did not occur in the winter months).

      Point is, it is illegal ONLY because of creeps like these who think just because someone leaves a key in their car it somehow now belongs to them!!

      So we now have a law, because some car owners are “guilty” of providing an irresistible temptation for someone to commit a crime?

      Really? Let’s get rid of this ridiculous law and punish the criminals, not the car owner.

      Next thing will be a civil suit by the dead guy’s family, filed against the car’s owner for being negligent and causing his death.

      • Joe Smith

        Its not a ridiculous law, people who leave the keys in the car or leave it running unattended to go in a store give the criminals a great opportunity to steal the car. What the police go to reclaim the car there can be a car chase that puts the citizens and police alike in danger and the insurance companies have to pay out for damages which costs everybody.
        Its not much different than leaving a loaded gun on your hood and walking away from it and someone picks it up.

        While I will always blame the crook there is a whole chain of events to a crime and the first link should not for someone to be stupid enough to leave their keys in the car or running and then walk away from it.

        If you MUST leave your car running, get a remote care starter that will shut the car down if someone tries to take it.
        Common sense goes a long way.

        • Jim Davidson

          although i agree to a certain extent… but common sense also says NOT to steal a car… it’s illegal. So let’s still punish the law abiding citizens for someone else’s rash decision to steal and compromise the safety of others due to leaving the car unattended and blame it on the guy that was warming his car. No different than saying guns kill people… not the person that pulled the trigger right?

          • Joe Smith

            Its not different than being held liable if you leave poison out that a baby gets hold of and why should a insurance company have to pay for a car that the person puts on a silver platter for a thief?

            It is also illegal to leave your car running or the keys in it unattended in a public place.

            The first violation of law initiated the second as the second would have not have happened if the first did not if the above is true.

            If you could just say don’t steal and people wouldn’t then no crime would exist but you can’t and it does.

          • rob

            The car was not running the keys fell from my pocket. I walked into the store and patted my pocket to make sure my wallet was there, thats when i realized i didnt have them. i turned around to go get them and it was too late. It was 20 to 30 seconds and the officer that investigated the theft said there were no exhaust fumes until they got in the car. My car had automatic lights that shut off by themselves. I think they ran up to it because of the lights they gave the appearace of running.

          • rob

            Since your worried about the citation, i received it per protocol and it was dismissed at court. I only had liability insurance so i gained nothing. i had to go a month of walking and getting rides and put my hard earned savings towards a down payment on another vehicle instead of a home. Now i have a car loan to pay and i have even less to pass into savings. So yeah dont drive wearing gym shorts because it only takes a couple addicts hiding in the shadows to ruin your year.

          • proccw

            robert you don’t owe that guy an explaination! you know what happened and the police know what happened and that’s all that matters. it comes down to NO piece of trash has a right to take what a hard working person has worked for plain and simple. only a criminal would stick up for a criminal.

          • Joe Smith

            You would have to be a simple person to think I was sticking up for the criminal as I said I wasn’t more than once.

            I’m also very proccw and I bet you take a anti-gunner to task when you get a chance, this is no different.

          • Joe Smith

            In my answer above “While I will always blame the crook ”
            and I am with you on the pro gun sentiment

        • golfingirl

          It is a lot different than “leaving a loaded gun on your hood.”

          So people are penalized by not being able to warm up their cars, unless they pay for a remote start, so others are not tempted to steal it.

          Sounds logical to me??

          What next, the kids leave a bike in the front yard, as kids do, and they are to blame if some thief takes it? Maybe the lawnmower, when you run in to get something cold to drink, while taking a break form cutting your lawn.

          Maybe even your landscaping, because you did not lock it into the ground?

          If it doesn’t belong to you, leave it alone. I am so tired of being asked to accept responsibility for others actions because they cannot do so themselves. I am even more tired of others’ attempts to may the victim assume responsibility in some way.

          For the record, I do have remote starts on my cars. But what about the mother with an infant, who cannot afford one. On a cold winter morning, how does she warm up her vehicle for her child? She is now breaking the law simply because she is trying to provide comfort for a child.

          No, the law IS ridiculous. But even more ridiculous is the leniency the courts offer to people who steal other people’s things.

          Steal a car, minimum 5 years. Maybe this will be a deterrent.

          • Joe Smith

            Leaving your car unattended while running is illegal period and since this was at a store where it was just driven to, the car should have already been warm.

            What is “ridiculous “about a law designed to limit deaths in car chases and payouts for insurance companies therefore higher premiums for us all? They also could have killed other people or children in another car if they hit them.

            A person was killed because this “ridiculous” law was not followed. Was it the only factor? No, Was it the biggest factor? No the thief should have not taken the car but it was the first link in the chain.

            As far as a child goes, you dress them for the weather, if he was not dressed properly enough where you couldn’t take him without warming up a car, what happens to that child if the car breaks down or the heat breaks?

            I guess you you don’t agree with a law it no longer exists and I guess that person is not really dead because of it.

            And like I said above, I will always blame the crook, but not 100% of the blame belongs there.

          • golfingirl

            We kind of agree, kind of disagree.
            Nice we can do so in a respectful manner.


          • Joe Smith

            Cool beans, be safe

          • bdid.d

            So, you never warm up your car? If they didn’t find this car, they may have killed someone to get another. Sad this kid died, but he was a criminal who got into a stolen car with another criminal. ( His own family at that) At that point, you have to accept the consequences!

          • Joe Smith

            Very true but too often it is a police officer or an innocent person/child killed in another car in the same wreck during a chase etc.

            They didn’t pass the law to protect the criminal, they did so to protect the innocent which is my point.

  • Robbie Tomblin-Hengartner

    man she wasted her life long time ago sad….

    • proccw

      she sure did!