November 28, 2014


Man charged with using heroin inside Lorain restaurant

Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter

LORAIN — An employee at a restaurant called police after he saw a man shooting up heroin in the restaurant bathroom, according to police.

Daniel Carter, 37, was charged with criminal trespassing, drug abuse and possession of narcotics, heroin and drug abuse instruments.

About 8 p.m. Tuesday, police arrived at Momma Jo’s Home Style, 2001 Broadway, after an employee called to say he saw a man doing drugs in the restaurant bathroom.

Police found Carter “slumped over” in the front of the restaurant, according to the police report. A restaurant employee said he had told Carter to leave a few times but was ignored, according to police.

Police took Carter out of the restaurant and after searching his pockets, found a used syringe, a bottle of pills and a cigarette pack with a spoon and a small bag inside, according to the report. The spoon and bag tested positive for heroin, according to police.

Carter told police after the search that he had just injected himself with heroin, they drove him to Mercy Regional Medical Center while reviving him with Narcan.

He was treated and later taken to the Lorain City Jail, where he was being held on a $25,000 bond Wednesday afternoon.

  • Bob Sweatt

    Moron. Enough said.

  • Summer Smart

    I thought Narcan was to be used on those who were almost dead and needed to be revived? Sounds like this guy was just high. Does anyone know the costs associated with the use of Narcan to the community? Just curious.

    • golfingirl

      Just asked my husband.

      About $40. Used to be about half that amount, but due to recent demand the price has doubled. Likely to continue going higher, since only one company manufactures it.

    • Todd Lattea

      I pretty sure the price of narcan will be applied to his Court fines. I thought i read that somewhere when they first introduce it .

      • golfingirl

        But they have no money to pay. Charging them is one thing, collecting it is another.

        • Summer Smart

          thank you for your input. Its one of the things I must have missed in all of this.

  • golfingirl

    A waste of a good dose of Narcan on this one.

    Long criminal history his entire adult life.

    And pleaseeee, spare me the “how can I be so uncompassionate” garbage.

    Even my tolerance has its limits!

  • HankKwah

    What? He couldn’t wait until after dessert?

    • Joe Smith

      That WAS his dessert!

  • Patty Siniard Doman

    The heroin epidemic must be stopped ,these evil thugs that sell to people are a good start !

    • Willie Jenkins

      Wow…so using it in a public place ,and endangering others is not thug behavior. This is so common in this county. Let me guess the user is a victim ,and should get help. The dealer is a loser while the user is not? The correct answer is anyone involved in that type of lifestyle is a loser.

  • William and Andrea Bissett

    I’m a friend of his and for those who are still using or for those in recovery or for those that know somebody using, you shouldn’t be quick to judge. Just remember what it’s like or what it was like. For those who never used, don’t judge, because you have never been in those shoes, and count your blessings for that. Lets remember it is a disease!!! I’m not saying what he did was right or that it is okay, but it is a sickness never the less. Personally shame on the police for letting Lorain get as bad as it is. It used to be a decent place to live and raise your children, not any more. Lorain is so crime and drug infested that it’s not even funny, and the police are at fault for that.

    • Chris

      It is not a disease!!! Its a choice!!! Help would have been there if he asked. Once again, it was his choice to just keep getting high. Life is full of choices. Stop making excuses for making the wrong ones. That’s how the bar gets lowered in the first place. Lack of personal responsibility. Ford said it best “your right if you tell yourself you can or can’t”. He told himself he can’t. Once again a choice, and he was right.

      • Sean

        Almost 60 years of scientific research says that you’re a moron and should probably blog about something that you know something about. Just an idea.

        • Chris

          Ever heard of Chemistry? If you keep doing something like heroin, you change the brains chemistry. The choice I mention lies in that he had a choice to choose to do heroin many times before his brain chemistry changed. Now who is a moron? Weak minded people do this with out even realizing. If he had asked for help (a choice) They may have enlightened him to his pattern of destructive behavior.

    • Melinda

      No it’s not the fault of LPD that drugs are so bad in Lorain. It’s your friends fault and everyone’s else’s fault for buying drugs to begin with. It’s also the doctors faults for over prescribing pain killers and the patients who abuse those pain killers who are at fault. Unfortunately, heroin is cheaper than OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin. I’ve known 6 people who have overdosed on Heroin already. The police department didn’t tell them to put the needle in their arm. People need to start taking responsibility for their actions. Your friend was lucky that the police saved him with Narcan. Hopefully he gets some help.

      • proccw

        very well said

    • proccw

      cancer is a disease drug use is a choice…just saying.

    • golfingirl

      I too blame the LPD.

      I blame them for saving his life and for all the other times they arrested him in the past.

      Shame on you LPD for doing your job!

      Is your last name “Enabler?”

    • michelle

      It is a disease one chooses to have. No sympathy.

    • Ali Lynnè Marr

      shame on the police….? police are doing their job arresting people like this, how is this their fault? and yes, it is a disease, but the disease is started by a CHOICE. i was in love with an addict, it is their choice to not seek help for this disease!! i’ve struggled with my own addictions, while not as bad as heroin, I made the CHOICE to overcome them. The police are not to blame when Lorain County residents CHOOSE to be criminals.

  • Jamie Smith

    TGIF, This is a sad story that we read all too often. This man is a Idiot and I do feel for his friends. I hardly agree its a disease, its a choice that caused a addiction. You know Cleveland Muni Court in 1998 got a federal grant to establish their “Drug Court”. They promote recovery/treatment to ALL offender’s and claim its successful. Judge Matia over there is pretty tough on these “idiots” who abuse drugs. Does Lorain County have a program or could we apply for a federal grant to start one out here ?

  • Gary r

    I used to believe that our court system was “overwhelmed” and “understaffed”. Now i believe it just wasnt designed to handle repeat offenders like this dummy. 33 notations just in Lorain Municipal.

  • Sis Delish

    The folks who let Lorain slide into its current condition are the very same ones who promote illegal immigration, is my guess.