November 24, 2014


Injured shoplifting suspect issued citation

ELYRIA — A shoplifting suspect rescued after police said he fell down a ravine on Ford Road was issued a citation.

Brett Benson, 40, of the 34000 block of Heatherwood Avenue in Avon, was cited for theft and obstructing official business, said police Sgt. Richard Buckway. Buckway said Benson is accused of stealing from the RadioShack, 249 Midway Blvd.

Buckway said RadioShack employees, not police, chased Benson, who injured his ankle in the fall. He was lifted about 200 feet in a basket by firefighters. Lorain County Metro Parks and a police dog from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office also assisted in the rescue.

  • Kelvin Gray

    Chasing a suspect outside the store and off of company grounds? In this day and age isn’t that setting yourself up for a lawsuit? Alone with being quite dangerous.

    • Joe Smith

      Even though I agree with what they did, someone is likely to lose their job over this. I would be ok if they broke his leg on purpose for that matter.

    • bdid.d

      When these crimes become more commonplace with the more and more ruthless criminals committing them, people are FED UP! Sometimes your employer will hold you responsible if you cannot catch the real perpetrator. I wouldn’t let this come out of my check! 40 years old and lives in Avon? I guarantee he is doing better than those he chose to steal from , yet still felt entitled…really?

  • proccw

    40 years old? shouldn’t he have a job rather than stealing? idiot!

  • Carrie Watson

    I believe it’s very dangerous and foolish to chase a shoplifter. When I worked at BP, I was always taught that’s something you call the police for.

  • Robert Ives

    The manager was fired!

  • Robert Ives

    Guess it doesn’t pay to care about the place you work